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New best smg loadouts in warzone after update explained

New best smg loadouts in warzone after update explained

ladies and gentlemen.

Warzone best vel 46 (mp7) loadout after update

But we're starting off here at number five with a banger, which should explain how competitive the SMG category is right now because, at number five. I've got the MP7, aka, the Vel 46, sort of a do-it-all SMG. Now, up close, it's compared to some of the other options.

Further up on the list today is a little lacking, but where this thing thrives is in the late early range and general mid-range, so from 10 to, you know, 20 to, 25 to 30 m, this thing really shines compared to other options. It's very low-recoil, but it still has the agility of a prime SMG. It's feeling phenomenal, so initially here I got the rxt stock better Sprint speed and ads speed nice and aggressive there soldier rear grip better ads and Sprint at fire nice and aggressive there.

7-meter laser ads and Sprint of Fire are nice and aggressive there, and then I do go for some balance here with some control just to make it really easy in the mid-range. Kt8, compensator helps out some with vertical and horizontal recoil, then I go for your basic extend, the 50 rounder. If you want to jump up to 60, it'll be a tad bit slower, nothing major, though both of those would work just fine, like I said, though this is a very versatile SMG. I love the feel of it; it's been one of my favorites since day one, and it's definitely super competitive in the overall meta.

Warzone 2 best bas-p loadout after update

Warzone 2 best bas-p loadout after update

Another fantastic choice for versatility is the bass pen. Again, it should say just how competitive this SMG meta is if the bass P is only at number four. This thing, just like the MP7, is first, like 8 9 10 m or so.

It's just behind the top three options on the list here today, but this thing's got the best initial damage range out of all the SMGs. It's like a 19- or 20-meter first range, so after those first 10 meters, it really shines, and that's a lot of fights in the game if you really pay attention to it again.

It's super easy to use, its mid-range is just so lethal, and it steps ahead of basically every other SMG. I'm loving the feel of this; it only took like seven Buffs to get it to this point, but it's finally at a point where it is one of the top-tier options, for sure, similar to the MP7. The Flash V4 stock we got the Sprint speed strafe speed ads speed a lot of mobility benefits out of that brewing and Flash rear grip is ads and Sprint of Fire 7-meter laser yet again surprise I go for the flash hider in this case very similar to like the k85 like there's not a wrong answer here between the razor compensator k85, or the flash hider they're all helping out with recoil and making it a little bit easier to use and stay on target especially, if you are fighting some in those mid-ranges, then I also go for the 50 round drum here that is the max in this case so that's sort of a no-brainer everyone's going to be running that on there but like I said it's been a long time coming the bass P has finally arrived though and it's nasty thing is very spicy indeed now at number three we of course have the MP5 now this did actually catch some Nerfs recently but it's the MP5, no Nerf unless they're basically removing the damage profile from it is going to be enough to knock an MP5.

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone season 6

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone season 6

Out of the top meta, and that's kind of the same deal every single year in COD. Just like the M4, the MP5 and the M4 are always good, and that's the case this year. Whether you are hip-firing with this thing running and gunning its first 10 m extremely fast, up there with the best of the best clean iron SES, there's not enough good things you could say about the MP5.

Right now, setup is really all focused on mobility. I do use the 40-round extend mag over 50 just because it's got that slightly faster reload, but if those extra 10 bullets are super valuable to you, you could absolutely jump up to 50. That's not a deal-breaker by any means. The TCG1 rear grip here is for better control because there is no option for ads or Sprint of Fire, so instead, I just tune for those.

Instead, it's not going to be a huge difference like a full-on attachment would, but it's a little something. We got the mobile stock on here. Sprint speed, ad speed, strafe speed, and don't forget it helps out your Crouch speed too, so if you're ratting in a corner, you can absolutely go to the next corner a little bit faster—a huge deal there.

I know. We also got the 7 m laser again for the better ads and Sprint to fire, then I go for the Falcon Barrel movement speed and ad speed here, making it even more snappy and aggressive. Obviously, you want to be in those first 8 MERS of so when fighting with this thing, and this will help get you there a little bit quicker, right? You know the aggressive setup here: super mobile, super agile, and I love the feel of it.

Warzone best iso 9mm loadout after update

Warzone best iso 9mm loadout after update

Of course, you guys always see me rocking my Gamer Advantage frames every single day. Basically, if you're looking at screens for long periods of time, whether it is gaming, working, or doing school, whatever it may be, these are ultimately major game changers.

They offer prescription and regular lenses and plenty of different frame options. I've even got my own custom immortal bundle that comes with a few branded things as well, like a cleaning cloth and a sticker, so some pretty cool stuff there. If you ever want to pick up anything at all on the Gamer Advantage site, my bundle includes a different pair of frames and some accessories.

best loadout

Now, number two, we have what's probably my favorite SMG in the game right now, the ISO 9. It's just a little bit more fresh feeling than something like the ISO 45 or the MP5, which we've had in the meta for some time, although it's extremely similar to the ISO 45. It's close-range ttk, again, is just phenomenal in those first 10 meters, which is where you're taking a lot of fights as well, especially if you're playing more aggressively pushing buildings in Resurgence.

Obviously, you're going to have a lot of fights in those engagements too in those distances, so this thing just fries there again. Hipfire is fantastic, and its mobility is fantastic. All the right boxes are being checked here. 50-round drum standard here. You're going to need this, though. With that fast fire rate, I do use the flash heater here as well for some control.

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