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It's your boy. John, a.k.a spirit Welcome back to another War Zone 3 guide article. In this article, we're going to be covering the top 10 loadouts that you guys should be using for War Zone 3. One of the main things that separates pro players from the average player is not only the skill, but the main differentiating factor is going to be the builds and loadouts that they're rocking.

If you don't have the proper builds, loadouts, or meta weapons, you are basically setting yourself up for failure or just not having a good time. The builds that I'm going to be sharing in the article today are from other War Zone Pro players and builds that I came up with myself that are tried and true on the battlefield.

With all that out of the way, let's get into the loadouts. The first weapon is going to be the DG-58. This has been pretty much vetted through the entire War Zone Pro Community, as the end-all-be-best weapon for War Zone right now is currently the build you see on the screen. The thing that makes this weapon so special is that it is a burst, so it deals incredible damage at close to medium range, but it has virtually no recoil, meaning that those bursts carry over into the long range with extreme accuracy, allowing you to land shots at range consistently, take down your enemies, and burst anywhere from two to four times at range, which is insane.

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Getting into the build, we have the VT7 Spitfire suppressor, the DG 56s. 18-barrel Brewin heavy-support grip The 60-round drum and the Coro Eagle ey 2.5-time scope you'll see across a lot of these builds. These attachments kind of have been vetted again to be the best, specifically the Spitfire suppressor and the Coro Eagle ey 2.5-time scope.

You'll see that across a couple of builds, but no loadout is complete without a proper secondary. The best secondary in the game right now, in my opinion, is the WSP Swarm. This SMG is basically the Mac 10 from back in War Zone 1. The movement speed is incredible; it makes for very fluid movement.

The sprint to fire is amazing, and then obviously the fire rate is out of this world. All of this, coupled with a high damage output, makes this one of the best, if not the best secondary, in War Zone 3. Currently, the build is going to be the WSP infiltrator and integrated suppressor. We have the DR6, hand stop, and 50-round mag.

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The Marauder grip and the FSS Fortress heavy stock were me this was one of the biggest things I was struggling with today. In close-range battles, the game felt very inconsistent. I was losing gunfights that I felt like I should have been winning, and the WSP Swarm, as soon as I put it on, was the game changer that kind of switched it all around for me.

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Now this next build is going to be for all of the snipers. Fanatics, out there obviously in the patch notes we saw that the cat AMR is going to be the sniper to use inside of War Zone it's the only MW3, sniper that one shots at any range, and it is a little bit heavy and slow so that's what this build aims to kind of mitigate, all while increasing the bullet velocity to be a crazy amount so getting into the build we have the Sonic suppressor on the muzzle the Zang 34 barrel the FSS ovv laser the quick ball to increase our rechambering speed and then the 50 cal Spire Point ammunition, as you can see the Spire Point not only increases the effective damage range which is essentially useless since it's going to one-hot at any range but it increases the bullet velocity by 34%.

Bringing it up to an astounding. 1, 181, M/s. While I know I could get more bullet velocity by possibly adding a better suppressor. I also know that adding a suppressor that increases the bull velocity would obviously make the bull velocity even better. The ad penalties associated with those suppressors don't really fit what I'm going for with this build in particular.

This has been the best and most balanced overall balance between ads and a great bullet velocity that I found and is true on the battlefield. As everybody knows, every sniper loadout has the perfect sniper support that accompanies it, and the Rival 9 is the perfect sniper support for the job. This build uses a longer barrel and a 50-round magazine and has virtually no horizontal recoil, which seems to be the main problem with the Rival 9, and since it's sporting the insane rival SE clear shot barrel, it has phenomenal range.

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The VP 27, Mini Braak S, takes away pretty much all of that horizontal recoil without impacting your ad speed. High-velocity ammunition ensures that your bullets hit your target on time. The 50-round drum obviously allows you to miss a couple of shots or take down multiple enemies with a single magazine, and then the Rival Vice assault grip will help with any kind of extra recoil that you encounter, all of this while maintaining very fast movement Snappy Sprint to fire time and an incredible Snappy ad speed now.

As you can see Zero recoil builds up next, you guys could probably guess it's going to be an LMG, and you're right, it's the Pmot, 762. This weapon is one of the best zero-recoil, high-damage-output weapons available in War Zone 3 currently. This particular LMG is sporting the Jack Annihilator Bullpup conversion kit.

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This conversion kit allows it to have better mobility, aim down sight sprint to fire, and just overall speeds up the weapon, so you're getting the benefits of an lmg of low recoil, super long damage fall off all while getting the benefits of having the conversion kit on of faster ads, movement, all that kind of stuff.

For the muzzle, I'm using the VT7 Spitfire suppressor; like I said, that's going to be a common theme along with the Coro Eagle 2.5 time scope. I am sporting the Command D15 recoil reduction pad for recoil reduction, and then we are also putting on the Jack Annihilator. Long barrel, and as you guys saw in the firing range, this has virtually zero recoil and incredible bullet velocity at 962.

M/s, so you're getting into that hit scan range of bullet velocity, especially in those close to midrange fights over range, where the lead is very, very little, even on people falling out of the air, and then obviously, if you're going to have a zero recoil primary, you're going to have to have a zero recoil secondary, and that's going to be the wz.

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Striker most people are using that WSP swarm, but I've been hearing rumblings from a lot of the War Zone pros and wager players that the striker is one of the best and preferred secondaries currently being used in War Zone. The build that I have for you here is going to be the Sonic suppressor and the striker Recon long barrel.

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