News - How To Claim Free Ghost Operator Skins Warzone Mobile & Warzone 2. Operation Day Zero Event


Today I'll be showing you three ghost operator skins that will be live for the official global launch of War Zone Mobile on March 21st and that you can unlock in War Zone Mobile on your smart phones and in Modern Warfare 3 on your PC or console. Let's jump right into the article.

Free ghost condemned

Free ghost condemned

As you all know, the ghost-condemned operator skin awaits us as a free pre-registration reward for the worldwide launch of War Zone Mobile, along with other free items such as this M4 Arch Fen blueprint, this X12 price of Hell blueprint, the flame vinyl, and the dark familiar emblem.

So if you have pre-registered for War Zone Mobile in the Google Play or Apple App Store, you will certainly receive these rewards.

Free ghost golden phantom

The second ghost operator you can unlock for War Zone Mobile and Modern Warfare 3 is this ghost golden Phantom operator, which we can unlock in the upcoming Operation Day Zero event on March 21st.

Even though this version of the new ghost operator doesn't look bad, I think the ghost condemned operator is far better. In addition to the second free ghost operator, we can also expect the M4 Heavy Thunder blueprint, the X12 Golden Flame blueprint, an emblem, an animated calling card, and the new vinyl.

cod mobile

So to get the second free ghost operator and the other free items, we need to download War Zone Mobile. You can already start pre-registering, but you won't be able to start the download until March 21st. Until then, you can check whether your smartphone meets the minimum requirements and is compatible or not.

If you see that your device is not compatible, you can ask your parents, your friends, or an acquaintance to successfully complete the challenges of the Operation Day Zero event in War Zone Mobile. Once you have installed War Zone Mobile on March 21st, you will need to connect your existing Activision account to War Zone Mobile.

All you have to do is press the login button and the login options and login with your existing Activision account, then you play the new operation Day Zero mode which will be a separate playlist that will be available on the day of the global launch of War Zone mobile, for example you'll be able to play verin Shoot house shipment and all these different maps and they call it day Zero, according to the official information the day Zero rewards can be redeemed in war zone mobile as soon as they are unlocked by the community, this means that the operation Day Zero event will be a community event where we all have to come together to get some sort of eliminations and some sort of XP to redeem the Milestone.

Rewards: It will probably be enough to have completed at least one elimination or one game to be entitled to claim and redeem the rewards. As soon as the rewards are available to redeem, you will not automatically receive them on your account but in a special store in War Zone Mobile.

Free ghost red phantom

Free ghost red phantom

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HOW TO CLAIM FREE GHOST OPERATOR SKINS IN WARZONE MOBILE MW3! Operation Day Zero Event. In this video I show you 3 new Ghost Operator skins that you can UNLOCK for FREE in the Modern Warfare 3 and at the Global Launch of Warzone Mobile on March 21st.
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