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One shot sniper support explained

One shot sniper support explained

very important stats to look for: time to kill paired with effective damage range, and on top of that, ad time. All of these are going to work in tandem to make a good gun for sniper support. Three guns that have the same time to kill us, the Lachman sub, but they have an effective temperature of 20 30 40 meters One you might know of is.

Chimera class setup

As a sniper support, you need to boost a little bit of bullet velocity to even hit your shots, and that's where the SA Phoenix Barrel comes in, boosting the ball velocity and giving you some Rico control. You can tune this for aim down side speed because you need to be able to compete with an SMG known sidewise and Rico steadiness, but after the magazine update to the 45-round Mac ammunition, you have nothing to go for; there's no High Velocity round on this one.

You want to have the vlk, lzr, and laser so you're able to aim down side speed and sprint to fire very, very much faster than with these three attachments. The ironside is okay on the gun, honestly, but I have problems with the ironside, especially on, yep, these kinds of shots, so the longer one's card is okay-ish.

I mean, you're doing fine enough. You have 525 milliseconds. You can definitely compete here and at the farther distance with ease, but at the farther distance, you're slacking a little bit, and that's where I like to go for the Thai LR8. You do the fire rate and the low caliber, but you're not really pulling away very fast.

You have recoil stabilization and gunky control. A fourth attachment left, over Joyce, can be the rear grip with recoil control, and then tune this for Sprint to fire named on side speed, or instead of the Rio grip, you're going to go for the Chrono mini pro, but we're going to present this with these attachments. With a good running time and a very decent ad time that can compete with SMGs, your sprint to fire is also low, and now with the horizontal recoil control, you can also kill distant Dave and not only close Kevin.

Taqv class setup

Taqv class setup

The second game with 525 milliseconds is the tag V on 20 meters. Yes, a weird-ass battle rifle can do that.

I have a 30 and a 50-round mag. The 30-round mag is more than enough for solos, and the 50-round Mac is definitely needed for squads. And since the basic rifle velocity is 600 meters per second, you don't actually need high-velocity rounds, nor do you need a barrel. That being said, the Precision six-barrel does not give us recon control, but it holds our damage range out by another four meters, so we're able to not have our damage fall off super early.

With the Precision barrel, the 50-round drum mag, and the OV laser, we're going to check on the Ironside. If you do like the ironside, it's always an advantage. Yeah, like, that's that kind of circle there, and it's okay for close Kevin, even for middle Mark. But for distant Dave, there's a little bit of hardcore Wibble Wobble going on, and that's where I definitely have to put on the Chrono mini pro, and there's not even a question for that frame down side speed and VAR, and the actual record is kind of like left right left right left right left right left right bibbity bounds, pulling more or less straight up, so the best way to take care of left and right and left and right bibbity bounds, we know it is again the Thai LR8 here or Genki control and recoil stabilization, and if you're now shooting, it's also way less unruly to actually hit your shots here. No problem The super laser beam SMG time to kill is a bit slower in movement and ad time than the Chimera.

Rapph class setup

Rapph class setup

Now the third gun that has the time to kill off an SMG is an lmg, and we're not talking about open bolt delay nothing the rap age has also 525. Milliseconds, and since we can now tune the attachments, has gotten better than ever getting over aim down side speed spring to fire speed you already have you already have 33 meters in fact Diamond range so no Barrel even think about it and we have a 700 meters per second bullet, velocity so we can truly just focus on Sprint and fire speed and aim down side speed now here we're gonna go for the double trouble so we're gonna really go for Sprint to find aim down side speed not for Rico control and tune it no we're gonna go with the whole way it will ruin our recoiler, a little bit but again it doesn't actually have that much recoil and for the muzzle we're sticking with the Thai lr8 There's a theme going on here: the iron sight is surprisingly It's good; it's like an MP5 except that you could shoot it at a distance, and you notice how even Dave is.

best loadout warzone 2

Okay, go for now. As you can see, you're going more or less up without the gun actually moving at all. The only thing you have is bullets flying past your face, which is kind of a wee bit annoying now since we're playing an LMG. You can get quite low, to be honest, with all the attachments, and we can actually get that, interestingly, lower without ruining much, and that would be the lack of strike.

Barrel, which gives you a known side speed and hip regard control, minimizes the damage range minimally, so from 33 to 30 meters, and the ball velocity is only minus 50, so you're fine with this. You could tune this for even more aim-downside speed and some recoils. Steadiness has even a fourth attachment left over, which can be an optic if you feel like you can't keep your shots on.

We can go for the Ft. Mobile stock that would ruin our recode by another seven percent, and I don't actually like to see this might just put on the high velocity rounds regardless of why, the high velocity rounds because, end of the day, no ads minus nothing, and you can even get more recode steadiness and Rico smoothness or damage range if you feel like it without a single downside, more or less making you have this absolute laser beam.

Cronen squall class setup

Cronen squall class setup

Now these are the three fastest-killing sniper support guns, but who's the best all-arounder? I know you like the M4, and the M4 is 600 milliseconds, which is almost time to kill, but it's not efficient. The same tactic completely out of the SUV is my favorite, but it has 567 milliseconds, and there's something that's better.

We can still go for the ISO Hamlock, and you would have to choose the blackout rounds to actually get their respective time to kill, but realistically, it's the closest runner-up; it's the Run and Squall with 534 milliseconds, and you can build this gun multiple ways. We're going to start with a Chrono Mini Pro.

best one shot sniper

You can fully tune this for more ads and more recoil. However, if you feel like I tried the 30-round mag heads, you kind of fall back to always wanting to have the 50-round mag. The cool thing is that from this point on, we can fully tune this for the known side speed of fire speed and as the force attachment of the special one that only the Crone and Squall and the whole Awk series have, and here we can go for Sprint fire speed aiming on the side.

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