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Class setup

I would love to have you in the community , but before you spawn into a match, it's very important to have a decent class last setup, and let's start off with the striker 9. Basically, your main focus is going to be to build a gun specifically for recoil control and for the striker. Now you want to use the Striker Elite long barrel for bullet velocity, recoil control, and damage range.

Next up for the underbarrel, choose the brew and heavy support grip gunking control horizontal recoil and firing game stability. Next up, optic iron sights are not going to be the best option for you, so you need to use an optic so you can actually see the opponent on those long ranges, and I recommend the Coro Eagle Eye.

25x. Currently the best optic in MW3 and War Zone as well, but for the magazine section. I put the 50-round mag because you're not going to hit every shot, so you just want to you just want to hold down the fire button until you eventually get that long shot kill, and for the final attachment, the Lackman Recon series stock for even more gunking control, firing aim stability, and recoil control.

Where to do it?

Where to do it?

After you adjusted your gun, in mod Warfare 3, there is currently a playlist for the hardcore quick play, and when you press square to filter that, you're going to see the option for The Hangover, 24/7, which is basically just a special winter version of High-rise. And by the way, if you're watching this later down the road and you don't have this playlist as an option, just go to the hardcore quick play and basically wait until you get a highrise because on highrise.

This is the easiest method possible.

Best smg longshots

best and easy longshots mw3

After you spawn in Highrise, you want to go on this side of the map when you reach this location. You can crouch, you can go prawn, you can put on a deployable cover, and you can mount your weapon and just wait for your opponent. Simple as that, if you reach this location, you're going to be good to go because if you're laying prawn, you can see that it's going to be really, really hard for the enemy player to spot you and even try to eliminate you because nobody expects you to be at this spot, so that's why this is one of the best places in highrise to get long shot kills with your SMG.

But what if I tell you that's not the only spot? If you ask me, this one is even better. I'm genuinely convinced that nobody can hit you from here; you are basically a tiny target for your opponent. Now when you spawn on highrise, you don't go right instead you go left, and the same thing as before, just go prawn and wait for the opponent to show up.

Press your fire button when you see the enemy, and you're going to get those long shots in no time. It took me about 10 minutes—I'm not lying—about 10 minutes to complete all 15 log shots for the striker. That's incredible of course, the most important part is to spawn into hardcore game mode, because if you're playing hardcore, the time to kill is basically non-existent.

If you spawn into regular Hor eyes into regular Team Deathmatch. Domination, or Kill, it doesn't matter; the time to kill is going to be longer, and it's going to be a lot harder to hit those two or three shots to eventually get a kill, so just spawn into hardcore and your life is going to be much simpler.

Best pistol longshots

Best pistol longshots

And —that's the SMGs done, but what about the pistols? For the retti pistol, you're going to need to get 25 long-shot kills with the retti. The first method on highrises is also possible, but for pistols. There is even a simpler method, and that's going to be the shipment. Again, I recommend filtering that hardcore Quick Play playlist and simply choosing the shipment 24/7; currently, it's called Shipment M 24/7.

Again, in the special winter version of shipment, hardcore is always going to be easier, but just to demonstrate how this method is easy. I spawn into regular shipment, with regular time to kill, but after you spawn into a shipment, basically, you want to stick around every edge of the map and just aim towards the other side of the map, so if you spawn into this place like I did just now, just go at the right edge of that corner you spawned and aim for the other side.

If you get a kill, you're going to get the long shot. If you kill the enemy that was on the right opposite side, you're going to get the long shot.

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Thanks for watching! subscribe, like & comment!

And of course, since this is a shipment and pure chaos, don't get too mad if you don't get a long shot straight away because you just spawned right back and you had another chance. This map is not the best for the long shot for the SMGs; you can do that, but I was really struggling because one out of five kills counted as a long shot, so I was just like.

Nah, just get me out of here. I want something simpler and more efficient. But for the pistol shipment, this is the best way to do it, and guys, that's going to be it for this article. Just a quick little tutorial for you guys. Leave a like if you enjoy dislike if you didn't subscribe, because I would absolutely love for you to join my community.

Have a great day, and as always, take care in peace.

best longshot kills mw3

Hopefully this Quick and Easy MW3 Longshots Tutorial is gonna help you out on Interstellar camo grind.
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