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Today, we're going to be looking at the top five guns of this year. Yeah, the year is only like three days old, but we're going to talk about it anyway. We've got a lot of stuff to go through, and I want to say that a lot of the guns on this list are ones that I frequently use. These aren't classes that I'm just playing with and trying to find the best class for; these are actual classes that I jump into.

Search and Destroy, Hardpoint Domination—whatever it is—these are my go-to classes. So search and destroy. Search and Yeah, so let's get into it. The first one is obviously going to be the AK-74U. The cast-off 70 for you: this gun is disgustingly good, and I don't think it is the best AR in the game; that's why it's kind of weird for me to say that because this gun plays a lot more like an SMG than an AR, but I will say it's one of the better guns, in general, in the game.

Class setup


This one's meant for close range; it's not meant for long range, but you're going to be doing really damn well with that. I wouldn't go use this gun at long range, that's what I'm trying to say. Now, you could put the aim walking speed up as well, but I find it pretty fast to begin with, so I didn't really need to mess with that.

The next attachment is the Broadhead 3DP Muzzle, and this one gives you sound suppression, smoothness, and recoil. So I put this attachment on, and I found the gun to be very weird. It kicked up a lot of stuff, and it was really rad in the recoil, so I put this on, and it was really nice. Now again, I put the ads all the way up, and I put the bullet velocity all the way up for this one as well, and it did a pretty neat job.

Now the magazine, I wish—I always say this—it was 60 rounds. Unfortunately, there isn't, so I put 45 on this one and called it a day, and you can't tune it, so it is what it is. The next attachment is the true tack grip for the rear grip, and this gives you sprint to fire speed and added speed, and of course.

The main reason I focused a lot on Sprint to Fire and the ads for this gun right here is because it is an assault rifle, which is slower in general for adsing, for Sprint to Fire, and all that, so I made sure to actually go ahead and make it more like an SMG. So that's my AKM-74U, a Class 3 rifle.

If you guys like it, go ahead and copy it now that I do have a SIM. I do have a throwing knife, and then in my perk packages. I like to rush at the beginning of a round, and I want to be the first one to an area to pick off the enemies.



Going down to another weapon, on this list we've got the, well, I guess yeah, we could say it's the Fennec 45. I don't want to say it right away. Yeah, damage range, hip-fire accuracy, and bullet velocity—it's really good.

Now for the tuning, I put the ads all the way up, and then for the recoil setting, the aim locking speed, I put it just slightly up to 0.15. On the recoil setting, I found it to be really nice. The underbarrel is going to be the F-TAC, or tiger grip, and this one's really good because, again, you get aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization.

The main reason I'm running this one is for the recoil stabilization. I feel like it's really nice on the gun; I kind of like it, and it's just really good. I never thought I would run that under Barrel, but because I have an extra slot for an attachment since I can't throw on a muzzle anyway. I threw this one on, and then I put the ads all the way up and the aim walking speeds to 0.12.

And the tuning, then, for the magazine, we got the 45 mag, guys. Again. I wish it was more, but this one is an SMG, so it makes more sense than the cash stop of 70 for you; that gun should have 60; it's an assault rifle, but this one here is 45, so. I mean, it's decent. You know the next one is going to be the rear grip, and that's the Fennec rubber grip for Sprint to fire speed and ads, so that one's really great as well, and of course I put the ads and Sprint to fire speed up all the way in the tuning, and then the final attachment, which is the stock, and that's the X Command stock.

This just gives you recoil control and then goes into the actual tuning. Another weapon on this list is my go-to. What's this, the M4? I was going to say the M4A1. I guess you could call it that, but this is my go-to M4, so normally what I had on this one was the stock The Tempest p80 strike , stock I don't know why I ran that so much; I liked it.



I mean, you've got sprint speed and AIM walking speed. I put it too close because I just feel like close is a lot better, except that there is more visual recoil when you put it too close, so you guys could do that, but if you don't, you could put a defer to leave it wherever you like it.

The next one is going to be the rear grip, and that is the X10 grip for Sprint to fire speed and ads, and then of course in the tuning specifier, and ads all the way up to 60-round mags, and I finally have the final attachment, which is going to be the muzzle instead of a barrel, and this is the fjx fulcrum.

Pro And the reason I threw this one on is because you have vertical and horizontal recoil control, which is really nice to have on this weapon I'm getting. I'm really starting to like those smaller muzzles in this game; they're starting to play well, and that recoil control is just really, really awesome with them.

The mini-back is now the mini-back. I don't have five attachments.



I only have four attachments on this one right here, and I feel like that's fine. I don't feel like I need to put a fifth one on because if I put a fifth one on. I'm just sacrificing maybe recoil control or maybe ad blocking, and I don't want to do that, so this one here only has four attachments.

This gun has very slow shots, but that's okay; we're going to turn that all the way up in the tuning as well. It's still not the best. It's a good weapon to use for close range, mid-range, and even long range. It does really well now that the laser is so oval. Dr laser. Box, which gives you hip recoil control and hip fire accuracy, and the reason I did this is because you can't shoot too fast with this gun, so when you're up close and going against enemies and stuff, you want to start pit firing really fast, and with the hip recoil control and the accuracy, this gun is going to be pretty nice now that the final attachment for this one is going to be the X10rr40, which gives you sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness.

Now I have the ads all the way up and the idle stability all the way up as well. If you're playing on larger maps, definitely put the bullet velocity up, but I feel like putting the idle stability up seems like a really nice goal.

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