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That's good YouTube, and in today's article, I'm showcasing my top five loadouts again in Warzone 2 season 1 reloaded. I know I just posted my top five SMGs and my top five ARS, but I thought I'd go back through and showcase my top five loadouts. Overall, with the different weapon combinations My perks, my lethals, my tactics, and just overall.

I have my top five loadouts. Right now in the current meta, after they're due, stop directly at Loadout , number one.

Loadout breakdown (perks & lethals + tacticals)

Number one on the list is the rpk, lmg, with the Finnick SMG, but like I was telling you guys. And tactical, so of course, as you can see right here, for my tactical, I have the stun grenade, which I run at all times.

Recently i actually swapped my lethal for a throwing knife, a lot like in Warzone One and Rebirth that you guys used to watch me play, where I would get it down and immediately fold them with the knife, and like I said. I think they might be out in the future. I honestly have no clue what you're going to see for every single overkill load that I have.

I have the weapon specials perk package, which gives you the Overkill perk. Strong Arm Spotter and Survivor overall: not the greatest perk package, but like I said, this is literally just for overkill, and then typically at the second loadout or if I'm running my Kimbo pistols. I always have the Warden Perk Package, which is absolutely incredible in my opinion; it gives you double time, speeding you up around the map; strong arms just like the other package; fast hands, which is life-changing to see in game; it is such a beneficial perk; and of course, you also get quick fix, which is super helpful in those close-range gunfights; but overall, those are my lethal tacticals, and I'm with all the different preferences.

Loadout 1 - rpk build & tuning

Loadout 1 - rpk build & tuning

Of course, my two different perk packages that I run across the game, what happened directly into the RPK build for the RPKI, the ZLR Talon 5 muzzle f-tack grouper 56 for my underbarrel, 40-round mag demo? X2 rear grip and the amount of V4 optic—like I always tell you guys, a lot of these attachments are always personal preferences.

You can really swap a lot of these up to make sure you feel comfortable with the build. But you've seen this RPG build in my hands a lot. I tuned in for recoil smoothness and bolt velocity for the underbarrel. I tuned it for recoil stabilization and aiming out of stability for the AMOP; the V4 optic I tuned for ads; and then for the last attachment for my rear grip.

I tuned it for ads speed again and also tuned it for sprint to fire speed, but overall, like I was saying, this is my favorite primary. In the whole game, it literally has no recoil whatsoever, like you barely even have to control it, and the damage it does is also unmatched.

Loadout 1 - fennec build & tuning

Loadout 1 - fennec build & tuning

All right, for this spinning build, it's actually brand new. I didn't always run this build, but I have the X10 RR 40. Muzzle the exf, solar player, laser agile Assault 7 stock Finnick, rubber grip for my rear grip, and the Finnick mag 45; you need that mag capacity like I said, a brand new build that I've recently been testing.

I tuned in for recoil smoothness and bolt velocity for the stock. I tuned for ads speed to name walking speed, giving you that strafe speed that makes you unguardable mid-fight, and then of course for the last attachment. I tuned in for ads speed and Sprint to fire speed, but overall, this Finnick build is built for speed. I only run the warden and the weapon specialist, so, like I said, that wraps up loading number one without further ado and goes directly into loading number two, which is the attack V in the akimbo p890s.

Loadout 2 - taq v build & tuning

Loadout 2 - taq v build & tuning

If you guys haven't seen my Kimbo Pa 90 articles. I've actually swapped it up completely, and I've been testing this build out with the 40-tread muzzle.

18-inch Precision 6-Barrel Commando 4 grip, which is honestly new, but you can still run the F-tacker. 56 if you want the 762 High-velocity ammunition, and the 50-round drum magazine gives you that mag capacity like I said, another new build, and it's incredibly controllable as well. With attack V, it does significantly more damage than the RPK does.

Let me show you guys the tuning for the muzzle brake real quick. I tuned in for recoil stabilization and gun kick control for the barrel. I tuned it for recoil steadiness and damage range for the Commando 4 grip. I tuned in for recoil stabilization, aiming auto stability, and then for the last attachment that has tuning for the 762.

High-Velocity Ammunition: I tuned it for damage range and bolt velocity, but overall, that's my full build for the attack-V battle rifle.

Loadout 2 - akimbo p890 build & tuning

Loadout 2 - akimbo p890 build & tuning

I have the Fort Steel Fire muzzle, the ruin Express Trigger, and the Action 1MW. Pistol laser, Kimbo rear grip, and the 12-round mag—like I was saying before—these things are unbelievable. damage and also some great mobility, but without further ado, let me show you guys the tuning for the muzzle, of course.

I have recoil smoothness and bolt velocity for the trigger action, and of course I have recoil smoothness again and I also have sprint to fire speed, but overall there are only two attachments that you can tune for the Kimbo PA 90s, and I really do feel like these little things mix in perfectly with the tacv, especially because attack V is a little bit of a slower option, so you have a really fast secondary option, but overall the loadout together is absolutely unmatched.

But like I was saying, that is my loadout number two with attack V and the p890s. To continue, type directly into the loading number.

Loadout 3 - m4 build & tuning

best 2 class setup

I actually just showcased the Kimbo x13s and I dropped an absolute bomb, almost beating my PR for War Zone 2 with almost a 40 ball, so of course this loadout is another fantastic option with the same lethal tacticals and package, popping directly to the M4.

I have the Harbinger, a D20 muzzle, and the High Tower 20-inch barrel f-tac. River 56 under barrel 60-round mag in the AMOPS V4 optic. Like I always tell you guys, there are a ton of different options that you can swap out for, for example, the 60-round magazine. You can run the 45 because it does get better mobility, but you're going to see that the 60-round mag feels more than essential, especially with this build.

with how fast the fire rate is, but overall, those are the attachments. Let me show you guys the tuning real quick for the tuning on the muzzle. I tuned for speed because without it, the M4 is a little bit slow, and of course I also tuned in for bolt velocity for the underbarrel. I tuned in for recoil stabilization, making you a beam, and I also tuned in for auto-stabilization for the barrel.

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