News - Warzone 2 Top 10 Long Range Meta Weapons. Season 2 Best Class Setups Al Mazra & Ashika Island

Intro/explaining how the meta is set up

Intro/explaining how the meta is set up

Season two is here, so we're going to be focusing on the new long-range meta, and even though the RPK didn't get nerfed quite as much as we expected it to, it still did get nerfed enough, and other weapons did kind of come to the fore where you can kind of mix it up and have a little bit of variety.

The RPK is still a great option.

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Kastov 762 best long range class setup

Kastov 762 best long range class setup

Welcome back, and we'll go into a kind of speed Run these for 10 different long-range options. I would recommend trying them out because they're all pretty competitive and really kind of just going to come down to skill level at the end of the day I think the cast out 762, still feels pretty good even though it did get Nerf and the overall goal with a lot of these builds is to get good bullet velocity with as low as recoil as possible even at the penalty of slowing down sight which is okay we, kind of got to factor in the damage per mag which some guns will struggle with because of Modern Warfare 2.

3rd person mw2

Some of the mag sizes are a little bit smaller than we've kind of been accustomed to with the previous years, so we'll have a couple different optics, but for the vast majority, we're using the AMOPS V4. And you can kind of really tune this however you'd like; this is kind of my preference, but you can kind of look at how I'm building this out here, and this is a low-recoil option without a suppressor because gunfire really only shows up on the compass or while you have a UAV up in the air, so you can kind of see how that's built out, you can see the tunings for velocity, and we're pretty much going to copy and paste these two names over to all the class setups that we have in this build, same thing, because we're focusing on recoil stabilization and gun kick control, or aiming.

Idle stability if it's against bullet velocity, and kind of see some of the trends as we go through that and kind of figure out what works best for you, and typically with the new tuning, you can actually use your d-pad and it will work perfectly fine; you don't have to use your thumb sticks anymore.

Be as accurate as possible. You can kind of see it going in twos, and that's usually more than enough to get the tuning right, and you can see how this gun is using the firing range. Not having a ton of recoil is pretty straightforward; obviously, in the real game, they're going to have a little bit longer TTKS.

Because we have 250, the total damage needed versus these bots is a little bit less than that.

Raal best long range class setup

Raal best long range class setup

If you can kind of see how that goes relatively easy control, but with the Nerf you're going to have to land a little bit more shots with the 762 , which brings us to another weapon, which is the route, and this is kind of the fastest killing gun, and it hasn't really been the strong dominant meta because it has a slow reload, so you do get penalized kind of hard.

You can kind of see how we built this one out to be a zero recoil weapon, all with similar tuning that we've kind of just shown off, but this one does have a suppressor on it, and this just gives us a little bit of extra oomph and bullet velocity, but if you wanted to drop that to get a little bit more recoil and control, you definitely could do that, and that's built out pretty much the same as we've seen in the previous build.

best modern warfare graphic settings

Overall, not a very strong recoil that's really going to move much even after the Nerf The recoil is still fairly manageable, the fire rate's a little bit slower, and the reload is the biggest problem because it is one of those slow LMGs, and this one will probably shine a little bit more on Almazra than it will on Ashika.

Island, just because that one's going to have a little bit faster pace, you might get penalized even harder for the slow reload.

Rapp best long range class setup

The rapper is also another great option. It has a pretty manageable reload. We've actually decided to speed it up with the laser sight. You could actually get a rear grip that's going to help with recoil control if you want to go that route.

You can kind of see how these work for the individual tunings if we go ahead and go through those, and you could do the other laser, which can be visible. I just don't necessarily like the visible lasers, especially with ttks, as fast as they tend to be, so recoil smoothness aims idle stability against bullet velocity, and then we can kind of see this one as not really all that important because we're not going to be hip firing, so we can actually focus a little bit on aim down sight also.

For this one, we can go by recoil steadiness and recoil smoothness and kind of build those out, and this one is pretty solid; it does have a really good ttk, not a ton of recoil, and a pretty decent fast fire rate, and when you want to reload it, it is a little bit slower because it is an LMG, but it does get the job done.

Iso hemlock best long range class setup

Iso hemlock best long range class setup

75-round magazines are plenty to get your shots in Hemlock, the brand new rifle, and they are actually very good. I was able to max this one out. We had a little bit of double XP on the new map in multiplayer, so we could max that out, and then we're able to build this out for a low recoil, with the only real downside being it does have a 45-round mag, so it may struggle in some of the larger game modes, but it does have a pretty good reload speed, and all those things, you've already kind of built that one out very similar to what we just saw with those other attachments, you're kind of just solving for the stats that we want to have for long range, which we talked about, which are mainly recoil and Boulevard velocity and head-to-head with Boulevard velocity, since we've already a suppressor and, high velocity we've.

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