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So one-shot sniping is back. I was waiting a little bit because I wasn't sure if this was going to be a bug or a feature. This is proof-of-concept that it works when you get the one-shot kill. There are several other clips out there; I just thought I'd show off this particular one. Essentially, what's going to happen is you'll get a three-plate break, and then the incendiary damage finishes.

The job was done the same way very early on in Almazra, but for whatever reason, that got reverted and changed, so we'll look at the specific damage values. He's making it look easier because the targets are stationary, but it gets a little bit harder because you are sacrificing a lot of bullet velocity to achieve a one-shot TTK.

So we can specifically select sniper rifles, and we can go ahead and add all these various sniper rifles to the mix. So now that we've added this with true game at our sight, what we can do is scroll down here, and we can actually scroll down to this section, What we're looking for is a number that goes over 250.

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The game has a clamping effect where it'll lock the maximum damage you can do at 249, and the incendiary damage goes through and finishes the job, so what you got to do is look through all the various guns, and a gun that can one-shot a headshot has to be 249 or higher when stacked with incendiary, so if we go through over here, we can go on the nil sound, and what we're trying to solve for is bullet velocity or muzzle velocity, and some barrels are integrated so that it won't allow you to muzzle, so you kind of gotta do the math to see which one makes the most sense.

In this particular case, we have three barrels: one that helps with eight percent, one that helps with 13 percent, and the other one's negative, so we got to go with that barrel, and if you feel like you're struggling with the bullet drop, you can always put on the optic that has the range finder that allows you to just press it and it'll tell you exactly where you need to aim, and this comes up to 859 bullet velocity, or meters per second, so that is kind of low lab.

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If we go to the lab, we'll screw them all down here, right? It's the first damage, right? The Val Value does that, the next one still does, and, up to about 50 meters, keep in mind you can stack on the range, so that gun was only going to get you about 50-ish meters, and after 50 meters you're not going to get a one-shot kill, and then we have the Victis, which also has that infinite range, even beyond 100 meters, it's capping at that 256, so I have them both here with these three attachments.

And again, like I said, you would just mix however you want, so this is set up in this fashion with the nil sound because it gets the 30 percent combined, with the barrel there if you want better idle stability and those types of things, and if you don't mind the laser, this is probably the one you'll go with, and then if you want to change the optic, you could even try and go like a 4K, and just so you have a perspective, this will be a little bit better.

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If you're comfortable with this zoom, then your glint isn't going to be nearly as large. This is kind of what the gun will look like, with only four attachments. If you want to put a bigger magazine on it, you could And then you can just get used to the bullet drop difference, or if there's a particular one, like, if you really want to go crazy, you could use this Raptor, which will give you the bullet distance when you ping it.

You can see the red dot where you got to aim obviously only 50 meters, not a big deal, so if you don't go that route, you could always go the bolt, which will get you re-chambering. speed, which should be a little bit faster on that end. Same thing with this one; even though these barrels give better muzzle velocities, we go with the super because those other ones block the muzzle, so you'll see it right here.

The brewing is the best on that end, but if I go with the mammoth, which is crazy, it's going to unequip the muzzle, so we don't want that, and then again, we can go ahead and tune this; this one does have less ammo, so maybe you want to go with the bigger mag, a seven or a nine, and then with evictus, it would essentially look like this, have way more zoom by default, and have that nice thumpy sound too, and there you go, those are the two I'd recommend for infinite range.

I appreciate all the support.

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