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best wsp-9 build

I dropped 39 kills on Fortune's keep using this meta wsp 9 loadout, so in today's article. I'm going to break down every single attachment that you need to be running on your wsp 9 to make it one of the most broken SMGs in War Zone 3. So jumping straight into the first attachment for the meta wsp 9 loadout, we do want to start with a muzzle, and the one we are going to be using is the zon 35 compensated flashhider, and this is going to give us a 15% decrease to the vertical recoil and 5% to the horizontal recoil while only giving us a 5% increase to the aim down sight speed, keeping this build extremely quick for the second attachment.

I do have two separate options for you guys, depending on whether you want to use the iron sights or not, and the first one, if you do want to use an optic, is going to be the Mark III reflector. This optic is super clean, very easy to use, and it takes away a lot of the visual recoil, and then for the second option if you would prefer to use the iron sights cuz they are actually very clean on this gun instead we can throw on a barrel and we want to use the short light Barrel, which is going to give us an 8% decrease to the aim-down sight speed and 9% of the sprint to fire time, as well as a minor buff to our mobility, speeding this gun up even more.

best wsp-9 class setup

Are you tired of skill-based matchmaking giving you the sweatiest lobbies? I would definitely check out Spmm; they are a 100% safe gaming VPN that almost completely negates skill-based matchmaking. Now we do want to throw on something to reduce our recoil, so with that being said, we're going to throw on the classic factory stock, and it is going to do exactly that, giving us a 9% decrease to the recoil gun kick (22%), the horizontal recoil (31%), and the vertical recoil, getting rid of pretty much all the recoil on the body and making this thing very easy to use.

Next up, we do, of course, want to throw a magazine, and we're going to be using the 40-round mag. I'm a movement-based player, so I try to keep that mobility as fast as possible with the 40-round mag, but if you don't care about losing a bit more mobility, you can also run the 50-round mag instead.

For the fifth and final attachment to complete this build, we do want to throw an underbarrel; it's going to be the MSP 98-hand, giving us another 6% increase in our movement speed. 6% of the recoil gun kick and 7% of the vertical recoil, which is going to give this build great mobility while still having very little recoil, Here's the full meta.

best wsp-9 class setup mw3

9 Loadout for War Zone Z 3 Season 2 is one of the best SMGs in the game after receiving a buff in the update and using this build. I dropped a crazy 39-kill game on Fortune Keep, so without further ado, let's get into. Hun, destroy your to hun down the rest of them, it, up enemo the. AO, good kill, marking the rest of that on your.

We got a great Lobby Squad mat's back on station. Good work! Kill confirmed, and we located the rest. Teammate Good kill, go get I'm tired of these kids I'm pushing get ready to rece coordinates for valuable weap kill confirmed loated the of I'm not pushing that I changed my mind enemies are dropping into the.

LOB get ready resur window enemy destroy your to the find anyone your squadmate redeploying well, done enemies deployed a counter UAV gas is moving no please break your legs please break your legs no. No I can't get a kill.

BROKEN WSP-9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new WSP-9 Class Setup in MW3.
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