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Before yes, guys, you know who I am because the title just told you who I am, and we're going to be talking about why we have been here before. That thing was not really getting used that much, then all of a sudden it got a skin, didn't get any buffs, just got a skin, and everyone started using it and thinking holy.

This thing's really good. The Famas did the exact same thing in the Cold War. I think it was the Famas that looked like Famas anyway. The exact same thing happened in the Cold War. Guys, they're going to bring out loads of scin skins, and then those skins are going to be really powerful, but they're not going to be really powerful because they're just going to be more powerful than the Modern Warfare 2 guns.

They don't need to make them more powerful than they already are this time around, though it wouldn't surprise me if they did that, but we've been here before, honestly, without me just getting straight into it and cutting the throat of Activision. What does this actually mean? It essentially means that 150 HP of your guns by default in Modern Warfare 3 do a lot more damage in comparison to the other guns.


And it might not seem that much because the time to kill feels similar, but it's a similar time to kill with a 50 HP difference, and this is a big deal because that's essentially 50% more health that you're going to have, and for me personally. I think that this is a good change having 150 Health, just because it makes the time to kill just a little bit slower, and I think when you make the time to kill slower in any game you are increasing the skill sealing, and with the movement already increasing, the skill ceiling and weapon builds actually have noticeable drawbacks and advantages.

For attachments, the skill sealing of the game has gone up quite a bit, and this is a good thing, guys. This is a good thing because you're just not going to feel like you're getting melted every time there's going to be people that you feel like you're better than there's going to be people that you feel like are better than you, which you'll aspire to.

best moments

This is a good change in general. I completely get what I said in the beta First Impressions article, basically. You've got to have pretty fast reactions to notice this, because if you get shot once, you can quickly get yourself around a corner. You're going to notice it, and if you're someone who can react to that kind of thing quickly and reposition on the fly and adjust on the fly, that's going to suit you.

For those that's not going to suit, however, it's those who typically are in a shoot first, die first scenario, sorry or get shot first, di first scenario. Their reactions are that when you get shot, you turn and face the person shooting you. People who play like that have nothing wrong with that play style, by the way, guys, but people who play like that aren't going to notice it because if you still get shot first, you're still going to die first if you attack it one-on-one.

What's going to separate the good players from the not-so-good is going to be those who can maneuver themselves in a gun fight, who can adapt in a gun flight, and just go from there. It's your fight or flight response if you're getting shot from behind. Get off, get out of there, readjust, and re-engage when it suits you.


A lot of people don't do that. A lot of people don't like to stand behind cover, stand near cover, or consciously have in the back of their minds at all times an escape route. I don't even realize I play like this, guys. I didn't even realize until actually watching the footage back that I've always got a way out when I get shot.


I've always got a direction I'm going to dart to, and that just comes from well over 15 years of playing Call of Duty games that just became part of my skill set like I'd never trained it; it just became part of the experience. A lot of you guys haven't really played the game as much as I have to; I kind of have that in you, so I completely get why a lot of you will think that having that extra HP doesn't make a difference, but for some people, it does, and What you will notice is that you're using a Modern Warfare 2 gun against a Modern Warfare 3 gun when you've shot first, and when you've died first, you'll notice that, in the war zone and DMZ, you're using Modern Warfare 2 guns, that I can promise you, so yeah, a bit of a Debbie down to this one, but.

I am still really excited for the game to come out. I am really looking forward to all the new mechanics, all the movement, all the drawbacks of having attachments, all the pros of having attachments, sight cans, and all that stuff. I'm really looking forward to it, guys, but I just kind of want you guys to swallow the reality pill and not be too overexcited about your Modern Warfare 2 guns and Modern Warfare 3 guns because they're just not going to be the same straight up.

But what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with the comment section below? But at least leave a subscription if you're going to give us some hate.

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