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Therefore, today I'm going to share a handful of suggestions that will literally save Modern Warfare 3 and make it the best Call of Duty game we've ever seen.

New vest concept

New vest concept

Diving right into this, with the launch of season 3, we're expecting several new vests, but not the vest that I was hoping to see, so I've got a suggestion.

Maybe for season 4, this is what I would like to call the Sentinel Vest. With this one, the primary prick attached to it is that it will double the enemy footstep audio, and it will be a full counter to covert sneakers and the Ninja vest. Now this part of the vest will just ensure that the headless chickens out there that don't know how to play this milsim properly will finally see the punishment they deserve for moving around the map too quickly.

Now in saying that most of the other vests in the game have multiple perks attached to them, the second part of the Sentinel Vest is that this will boost placeable equipment trigger speed as well as the damage that your placeable equipment will deal, and I don't think that's quite enough, so I think it should also replenish equipment as long as it's a placeable form of equipment, just like restocking, for instance.

So those would be two fairly active benefits with the Sentinel Vest; however, I do think it could use an additional passive benefit. So with this, as long as you're prone, you'll gain the effects of the ghost perk as well as being coldblooded.

Jak strobe riot shield attachment

Jak strobe riot shield attachment

And I think this would be great for rewarding those players that are really smart and patient that lay in a really tactical position, so that's the first big suggestion I have that I think would massively improve the gameplay pacing and flow in Modern Warfare 3, since it's currently way too fast for anybody without cheats to keep up , but the next thing I noticed while going through the aftermarket parts that we have in this game is that there's still no aftermarket part for the riot shield, and I was just thinking the other day we've really been missing out on that strobe shotgun attachment that we had Back in Black Ops 4 that was really popular with a community.

call of duty modern warfare iii

So let's merge those two together into the Jack strobe kit for the riot shield. As you may have guessed, we have that strobe light attached to the front of our riot shield, and we have the ability to toggle that strobe on or off. When you do toggle it on, it disables the enemy's aim assist and pretty much completely blinds them, so they can't see what you're doing.

And as an added benefit, this should also work while it's on your back. That way, if I ever need to leave my corner in order to go to Place Another Claymore.

New field upgrade concept

I'll have that added layer of protection for all those tryhards and cheaters that try to get behind me , so that's yet another element that I think would really improve this game for me, but I think we could take that one step further here with a brand new field upgrade as well, and this one I like to call the disruptor field upgrade, and with this one it's a placeable item that disables enemy slides and jumps with within a 20 M radius and this I think would pair really nicely with the Sentinel vest as well as that Jack strobe kit on the riot shield, and it will just prevent those headless chickens from using unrealistic movements, in order to make it hard for me to shoot them.

I think this would drastically improve the skill gap in the game, as it would force those headless chickens to play like real men and just fight me face-to-face. And there we go. Those are three gameplay items that I would love to see added to Modern Warfare 3 in order to level the playing field a little bit, because currently it's just unbalanced toward those unskilled players that move around the map all the time. In saying that, though I think there's some other things outside of the gameplay features themselves that I think could really drastically improve this game, the first thing is something that I actually agree with a lot of the community on, and this is a UI redesign.

Ui feedback

Ui feedback

Now as it is right now, they've got horizontal menus, which are obviously the best, and we do like horizontal scrolling; it's clearly the best option, especially when you have a lot of things to choose from, but the big problem I have here is that, look at this screen right now, there's 10 items that I can see all at once, and that's just way too overwhelming—that is, information overload.

So instead, what I'd like to see here is that we still keep that great horizontal scrolling that we know and love, but scale up those icon sizes so you can only see three options at once. Not only does this make it easier to read all of those options, but it's going to take you longer to get to the option that you're actually looking for, which is really going to reward those patient players that are willing to take a lot of time to get from one end of the menu to the other to where all the good attachments are.

In addition to that, this would be great from a business perspective because it's one of the most important metrics for shareholders. Time in menu engagement is huge these days; it's all the rage with shareholders right now, and while they've done a pretty good job making sure that we're spending more and more time in these menus playing hide-and-seek with the option that we're looking for. I think they could take this to the next level and ensure that we spend even more time scrolling through these menus.

Disbanding lobbies isn't enough!

Disbanding lobbies isn't enough!

And this just leaves us with one last change that I think could really improve Call of Duty in general. For those of you guys who know me, you know that I love disbanding lobbies.

It's one of my favorite new features in Call of Duty because it really saves my thumb after a game.

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