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best wsp 9 class setup

Right in today's article we're going to be going over the wsp, 9 best class and let me tell you when I say I think I have found one of the greatest classes that allows you to turn this gun into fast movement while keeping that damage range at long distance in the game plays that you will be watching you'll see me ended up dropping two mgbs, and going on an insanely High kill streak and I think I accumulated over 300 kills in the span of two games which is insane and the cool thing with the wsp 9 if you put the new magma camo on it and you go into the fire range it looks like the Mob of the Dead U, when it's pack-a-punched if you guys remember that from Black Ops 2 so jumping over to the attachments for the wsp 9 we are going to be going over to the muzzle and we are going to be adding the shadow strike suppressor S as this just allows us to be off the radar, you can swap this out for something like the monolithic if you feel like the gun has too much recoil but I prefer to use the shadow strike, moving over to the under Barrel we are going to be using the xrk.

Bw4, hand stop, as this helps massively with the aim walking speed, movement speed, aim downside spr, and sprint to fire speed, it increases our ad speed by 5.4%. And our ad movement speed increased by 10.2%. For the magazine, as a WSP 9 only has 25 rounds, we will be putting on the 40-round mag.

You can run the 50-round mag, but unfortunately, it reduces our movement speed and aim downside speed too much, so we're going to be sticking to the 40-round mag. When it comes to the fourth attachment, we are going to be adding the rear grip and we're going to be running the marauder grip, as this helps massively with gun kit control and fire aim stability and also helps with the remaining recoil control.

best wsp-9 build

And when it comes to the last attachment, you have two options. When it comes to the stock, you can have no stock, which helps massively with the Sprint to fire speed, movement speed, aim walking speed, and aim downside speed, but if we go into the more in-depth statistics, we will see that the recoil gun kick is plus 40%, and the horizontal and vertical recoil are increased massively, so if you don't like how much recoil you get with the no stock, you can come over to the WSP Classics Factory Stock, which does eliminate that recoil control.

But for the build I will be running in this article, you will see me using the no stock as I do like to have that movement speed and aim down sight spre, so if you take this class over to the Fire Marines, you will notice that this class does have a lot of visual recoil. But that's why we built it for movement speed and aim-down sight speed, as we're just going to be skating around the map, and being close quarters, this isn't built for long-range moving over to the rest of my class.

best wsp-9 build warzone 3

I am running the inventory verest for that increased tax sprint duration; for my secondary, I am running the retti; and for the barrel, I'm running the MLX short competition. For the second attachment. I'm running the SL reflector, and for the third attachment, the stock. I'm running the FTAC folding stock, and for the magazine.

I'm running the 24-round mag, and for the trigger action. I'm running the Brun Express. And when it comes to my tactical and lethal, I am running the stim and seex for my field upgrade. I am running the munition box, and when it comes to my perks, I am running Quick Grip gloves, which you can swap out for scavenger if you don't want to run the munition box.

For my boots, I am running lightweight boots, and for my gear, I am running the EOD padding. I hope you guys enjoy the Banger games that you are about to see.

this new META WSP-9 LOADOUT in MODERN WARFARE 3! Best WSP-9 Class Setup - MW3.
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