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I hope you're having a great start to your holiday season. So far, the season one reloaded update changed some things in the overall war zone meta, and with Raven in control instead of Infinity Ward banks, things have been looking up since the update, so today we're going to be going over the top 10 loadouts to be running after the patch as far as the tuning settings go.

Kastov 762 loadout in warzone 2

Kastov 762 loadout in warzone 2

I'm going to be throwing up all the values on the screen for you guys to get the ultimate screenshot at the end of each loadout. First up, we're going to go with the casting of 762, and you want to go with the Polar Fire S muzzle. the cast 10-barrel with the VX pineapple grip here, the 40-round mag, and the Cronin Mini Pro optic for very clear mid-range.

Sight picture This cast-off can be used for whatever you want to do, long range, mid-range, or even short range. It's absolutely insane. Here's a screenshot with the tuning settings for the cast of 762.

Kastov 74u loadout in warzone 2

Next is the cast-off for 7 RU. I love the Eccles 80 muzzle on this and then, PR209. Barrel, the Phase 3 grip on a 45-round mag, and the Demo X2 grip I love this as a mid-range build and then an SMG build.

Here's your screenshot for the cast-off 7 for you.

Best vaznev 9k loadout in warzone 2.0

Next, if you want a true SMG, the Vasnav is absolutely insane, and you want to go with the X10RR40. The Casp One's 381-millimeter barrel and the FSS shark-fin 90-degree grip The True Tech rear grip is here as well, and then the Lazer 44 E3 laser thing is great at mid-range and short range, of course. Here's your screenshot with the tuning settings for.

Best signal 50 loadout in warzone 2

Best signal 50 loadout in warzone 2

The vaznav next, if you want to run a sniper, I highly recommend the signal 50. The signal strength of 50 is insane, and the fire rate is insane on this weapon. You want to go with the Brew encounter Ops muzzle for the laser if you don't have the FSS OV, laser.

You want to go with this choreography and the V3 laser, but if you have this laser. I would highly recommend running it. What it does is add the Sprint of Fire Speed on top of the already added And aiming stability, and for the ammo you want to run, the high velocity ammo you want to run is the seven-round mag, and then the SPX, 80 6.6, times the optic, and of course the signal 50 is just insane and accurate, and pushing shoots pretty quickly.

Here's your screenshot with.

Best sakin mg38 loadout in warzone 2.0

The tuning settings for that next if you're a fan of LMGs, I've got a solid setup and build for you. I absolutely love this thing. In the second Mg38 tower house, I'm going to run the Caststovia, the DX90, muzzle the Bruin silver series barrel, and the F-TAC Ripper 56 underbarrel.

The aim opv or optic, the Bruin Q90 grip wrap, this thing absolutely slays at any range. Here's a screenshot for that second mg38.

Best x12 pistol loadout in warzone 2

Best x12 pistol loadout in warzone 2

Then, if you're looking for pistols to use, I still love the Dual X12. I know the Dual X13s are really good as well, but I honestly still run the X12s, and they still hit just as hard. We're going to run the Comp 905 pistol puzzle with the lightning fire and trigger action here.

24-round mag with the akimbo grip, of course, and then the Series 710 pistol laser is a screenshot.

Best m4 loadout in warzone 2

For those X12s, and if you're a fan of the M4, this is going to be the loadout that you're going to want to run for the M4. You want to go with the Harbinger D20 muzzle-high tower, a 20-inch barrel, the F-TAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, a 45-round mag, and the Aim OP-B4 optic.

I'm really loving this optic: super-clear sight; definitely very good at long range; very, very accurate. Here's a screenshot for that.

Best fennec 45 loadout in warzone 2

Finnick, mag., 45-round mag. Finnick, rubber grip, and EPL case: seven milliwatt laser; this will help you with that hip fire recoil control; no words are usually needed for this authentic If it's just an absolute shredder Here's a screenshot for.

Best raal mg loadout in warzone 2

Best raal mg loadout in warzone 2

That Finnick other end of a very solid LMG is going to be a rally that definitely hits really, really hard, especially in Warzone, so you want to go with the Nilesonic 90 muzzle, the demo field, the Pro Barrel, the XRK Dune grip under the barrel, the STIP 40 grip, snippy grippy, and then the aim of the P4 optic, uh, just a really, really solid LMG at long range.

Absolutely, Shreds Here's your screenshot: for that route.

Best taq 56 loadout in warzone 2

Next is still one of my favorites. the TAC 56 I'll go with a Harbinger D20 muzzle for the Tundra Pro Barrel f-TAC and Ripper 56 Under Barrel. High-velocity ammo is available if you want to switch out the ammo. You can go with an optic here.

You need an optician. I would highly recommend that if you like having an optic, but I still like having the non-optic 45 and the 40-round mag here. They are just so good at any range you put them at, it almost doesn't even move.

Best rpk loadout in warzone 2.0

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Here's a screenshot: for that attack: 56 And then honestly, we have the number one overall meta right now, which is the RPK.

I don't know when they're going to nerf it, if they're going to nerf it even before the holiday starts, but it's absolutely insane to go with the Polar Fire S muzzle, the lock grip Precision 40 under barrel, the high velocity ammo, the demo X2 grip, and the Schlager 3.4-times optic. It's just that you're not losing a lot of gun fights with this weapon at long range, mid-range, and definitely not close range, obviously, but man, it just doesn't miss, and of course, here's that screenshot for that rpk.

I appreciate you guys, and as always, good luck, stay frosty, happy hunting, and

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