News - Fortunes Keep: Top 6 Meta Loadouts Warzone After Update

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These are the top five metal loadouts to be using right now on Fortune's Keep in Season 2. With all that being said, let's get into the first loadout of our first weapon. unfortunately, it's the ram 7 they did Nerf it but not enough it's literally the exact same so for our build here we have the 60 round drum mag so we can take out multiple enemies out having to reload we have the Brewin heavy support grip huge increase in accuracy and recoil control you shouldn't be missing any of your Shots by the time we're done building this is just one step two throw on that Jack BFB, muzzle the best muzzle in war zone when it comes to accuracy and recoil control for our Barrel we have the core Mark Barrel which is awesome because you get a huge increase once again in your recoil control we get gun kick control aiming idle sway recoil control and then it sprinkles in a little bit bullet velocity and range which is great especially after its recent Nerf, and then our final attachment here is the hvs.

34, Pad stock Take this thing to the firing range. Let's make sure that the bots actually have three plates on, and you're going to see what I mean. It's the exact same thing, so yeah, they don't have Nerf weapons. Clearly, our second weapon is the amr9, which is actually the current meta SMG in War Zone, and get this, they left it alone; the thing wasn't even touched, which is ridiculous.

So my first attack I have on mine is a 50-round drum, so I can take out a lot more enemies without having to reload. The default is like 30, so meet me in the middle at 50. In our underbarrel, we have the FTE MSP 98 hand stop. I love this a lot because I get a little bit of recal control with the gun kick control vertical control, which is awesome, but I also get movement speed and walking speed, so I could be a lot more mobile and accurate at the same time with just one attachment.

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For our third attachment, we have the Amr9 Commando Pro Barrel, which is strictly a movement barrel. I love it a lot, and I think the biggest downside of this SMG is the mobility; it's just that it's very, very slow, so we're trying to speed that up, and this does a great job of doing that. The iron tights are atrocious; you need an optic on this thing, and I like the Marker reflector quite a bit.

And then my final attachment here is the TA, Venom Stock; once again, it's just that perfect balance of accuracy and mobility. We get some recoil control, more movement speed, and sprint speed, so you couldn't ask for a better SMG setup with this, and if we take this to the firing range, which is very accurate, and you're competing at this medium range with absolute ease when you really shouldn't be again.

Amr9 untouched still meta our third loadout, we have good or reliable the M4 I kind of make it my mission to use the M4 at least once every single season. They leave it alone, and it's absolutely incredible, so we got the 60r magazine. There are obvious reasons you just want to take out a lot of enemies by having to reload.

best loadout

Having to reload when they're one shot away, they get on the corner—the worst thing ever. I then have the brewing and heavy support grip best under the barrel for recoil control and accuracy for the long-range weapons in my muzzle. I took a little bit of a different route. I actually went ahead and threw on an MW2 attachment, and that would be the Harbinger D20.

I'm off the radar, which is great. I get bullet velocity, so the weapon fires quicker and kills a little bit quicker, but I also get a little bit of firing aim stability and recoil control, which increases my overall accuracy, and I control the weapon with our barrel. We obviously have the high tower (20-in.

Barrel) if you're not using this on your M4, you're simply not using the M4 correctly. And then, for my final attachment, I do Coro's Eagle Eye, which does look a little goofy on the M4, but it just works so well again. The thing's untouched; they left it; I think they buffed it last season too. It's just so viable; it's very easy to use.

best loadout for 3

I love it a lot, man. You can see the thing just clearly doesn't move our fourth load out, similar to the Ram Seven; it was nerfed, just not enough, and especially on a map like Fortune Keep, you're not going to tell the difference. We got the 50-round drum so we can take out a lot of enemies without having to reload, which is kind of a necessity with the high fire rate it has.

My next attachment is the PCS 90 assault grip. Yeah, we're going to need this, and you're going to see why when we get to the last attachment, so I'm even going to explain it to you. You get a lot of recoil control, which is what you need. My underbarrel: I actually went ahead and did something different.

best loadout mw3

I did the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop, and I love this a lot. You get a great mixture of mobility and recoil control, so you get vertical recoil control and gun kick control, which is awesome, but on top of that, your weapon's going to be a lot more just. Quick with the sprint of fire and aim-down sights you get, which I love, muzzle Hear me out; it's a little crazy, and that would be the Jack BFB muzzle, which is locked right here.

It might be locked for you guys, but if you go further on to the left here, you're going to see it's unlocked right here, so it's a little bit of a glitch, so you should have it unlocked. It's weird that I'm using as an SMG, but hear me out, you're going to need this because my final attachment throws anything accuracy and recoil control-related out the goddamn window with the no stock attachment, and I have to throw this on because, look at this, you.

I mean, this is a mobility setup, and on a map like Fortune Keep Son, you're going to be him now we could take out some targets too, right? It doesn't move whatsoever that this is really what you're only fighting; you're ridiculous if you're fighting this, but still. You're still landing shots with absolute ease with a no-stock attachment, so again, my favorite SMG in the game, even though it was nerfed.


You can't tell a goddamn difference, and then our fifth and final loadout is the WS9, which, believe it or not, actually received a significant damage range increase, so it's a lot stronger and kills a little bit more quickly, so it's a lot more competitive, and up there when it comes to meta SMG, so starting off I have the 40-round magazine.

I think 50 is OD; you don't really need it because it does have a pretty good time to kill, so I stuck with the 40. I then threw on the L4R flash hider, with which I get a huge increase in accuracy and recoil control, and all you do is lose that on a little bit of advertising, which you can't even tell, so I love that attachment a lot for that specifically.

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