News - This Makes Bosses Really Easy Warzone 2 Zombies Double Barrel Smg


So Sledgehammer finally fixed a couple of the aftermarket parts that you get for completing some of the weekly challenges, and this one in particular adds another barrel to the AR9, making it the first double barrel SMG that we got in the game, so I wanted to jump in here in zombies and see how it's handling and how it takes care of those bosses.

We're on the road to 10,000 subscribers, and you guys have been killing it lately. We're going to be starting this off with a bunch of goodies. I actually brought in a flawless crystal and a legendary ether tool, so I wanted to be able to show you guys what this thing is doing at its maximum potential.

I was a little bit disappointed. I wanted these barrels to shoot at the same time, but they kind of shoot one after the other, and I think it tones down the fire rate just a little bit, so this thing's shooting a little bit slower. This time around, we're actually going to be skipping the first-tier zone and we're going to be heading straight into the second-tier zone, and I wanted to check out the skyscraper.


This is actually where our new warlord's going to be in a few days. This place is always known to have a bunch of goodies in it. Look at this man. We got a three-plate vest next to a crate. We looked in and had a self-revived sentry gun in one of those turret mods. Damn, there's always really good loot up here.

This is right where I was getting my first little taste of what this thing can do to these zombies, and man, this disciple, just he was instantly deleted, and then I got a second one, and same thing, he was just gone, so I was like, man, this thing is going to do wonders against the bosses. I just know it.

We ended up getting an HVT here in the second zone, and it was on a mangler, and this guy went down pretty fast. I was actually kind of surprised, but he ended up dropping me the schematic for the Pack-A-Punch level one crystal, and that's going to come into play later. Next, I made my way into the red-tier zone.

I ended up getting an HVT on a mimic. This thing was actually doing pretty good damage to him, but he had a mega-abomination that was trailing right behind him, so I figured I'd just lure these guys right into my turret. I think those are, honestly, some of the most underutilized. Things in this game mode are if you find those ammo and modturret things.


Always pick those things up because they come in so handy when you're doing Red Zone contract stuff or just being in the Red Zone in general. I ended up getting another HVT on another mega-abomination. For some reason, in this match, they wanted to keep spawning these things right next to each other.

I had two of them, so I put them in a turret mod, and I ended up getting rid of these things quite quickly. I was on my way out of the red-tier zone when I saw this mega-abomination. That kind of like froze in place, so I decided to jump out of my car and just see what this thing could do to his damage, wise, and of course, as soon as I hopped out, he decided to turn around and just start beaming at me.


As I was laying some shots in on him, I was actually pretty surprised at the damage this thing was doing, so I decided to hop up on top here, where you can actually just sit up here. Zombies will chase you up here sometimes, but from my experience, you're mainly going to have to be worried about those chunks of flesh that they're throwing at you.

But after just a few short minutes, I was able to finally kill this thing, and he actually ended up dropping me a Wonder W, which I wanted to give to somebody. Plus. I had a couple other things in my backpack that I picked up along the way, so I figured I would go find someone that's just hanging out in the first-tier zone and just go drop him a couple things, so I ended up finding this reindeer.

Guy was just standing on top of this roof here, and he wasn't really moving at first, so I wanted to make sure that he was actually playing before I just started dropping and stuff. Now I was going to drop him the Wonder Wol, but then I realized he already had the scorcher, so he probably didn't want another Wonder Weapon, but I did end up dropping him the Packa Punch Crystal schematic, which he seemed very happy about, and then I also dropped him the large backpack that I was carrying, and he seemed pretty happy about that too.


Overall, I think this weapon does pretty damn well here in Modern Warfare Zombies.

Today we look at the new after market part for the AMR9 smg here in MW3 Zombies. This part adds another barrel. I appreciate all the support everyone, it means the world to me! - Ghost.
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