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YouTubers, 31 kills with the brand new buffed mx9 SMG This is the time to kill, reload, or get out of this world. If you want to catch these game plays live, I live stream them every single day at {308}.

Buffed mx9 setup & tuning

Buffed mx9 setup & tuning

Next one, all right, guys. Trum to board the class set for today's article for the MX9 setup. Starting off with the barrel attachment, we're going to rock the 508 Mm rear guard barrel for the enhanced damage range. HP by accuracy and barrel velocity for the barrel on the left, we're going to stay right in the middle at 0.00 lbs, not going up or down, because, as you can see, when you go up, you don't get any more recoil steadiness, which hurts your mobility in your recoil.

When you go down, you're hurting your recoil as well, so we're going to leave that right in the middle at 0.0, and on the bottom we're going to stay right in the middle as well at 0.0, not tuning the left or the bottom because this attachment is good how it is, and if you go up towards recoil steadiness, you're actually hurting your mobility and your recoil control.

best mx9 class

If you go over towards enhanced damage range, you make it harder to control, so let's leave it right at 0.0, on the left 0.0, and on the bottom, juming to board, with our second attachment on the mx9 setup, we're going to rock a comb and we're going to rock the ftac C1 Riser comb for the enhance Sprint the fire speed and aim down sight speed for the tuning on the comb; we're going to go down towards awalk speed; we're going to maxe that to 0.35; Oz; on the bottom, we're going to go over to the left towards enance AIM; now sight speed; we're going to T to 0.07.

In jumping board with our third attachment for the mx9 setup, we're going to rock our rear grip, we're going to rock the bruan q900, grip for the enhanced sprint of fire speed, aim down s side speed for the tuning on the rear grip, we're going to go down towards aim down side speed, we're going to tune it to -1 o on the bottom, we're going to go over to the left towards hand Sprint the fire speed and we're going to 0.45, in jumping for with our fourth attachment for the mx9 setup we're going to rock an ammunition and we're going to rock the 9mm sub hollow point ammunition for the crippling power the stun effect that puts on your opponents, most importantly the reason why we're rocking this is for the tuning we can get extra damage range and extra bull velocity out of this thing by putting the damage range at 0.44.

G on the bottom and put it at nine grains jumping board with our fifth and final attachment for the mx9 setup, we're going to rock a magazine. We're going to rock the 32-round mag for the enhanced magazine ammo capacity, simply because you need the mag, and honestly, the only downfall of this SMG is that the mag is so small.

If you can get used to using your throwing KN accordingly and get used to the 32-round mag, this is arguably the fastest-killing SMG. Mora 2: With that being said, that is the meta class setup for the mx9.

Mx9 gameplay starts

Mx9 gameplay starts

The next forers, it's killing fast, as he's going to die through a table pregame. I'm telling you he's the content; he's literally content; we cannot let him get first rounded; he's the biggest [__] we have on in the RO, like the biggest goober on the roster; we got to keep him involved in a tury.

I'm putting L out first round and Joker out second. Wait, that's big talk coming from J. Money j Money That's Big. Money in the town Hest, work J. Money almost got thrown out of his out of his son's pop-up football game today. he's wound up he's wound up tighter than his son. The guy's coming for vengeance tonight.

I really don't know if Laro is ready for the smoke. It's going to be fun tonight, me. I'm excited i want Hey listen, I want some [__] talking. We need some stories. H I'm told my aim is horrible. I'm telling you, chat, the content should be insane tonight; it should be so fun, especially when we get dumb like Joey getting involved, who literally doesn't know his from a hole in the ground when it comes to Yep, see a diesel; a goat should be about a god.

EOB boost Yo, Big Bruce, one get it, man, yo kick Let's go. Thank you i appreciate the support, my brother. UAV, we're growing. We're growing on YouTube. It's about to be YouTube gameplay, and right here, you're about to be featured on RA YouTube. What are we talking about?

Mx9 end game

Mx9 end game

I don't think we're going to be able to kill this guy. I'm not even going to shoot at him yet. I'm pretty sure there's a team under me: Mx9 Gaml for Shki or Sherki domers. Come on, G. Let's go with the MX9 gameplay, baby! Let's go! Ders got a super bad feel like Jonah H. Look at how she walks; you know it'

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