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So I'm going to do something a little different here with today's intro, and instead of talking about what the build is about and showing you why I built it the way I did, we're going to do a different approach. So back in Modern Warfare 2, there were weapons that basically had a ton of visual recoil.

The big one was like the M4, and the iron sight shook around a lot. There was a lot of visual noise, if you want to call it that, but it wasn't really recoiling. The recoil was very easy to control; it basically shot straight up, and it was very easy to control, especially with the added attachments.

Fun fact: the WSP 9 has received the same treatment as some of those Modern Warfare 2 weapons. Let me show you why.

Recoil pattern

I'm not going to aim for a Target here; we're just going to aim, like, kind of over here, and you can see you're going to look at it, and it looks like it has a ton of recoil, right, like you're having trouble seeing.

Okay, right, it looks like it has a ton of recoil, but I'm going to turn right around. I'm going to hold this up for. You see, there's like no recoil there, so that's due to the attachments I put on it. It does have recoil without the right attachments, but as you can see, a lot of the recoil in this weapon is visual, so let's get into it.

Best class

Best class

This So for our first attachment of the build, it's going to be the WSP, or Classics Factory Stock, that's going to give you gun kick control and recoil control. This is what I would say to be one of the more important attachments of the build. It's going to take away a significant amount of aim-down sight speed, but it is necessary.

It's a slower-firing SMG, which means it's going to be very viable at medium range, which means you do need to limit As much as possible, you can see here that it's 99.4%. Towards the gun kick control, a massive 20.2%. Towards the horizontal recoil control, and then 18.7%. Also to the vertical recoil there, for the rear group, we're going with the marauder grip, giving you gun kick control, fire aiming stability, and recoil control.

best wsp 9 class

For the same reason, we chose that stock there, but the big change is we're not sacrificing any aim-down sight speed with this attachment; there's just going to be some aiming out sway, which isn't too relevant, especially on SMGs. You don't spend a lot of time holding your scope with an SMG, so we're getting 10% towards the gun kit control, 7.6% towards the horizontal recoil control, and then we got Nega 88.9% towards the vertical recoil control.

Now for a magazine, here are several options you could use—just about any of these I personally don't like that 25-round stock magazine, but I also chose the 32 here; it's only a few extra bullets, but I'm also not sacrificing too much to my movement, which is what you're going to get when you start going with these larger and larger magazine sizes, but at the end of the day, you can use whatever you want if you're on shipment.

best wsp 9 class modern warfare 3

I mean, crap or meat, you're probably going to want the 50-round mag there, but when it comes down to it, honestly, I use the fast hands or mag holster. The 32 is good enough, and I'm not sacrificing too much aim-down sight speed. You can choose what you want here for an underbarrel; we have the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop for vertical recoil control, gun kick control, aim walking speed, and movement speed.

The perfect attachment for the build helps you all around with an SMG. here getting that much needed recoil control along with overall movement, so we got -6%, and there towards the gun kit control 6.4%. Towards the vertical recoil control, we're going to quickly hide the screen. As you can see, we are gaining some large values in the form of movement.

We are also getting Crouch movement speed and Ad movement speed. Our last attachment here is the XRK sandstorm. This is a Modern Warfare 2 muzzle, so there are plenty of options. There's a lot of Modern Warfare 2 muzzles you can give a try here if you want. The one that I found the most success with, though, is the XRK Sandstorm, and I'm going to show you why, at 26.9%, there is a focus on gun kick control.

best wsp 9 class mw3

10% toward the horizontal recoil control and 27% toward the vertical recoil control Obviously, that's a big value, but like I said, there are other Modern Warfare 2 muscles you may enjoy more, so I'd highly recommend trying them out. For example, this one gives you a ton of horizontal recoil control, the same with this one, and then, if you keep going, a ton of horizontal.

This one is a ton of horizontal, and this one again is similar to the XRK sandstorm, but they all round out. You know what I mean. Each value is going to be a little different, but Xrk Sandstorm is the one I like the most. There are all of your attachments on the screen. I understand it's supposed to be a realism factor, but at the end of the day, if you can't see what you're shooting at, what's the dang point?

I feel like the WS9 would probably be higher up the meta if there was less shic. As is, you know what I mean if this weapon virtually had no recoil. More people would probably use it. It's just that visual recoil tends to put them off again. Here is the rest of my loadout. If you guys wanted to copy that down, as far as you know, lethal tactical perks, whatever you're looking to do, we're going to head over into a game play today where I feature this thing absolutely, flawlessly.

Let's jump over to that. As always, I hope you guys.

Scrapyard gameplay

Scrapyard gameplay

Enjoy! We have the uzi, aka the WSP-9, over on the scrapyard. I think I don't know if I mentioned it in the intro or not; I can't remember at this point. This weapon doesn't have a literal recoil; it's only a visual recoil. Remember in Modern Warfare 2, a lot of the weapons just shook a lot?

It's literally the same thing. That's all this weapon does. It has no actual recoil; it's a visual recoil. So if you can hit your first couple shots, you're going to get those kills, which have a high damage-slow fire rate, which isn't always the case. When it comes down to SMGs, that's definitely not ideal a lot of the time, but it is one of the more satisfying weapons to use when it comes down to things like movement.

best wsp 9 class setup

You know what I mean. We got to take her up here, hold on up the window, and she should be able to sneak up in here. Is he up here? They're spawning right there and might be able to sneak through. Here, I actually hate this side of the map. We actually got the grenade kill. I hate this side of the map because of the smoke.

I can never see through the smoke. It's like one-sided smoke from an advanced UAV. Lo elim Reveng Swarm is actually out here, saving my life for once. Instead of killing me, we like that. Now don't you kill me, Swarm? I want a double-swarm. I will smoke too soon. You going to chase you going to chase.

the NO RECOIL and MAX DAMAGE WSP-9 Class in MW3! Best WSP 9 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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