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best wsp 9 class setup

This new WSP 99 class setup might be the best SMG in War Zone 3, with a faster time to kill and more mobility than the Swarm. This thing is absolutely broken, so I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment that I use on my WSP 9 class setup. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta WSP 9 build, we do want to go ahead and throw on the pillin short barrel, which is going to give us a nice little increase in our recoil control, as you can see in the more detailed stats.

6% decrease to The recoil gun kicks 10.4% to the vertical recoil and 88.2% to the horizontal recoil, making this thing a lot easier to use. We are going to get an 18% increase in aim-down sight speed, but do not worry about that; the other attachments are going to bring that down a ton. Next up, we do want to throw on something to increase our mobility and handling, and that is going to be the no-stock attachment.

This is by far the best attachment in the game to increase an SMG's mobility and handling, as you can see in the detailed stats. 7.2%, increase in movement speed 12.3%, a decrease to the aim-down sight speed, and a near 16% decrease in the sprint-to-fire speed, and as you guys are going to see in the gameplay, this will allow us to make some absolutely insane movement.

best wsp-9 build

For the third attachment, we do want to throw an optic onto this build because I personally do not like the iron sights, and the one we are going to be using is the Mark III reflector. This is a very clean and easy-to-use optic that gives our gun zero added visual recoil. one of the best close-range optics in War Zone 3.

If you guys do not like the reflector, you can try out the Nar model 2023 as well, or you can go with the OG slate reflector. There are also two very solid options. Back into the build, now we do want to go ahead and throw a magazine on, and the one we are going to be using is the 40-round mag. If you don't really care about losing more mobility and handling, you can even throw on the 50-round mag as well.

For the fifth and final attachment to complete this WSP 9 build, we are going to be throwing an underbarrel on, and the one we are using is the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop, which is going to increase our recoil control and mobility. We are going to get 6% for the recoil gun kick, 6.5% for the vertical recoil coil, and 6.5%.

best wsp-9 build warzone

Increase our movement speed, giving this gun one of the fastest movement speeds out of any of the SMGs in this game while still being very easy to use. Here's the full meta-WSP 9 loadout in War Zone 3 season 1, one of the most underrated guns in the game right now. It honestly might be the best SMG, and with it, I drop a crazy 45-kill game on Von Del Park, so with that being said, let's get into,

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