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best wsp-9 build

The wsp 9 is still the fastest-killing SMG in War Zone 3, so I'm going to break down every single attachment you guys are going to be running on it to make it one of the most broken SMGs in the game right now, so jumping straight into the first attachment for The Meta wsp 9 Loadout, we do want to start with the short light barrel giving us a solid increase to our mobility and handling.

As you can see, we do get a 4% increase to our sprint speed as well as an 8% decrease to both the aim-down sight and sprint-to-fire time, which is going to make this build feel a lot quicker. Next up, we do want to throw on something to give us a massive increase to our recoil controls, so with that being said, we do want to throw on the classic six factory stock, which is going to do exactly that, giving us a 9% decrease to the recoil gun kick (22%), to the horizontal recoil, and (31%), to the vertical recoil.

To make this build insanely easy to use, we do want to throw a bigger magazine onto the build, and there are two separate options that you can choose from. I personally like the 40-round mag because I'm a very aggressive movement-based player, so I do like to try to keep the build as fast as possible, but if you are kind of a slower, less aggressive player, you can also run the 50-round mag instead.

best wsp-9 class setup

It's really not too much of a difference, so try them both out and use whatever one you like better. We post the best War Zone 3 leaks every single day, and right now, 96% of you guys watching this article haven't done that yet. Help your boy smash that bigger. We do want to throw in something that's going to give us a massive increase to our recoil control as well as the movement speed, and that is going to be my favorite under Barrel in the game right now for SMG, which is the MSP 98, hand stop.

As you can see, we do see a 6% increase in our movement speed, but at the same time, we see a 6% decrease in the recoil gun kick and a 7% decrease in the vertical recoil. making this build a lot faster as well as a lot easier to use, and now for the fifth and final attachment, as always. I want to throw on the best muzzle in War Zone 3 at the moment, which is the Zone 35 COMOS flash hider.

best wsp-9 class setup mw3

This thing fits perfectly on pretty much any build that you make in this game. It gives us another 5% decrease to the horizontal recoil and 15% to the vertical recoil, and the best part about it is only a 5% increase to our aim-down sight speed, so the build is still going to stay very quick. Here's the full meta for WSP 9 Loadout for War Zone 3 season 4, still the fastest-killing SMG in the game right now, and using this build.

I dropped a 41-kill game on Rebirth Island, so without further ado, let's get into it. My jackar, Rusi, Mr.

BROKEN WSP-9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new WSP-9 Class Setup in MW3.
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