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Weapon changes wrapped up

Weapon changes wrapped up

Yes, the rpk got nerfed damage wise, but essentially went from a 700 millisecond time to kill to around 800 or 900 somewhere, so it's still absolutely top tier because nothing got changed about The Recoil. That being said, due to the bonus weapon tuning that is now available, some multipliers are multiplying even harder and some downsides are less severe, while other guns feel absolutely amazing.

I present them with all-in-one tuning screenshots included. Let's begin with our personal favorite, the HCR.

Hcr56 class setup & tuning

It's a good time to kill him with a bonus tuning that's even more accurate. It does have a 60-round magazine; you can actually go down to a 42 if you want to or 100, but both make no sense because the 60-round magazine clicks and bangs super fast during light reloads.

best ar warzone 2

The second very good thing about the RPK is high-velocity rounds tuned to its Boulevard velocity, which has enough bullet velocity together with Rico smoothness to shoot long range that's over a thousand meters per second now you don't need a bonus velocity attachment on the barrel. We put on the VLK optic and tune it to its far and aim down side.

Spin, and then we can already put on the kuma and the kundus aiming stability and recoil steadiness (seven to eight percent recoil control), and you can go for even more recoil stabilization for the visual plus aiming stability now. If we're shooting this gun away, it's already very smooth, but from a distance, you notice it going a little bit around, and that's when you look at the recoil because the gun goes to the left, then weaves it to the right, then left, then right, but that can easily be controlled.

We need a muscle that does horizontal but also vertical recoil control, and for that, we're going to choose the castle comb with 14 and 19 percent and tune this to its gun kick control 25 and Rico stabilization, and then, on top of that, we'll add an under barrel mount. Yes, we don't need the barrel, we don't need the stock, and last but not least, we can either add an under barrel for more Ricoh stabilization or a barrel with the F-Tech Hornet for more recoil control; that would be 11 it's.

Kind of like a little bit choose your poison here, you can get a wee bit more aim down side speed and you can also go for the RICO steadiness, now, choose your poison if you feel like your gun Wibble wobbles too much. If you don't like the way it feels here, then take the F-Tech Hornet off and actually put the edge grip or the Ripper on because that also gives your recoil stabilization and makes the whole gun just feel better when you're shooting it. So here in comparison, it's the same amount of recoil, but it feels less bouncing in my eyes personally, and when you're just shooting it away now, you notice it is the same as it was before, but without the hardcore left and right ability bounds, and it feels very nice and accurate to shoot on the range.

Buffed m13 class setup & tuning

Buffed m13 class setup & tuning

That one gets followed up by the m13b, which just received a buff, and the weapon updates are very important. You need the 60-round Mac, and you do need the high-velocity rounds, so tune those towards bullet velocity. Yes, we need every single inch smidge of bow velocity, and Rico's smoothness gets added here either with the ammo P side or with the vlk.

I do like that the gun has a relatively low level of recoil, and I personally can use the vlk because I really don't like the minimal magnification of the ampv side, but choose your poison. With these three attachments, you can do this and that, but on the range, you kind of feel like Jesus. The gun is a little bit all over the place, and if you're shooting this into the wall, notice that the recoil is more or less straight up, but something feels a wee bit weird on range.

best hcr 56 class

Now for the M13, we need a muzzle because we only have 734 milliseconds of bull velocity right now and we need roughly a thousand, and that's where the Harbinger D20 comes in. This suppressor does 220 meters per second plus and still provides three and a half percent. Ricoh control, in particular, can be tuned toward Ricoh smoothness.

Make the M13 feel a little bit better, and then add some more bullet velocity because, again, we want to tune out the maximum in bullet velocity. So we have now the bonus tuning of a velocity of roughly a thousand meters per second and can add more recoil control, and that's where the barrel could provide seven and seven percent with, a little bit of bull velocity, or you could go for a lock grip Precision, for example, which does the same recoil control, and you can tune this to its hip walking speed and aim down side speed.

Now that would be with a locked rib. If you feel like you're wobbling a little bit too much in the distance, you can replace the lock grip again so that the gun just goes more or less straight up. You can replace the lock rib through the Ricoh stabilization grip again after gripping or using the Edge to make the gun more stable.

Wibble less and make it feel more stable, because that's literally what Ricoh stabilization does for you. It has 4-percent recoil controls, so it's less noticeable but still stable. This just feels so much better than the lock grip and gives you an absolute laser beam as a second LMG.

Sakin mg38 class setup & tuning

Sakin mg38 class setup & tuning

It could be the rap age, it could be the Icarus, but I'm actually going to recommend the socket, which is TTK wise with 736 milliseconds, just behind what the RPK used to be, and also together with high velocity rounds and tune this to its even more bullet velocity plus Ricoh smoothness, you already have over a thousand meters per second.

Bull velocity is more than enough for long-range beaming to make it close to the RPK build that a lot of you love. I'm going to put this on the AMOPS V4 site here, in this far and in downside spin now just with high velocity. How do you feel already? slower fire rate, and well, it goes a wee bit up and down, and you don't have much recoil.

As you notice, due to the fire rate, it feels like the side is actually pulling it down and up and down and up. That can be a very weird feeling when you're shooting like a The recoil is not there, but due to the gun shooting up and down, up and down, etc., Are you really going to keep it at a distance?

best lachman 762 class

It just feels so weird when you're actually doing it. The best way to deal with this is to work on aiming stability and recoil stabilization. Not so much on recoil control, because if we shrink this even further, it's going to pull only more vertically, making this binding even more pronounced. So what we want to do is put the Ricoh control stock on but tune this heavily towards aiming stability and a little bit of a non-sight speed because it doesn't hurt to be able to aim down side speed then.

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