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Tik Tok it is re boy on Twitch literally the number one ranked console player in the entire world in the top 100 in the game, and we are back with a new updated season 2 for ranked play and the best loadout meta options to use in the game, so get ready! Here we go with the best guns to use as of right now while I'm recording this article.

At 8:00 a.m. on February 16th, the hands-down most broken gun in the game that everybody needs to be using is the one just buffed a few days ago. Tac evolve your lmg, And what you're going to want to do. I know this is going to sound crazy. You're rocking this thing. You're going to want to pick this up instantly and throw it into a tactical stance.

However, if you do that, I aim down the sights and press down on my dpad. It says in the bottom right, usually in games, what you have to do to turn an attack in, and it turns this thing into an absolute laser beam. Again, this is your SMG, so this is going to be your close-range gun. The build you're going to want to rock on it is what you're looking for here.


If you open up the detailed stats, tactical stance spread, that's your number one stat that you're going for here, so the breacher device muzzle is giving you plus 177%. That's the smallest one, and then we got the Breu tactical vertical grip, which's a plus of 29%. Right there, we're rocking the unround 5.56 belt; this is the biggest one plus 57%.

Plus, it nearly doubles the rate of fire, plus 71%. This is going to throw bullets down range. What is going to make it a super-strong SMG? It does noticeably less damage, but that is more than countered by the extremely higher rate of fire. The FSS combat grip rear grip gives you another 23%, the tax stand spread, and the 1 matt laser box another 23%.

Now a lot of people are going to say, You know, why don't you use one of these other lasers that gives you a higher percentage, like 31% that laser visible at hipon? You don't want that you do not want to be rocking a green laser that is literally giving the person you're trying to fight against, you're running up, you're pushing, you know, that's giving them free reaction time.


They can see the laser; they know you're right there around the corner; they can pre-fire you; they can pre-aim you; they don't have you; you won't catch anybody sprinting with their gun pointing at the sky if you're running the burger green laser; so I always run one that does not show, and this is the best one that does not show.

So all again, we have the 1 M laser box, a combat grip hun round 5.56, and a belt. Bru tactical vertical grip and the breacher device muzzle, but the long range build for the tack evolver we're rocking the vt7. Spitfires and suppressors give you all that good recoil control and extra damage range.

Bu velocity The Camira Rin vertical grip gives you an insane amount of extra recoil control. We got the high-grain rounds, giving you as much bullet velocity and damage range as possible and only a little bit of extra recoil. The rampart heavy stock gives you an insane amount of extra recoil control, and then whatever site you prefer, I am rocking the Coro Eagles ey 2.5x site for the SMGs right now.


We've got three main contenders besides the broken LM if you want to use an actual SMG. We've got three main contenders for your top three SMGs: the new Ram 9 SMG, the Old Reliable was meta for a solid month HRM 9 SMG, and now the newly buffed Amr 9 SMG, my personal favorite. I'm not going to lie; I'm a little suede because I have this blueprint on it.

I'm a little biased because I've got this sexy blueprint on it that overheats while I shoot, and I think it looks beautiful. The amr9 sm G build that we're rocking Step 1 50 round mag, especially for rank play. You don't need that full 100 rounds; that hinders the mobility just a little bit too much, and you don't really need all that many extra bullets you can run in sight of your choice.

I personally prefer the Slate reflector on all my close-range guns, the AR9. Commando Crow Barrel gives you just a little bit of extra movement speed again for SMD. That's the biggest drawback of this thing: the sprint of fire speed, so this helps balance that out a noticeable amount. The biggest pro of this gun is the time to kill, so if you are holding a pre on somebody, you are going to drop them the absolute fastest with this AR9.

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And then we've got the classic combo that I like to run on all my SMGs. The Jack BFB muzzle gives you a ton of recoil control at the expense of bullet velocity, which is not that important on your close-range gun. We are going to balance out the negatives in movement speed with the demo buffer 2, which gives you an insane amount of extra movement speed.

The recoil control takes a hit on this, but that's where the Jack comes in and cancels that all out, so all in all, you just move a lot faster. That's my personal favorite Clos range SMG in the game right now, but if you want to rock something else if you're not feeling the amr9, the HR M9 is also an absolute banger.

My personal favorite go-to build for the HRM 9 is starting with the 50-round drum mag. The biggest mag you can get is the folding stock, giving you a ton of recoil control with very little hit to aim down sight speed. The hand stop gives you some strafe speed. Sprint the fire and aim down sight speed.

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The princeps have a long barrel, giving you a ton of effective damage range and bull velocity, and then again, the Jack BFB muzzle gives you even more recoil control to turn this thing into an absolute laser that is still insane. Fast, this works as both your main SMG and you can even use it with a sniper if you want to pair something for a longer range SMG and the new SMG.

This thing is insanely fast. This thing allows you to do some insane, crazy Joo-type movements. With the Ram 9 SMG build, we're rocking again. With the Jack BFB muzzle again, the bull velocity is not that important for your close-range gun, and this gives you a ton of recoil control, so you can combine that with a bunch of movement speed.

Sprint of fire aim down side speed strafe speed attachments to move as fast as possible with very little added recoil. This is going to give you extra Bull blasty and extra strafe speed. The imperator, imperator light barrel The Cira Sfic vertical grip gives you some more strafing speed and extra recoil control.


The 50-round mag 50 or 40, either one works, but I personally prefer the maximum amount of bullets as possible, and the ultra-light stock pad to give you even more ads. Movement speed and sprint and tactical sprint speed, so this team is lightning fast and kills super fast, just a little slower. Than the amr9, But you are noticeably fast.

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