News - They Buffed The Sa-b 50 Again. Warzone 2 Season 6 Weapon Changes



Keep in mind that we are only focusing on the changes that affected Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer.

Lachmann shroud nerf

And diving right into it, let's start off with the SMG category, and with this, the lockman shroud just had a few minor damage adjustments. And at the end of the day, these changes don't really make a big impact on the performance of this gun aside from those long-range engagements.

It's just going to be a little bit less consistent with that five-shot kill beyond 342, so as long as you're playing to the strengths of this gun and keeping yourself within that 34 and 2 meter range, which you probably should be with this gun anyway, then you likely won't notice any difference here whatsoever.

Big minibak buffs

Big minibak buffs

After that, the mini got some well-deserved buffs. The first thing they did was increase all of the damage ranges aside from our six-shot kill potential, and that is a nice, noticeable boost, especially to our three-shot kill potential. But on top of this, and more importantly, that three-shot kill potential is now far more consistent.

At least they nerfed this gun so hard back in the day; it's now starting to get back to where it used to be and where I feel it should belong. This was quite a noticeable buff, so I highly recommend checking this gun out after the season 6 update.

Kastov 762 nerfs

After that, we made some adjustments to the castoff 762.

First off, they very slightly reduced its maximum damage range, but then they increased its three-shot kill potential, so some interesting adjustments there. However, overall, this becomes a net Nerf because they also reduced our damage values in the maximum damage range, so up close, now you have to be hitting upper torso shots if you want to get a three-shot kill.

Fr avancer buff

Fr avancer buff

And then finally, for the assault rifle category, the advancer got a little bit of a range buff. You can see both its four-shot kill range as well as its five-shot kill range; these have both been increased just a little bit. Nothing else changed with this gun, though, so just a slight buff.

Cronen squall buff

And now let's get into the battle rifle category, and with this, we just saw increased damage ranges across the board, just about so with the Cronin Squall, you can see a very slight increase to its damage ranges; this one's going to be hardly noticeable , then with the Lockman 762, we see a similar story, although this one's a little bit more noticeable.

Lachmann 762 buff

All of our damage ranges have been increased a little bit.

So-14 buff

As for the SO4, this one was a much more noticeable buff to our maximum damage range here; it went from about 19 M all the way up to about 25 M, which is a nice buff, and that one should be noticeable.

Taq-v buff

And then finally, for battle rifles, the TAC V also got range buffs across the board here.

Now let's move on to the shotgun Catory, and three of the shotguns had range adjustments done to them.

Expedite 12 buff

The first one was the expedite 12, and in the patch notes they stated they increased the mid-damage range, and this was a very noticeable increase. This is actually our one-shot kill potential; it went from 10 m out to about 13 m, which is pretty much equal to the one-shot kill potential of the Bryson 800.

And that's interesting because the expedite 12 is a semi-auto. Now keep in mind that this is with a well-centered shot using attachments that tighten up your pallet spread, but still, that's a very big buff to the XED I 12, and I definitely recommend giving it a shot because this should be a very noticeable buff.

Bryson 800 changes

Bryson 800 changes

As for the Bryson 800, in the patch notes, they stated they reduced our far damage range, which they did.

As we can see, we went from being able to hit our target at about 27 M down to about 252 M, which is now equal to the Bryson 890. However, in my testing, I also noticed our one-shot kill potential appeared to get a bit of a buff here. I don't know if it came with this update or if they snuck it in somewhere else, or maybe my testing was just a little bit off or something in previous updates, but I did notice my one-shot kill potential was increased a little bit here up to about 13 M, which again is now equal to the expedite 12.

Mx guardian nerf

And then finally, the MX Guardian got a bit of a Nerf here now, which only affected our close damage range to our one-shot kill potential. Pre-patch, our one-shot kill potential was about 3 m, and at about 2.7 m, we're basically guaranteed a one-shot kill even if we just land a few pellets. Whereas post-patch, our one-shot kill potential is now 2.3 m, and that's also equal to our essentially guaranteed three-shot kill, so this is quite a noticeable Nerf to the MX Guardian when it comes to that one-shot kill potential, but it is worth noting that with a two- or three-shot kill, these range potentials are going to be identical to pre-patched.

Tempus torrent nerfs

Tempus torrent nerfs

As for the Marksman rifle category, we saw a few adjustments here, and the first comes with the Tempest torrent. Now they mentioned that our close damage range had decreased, but this was like less than a meter of a decrease. There was a very slight decrease, but it's not going to be noticeable at all.

modern warfare 2

More importantly, they reduced our damage to the legs, and what this means is even in the maximum damage range. Even Point Blank, you can no longer get a two-shot kill to the legs you have to be hitting, somewhere from the waist up, including the arms if you want to get a two-shot kill, and overall, there was also a slight reduction to our close-range damage across the board, but outside of the legs, this didn't change the number of shots to kill; it just changed how much damage you're dealing overall, so when it comes to shooting somebody that's already hurt, this may end up having an impact, but generally speaking, the thing you want to be aware of with the Tempest torrent is that you don't want to be hitting any leg shots.

Lockwood mk2 buffs

After that, we've got the Lockwood Mark 2, and this one got some buffs in a recent update, and it got buffed again with this update. First off, our sprint-out time was improved to the point where it's now almost as good as an SMG. When it comes to our sprint out time, it's now 130 milliseconds for our standard sprint out time, which is insane, but based on this, they mentioned an increase to our hipfire movement speed; however, based on my testing, this didn't appear to change at all, or if there was a change, it's negligible.

And on top of this, they adjusted our damage values to the point where in our maximum damage range, our one-shot kill potential extends to the upper arm, so anywhere from the elbow up, whereas previously you had to hit the upper torso, so that means far fewer hit markers in the maximum damage range for the Lockwood Mark 2.

Season 6 of Modern Warfare II came with a bunch of very noticeable weapon changes so today, I wanted to share a before and after look at everything that changed as well as my opinions on these changes.
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