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So in today's article, as you guys can see here on the screen, we're going to be covering the 556 acres of LMG here in Modern Warfare 2. Now, surprisingly, this is one of the best LMGs you can use in the game. You can be really aggressive with it; it almost acts like an assault rifle.

Best 556 icarus class setup

So here's the build for The Icarus I'll be using in today's gameplay.

Now hopping into our build and why I use these attachments, we're going to go to the rear grip first and add on the X10 grip. Now this can help with sprinting the fire speed and aiming down side speed. This attachment can help us be more aggressive. This LMG already has some really good recoil, control, and accuracy, so we can take a little bit off.

556 icarus

It's going to make us more aggressive, though, so you want to have this on now. For the stock, we're going to be using the Ravage 8 stock. This comes up with crouch movement speed, which again, as I say in a lot of my articles, is really not that important, but it's there. It gives you crouch movement speed if you do a lot of crouching, but the sprint speed and the Amazon outside speed are going to be the most important because you're running faster around the map, especially with an LMG.

It does come in clutch in that the aim-down side speed is going to be very crucial for the LMG because it is a larger weapon, so you want to be a little bit more aggressive. Now, for the optic, I'm using the Chrono Mini Pro. I like all these optics; you can use the Sigma IV, the Chrono Mini Pro, or the Slimline Pro—whatever you really like and what you feel more comfortable with personally.

Me I do like the Cronin or the Slimline, whatever you want to choose, but in today's gameplay, we're going to be using the Chrono Mini Pro for the light blue dot, and for the barrel, we're going to be running the F-TAC cold-forged 16-inch barrel for that damage range, hip fire accuracy, and bull velocity.

So our bullets are doing more damage at a longer distance, and the damage on this weapon with no barrel is really good as it is, so if you want to have this on, it makes a weapon a lot better at a longer distance so you can't cushion yourself, and also, your bullets are traveling faster and aerotating our targets faster, and if you need to hip fire, the accuracy is up as well, so there you go. And then for our final attachment, guys, we're going to the muzzle and adding on the x10-ported 290 muzzle for that vertical recoil control, so We have full control of our weapon now, and we're going to go back and tune these attachments here.

Best 556 icarus tunes

Best 556 icarus tunes

We're going to start with the muzzle and tune this attachment, and we're going to max out the gun kick control and the recoil stabilization at points 80 and 0.35.

Those are the best spots, so you want to max them out, or you're not going to have as much kick. The weapons can be really steady, so you want to have this on now for the barrel. We're going to tune this and just max out on the recoil steadiness, so if we have to, like, hold down the trigger and, you know, shoot for a very long time, the weapon is going to stay steady, so you want to copy this down as well now.

For the optic, we're going to tune this and put the eye position at a distance, and the aim down size speed is going to be up 3.00. So, the aim-down size speed is going to be pretty quick for the LMG now. For the ravage 8 stock, we're going to max out the aim walking movement speed and the aim down size speed at 2.40 and 4.00, so when aiming down sights and pre-aiming, we're moving faster and walking faster, and also the aim down size speed is going to be really quick now, so for an lmg, we're going to be acting like an assault rifle or an SMG player, and therefore, our final attachment that we need to tune is the x10 grip, where we're going to max out the aim down size speed and the Sprint to fire speed once again to be more aggressively shooting faster off a Sprint.

With downsides. But anyway, guys, stay safe.

556 icarus gameplay

556 icarus gameplay

Right, I want to see how aggressive we can get with this 556. It's aimed outside and has pretty nice speeds on it, so all right, let's see if anybody's AFK. Yeah, I mean, this LMG isn't anything too special, but I think the RPK and those two weapons are easily better. We got an AFK guy. Hey, all I'm going to say is that I love AFK players.

Man, the easiest kills that you can get, the easiest kills he gets. The longer people win, the longer they stay. I think that goes the same as if you're a pub stomper; I personally think that you should. Cody scene I think if you're a pub stomper and you're working on trying to get higher kill games, one of the most important things that you can do, which I personally believe, is let the team win as much as you can.

556 icarus class

I mean, it might sound dumb, but in my opinion, 90 percent of people do not care if they are winning; if they were winning, they would not care if they were getting killed so many times that I personally believe that is the bottom or top. I'm not going to do anything. Hey, I will say, this LMG is good if you made it this far into the article.

I'm going to take your kill just like that. Let's get it. Let's get this new come on P let's get this new come on and your Advance runs out. I hope your teammate has something like a UAV or something. I got this. I mean, that's not going to help much, but shouldn't attack Sprint, Sorry to tell you that, pal, sorry to tell you There we are: easy jobs.

It should have been a double, but okay, whatever. You know, we take L's. We take L's all right. This guy's a pop. It's Elaine right here; no one else is either here or there. That's what I want. There we go. Unstoppable, okay, Bud 35 Let's go to 35 Little Gun Street. Are they going to spawn right here?

556 icarus loadout

Is this the sweet spot for the spawns? I think so, and if I get killed, man, I wanted to get at least one kill off. I think, come on, dude. Where's everybody at? Let's call this sure again—not just spawning in front of me. I should shoot your body I should shoot your body I really should. All right, give me my details, though I deserve to get a veto.

At least give me my kills. Okay, I didn't know if I got that kill or not, so I was worried. I spent 18 seconds trying to do quick math in my head just in case we were playing a little objectively here. I'm cool on a relentless basis, we need like nine more. We might be totally going to take all these kills.

Watch it happen. Watch it happen.Watch

the FASTEST KILLING 556 ICARUS CLASS in MW2! Best 556 ICARUS Class Setup - Modern Warfare 2. In today's video i will be covering the Best 556 icarus Class Setup Best 556 icarus setup 556 icarus Best Class Setup Best tuning for the 556 icarus Here in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1! This 556 icarus Class has NO RECOIL and has INSANE DAMAGE.
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