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The new Modern Warfare 3 war zone, also known as War Zone 3, introduces a new park called Irradiated and changes the gas damage yet again compared to War Zone 2, so I'm going to break down every gas mechanic in this article so that you can make your next gas play with confidence. Let's get started.

How the gas works in warzone 3

Just like in War Zone 2, the gas hits you at precise 1-second intervals, except this time each hit deals 10 HP of damage. This means that with 150 base health, it will drop a player from full health in 15 seconds. This is actually tougher than the gas before the integration; it used to be very weak and took 25 seconds to kill.

With that said, in the early seasons, it was even worse with a 12C time to kill, so right now 15 seconds is kind of a middle ground of gas damage time to kill.

The new "irradiated" perk

However, the newer radiated perk will reduce that incoming gas damage by 10%. Even though it's a small step down from 10 HP to 9 HP, those little health savings stack up, so it actually means the gas needs two extra ticks to prolong your life by 2 seconds from full health.

Incidentally, the irradiated perk also protects your armor, so your armor also takes 10% less damage in the gas if you have the irradiated perk.

Battle rage

Battle rage

Another change in the new war zone is that battle rage is now tactical equipment instead of a field upgrade; unfortunately, it's much weaker for gas plays than it used to be. Battle rage will not heal you at all; it's merely a preventative measure that creates a 10% incoming damage reduction from all sources, including gas and enemy weapons, but it only protects your base health, not your armor.

It also only lasts about 5 seconds, so it won't actually protect you for the full time it takes for the gas to knock you down. If you pop a single battle rage in the gas, it will slow down your death by 1 second, but you'll need to spam two or three battle rages to keep the effect active until you die, and even then, it'll only stretch out your life by a maximum of 2 seconds, so if you're stuck in gas and you find battle rage, you might as well use it, but it'll only prolong the inevitable.

By 1 second, it's barely worth it, but better than nothing if it's the only thing you have. If you're wondering whether the effects of battle rage and the irradiated perk will stack, then the answer is yes. If you use both at the same time, the gas will only deal eight damage per second, so you'll be able to survive for 19 seconds before going down, which is 4 seconds longer than if you did nothing.



If you have a choice, Sims are a much better choice of tactical equipment for surviving the gas.

Right now, Steim in BR only heal 50 HP per second, so they can only heal a maximum of 1/3 of your total health in the 1 second window between gas hits. In Resurgence game modes, they're three times more effective. allowing you to fully heal 150 HP in 1 second between gas hits if you time it right.

I should note that the extra stim healing in Resurgence was present in War Zone 2 for the whole of seasons 2 and 3 and seemed intentional to increase the pace of Resurgence game modes, but in season 4, they patched it and tweeted this out, which suggests that the extra stim healing in Resurgence was unintentional. Even though it was in the game for two whole seasons, it's unclear whether this is intentional now when it apparently wasn't before, so we may see a patch coming soon in War Zone 3 to equalize the stim healing between BR and Resurgence game modes.

Gas masks

Gas masks

Now on to the most common method of surviving the gas masks.

Gas masks are essentially the same as they were in War Zone 2. Durables take 24 ticks to break, so you'll only start taking damage on the 25th second in the gas, while normal gas masks last around half as long, protecting you for 12 or 13 seconds depending on exactly when you enter the gas, and that's the same whether or not you have the irradiated perk.

It does not protect your gas mask or make it last longer. Strangely, there seems to be a bug with gas mask from a buy a gas mask from a gas station; it will only be at 89%. Health The only way to get a full 100% gas mask seems to be to find one on the ground as loot, but who knows, maybe that's intentional for.

Medic vests

For some reason, as far as I can tell, the medic vest has no interactions whatsoever with Sims battle rage or gas plays in any way; it's simply identical to the Survivor perk, also known as tuneup, which speeds up your revive time, so the medic vest is not particularly essential for gas plays, and it's certainly not the same as it was in War Zone 2, where a medic vest would buff battle rage to heal you.

Gas tick

Gas tick

Continuously in the gas The final thing I want to mention about the gas is the state of the gas tick, or progressive gas damage, which has been in the game since fans. This is where the gas damage increases after a minute in the gas and keeps increasing the longer you stay in the gas, but currently there is no gas tick and there is no increased gas damage in the new war zone, which is a huge problem.

The gas tick is an essential countermeasure to protect the game from the shock. But with gas tick in the game, it really places a hard limit on gas playes so that even with glitched infinite resources, it's barely possible to survive for even 2 minutes in the gas before the damage would overcome whatever resources you had.

It is not an exaggeration to state that right now, the war zone is vulnerable. If anyone discovers a duplication bug that allows for some kind of stim glitch, which I will reiterate is the kind of bug that happens all the time in War Zone, it will be gamebreaking because every game will end with someone stim glitching with zero effort for an easy win even without using any item duplication glitches.

There are currently several ways to spend an entire game matching the gas and win by default at the end, although those require some planning, map knowledge, and sometimes mechanical skill to execute correctly. Unlike most exploits that require zero effort once the glitch has been performed. Hopefully, you can get raven software to bring back the gas tick ASAP and make gas play the rewarding challenge they're meant to be.

This video tutorial explains all the gas mechanics in the new Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Warzone 3 Urzikstan, in both Battle Royale and Resurgence.
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