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You are watching a master at work. I'm going to be showing you guys the absolute most efficient way to duplicate items and overflow your acquisition stash on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Drop a big fat like on the article, and let's get right on into it. Load into a match of zombies. acquire a large backpack.

To acquire the tombstone perk, you want to acquire any items that you would like to duplicate and overflow into your acquisition stash, and lastly, make sure that you have a large backpack stored inside of your backpack as well before we begin. From here, you're going to make your way to this exact location on the map.

I like to call this the baby portal. You don't want to go to the baby portal just yet; instead, go over to the island that's just off, right beside it. On this island, no zombies are going to spawn at all whatsoever, and because of that, you may want to have a thermite grenade on hand. That way, you can kill yourself easily.

Now you don't necessarily have to down yourself on this island; you can go nearby where the zombies do spawn, but it's just a little bit easier when none of the zombies are going to be bothering you as you're collecting your Tombstone each and every game. Either way, down yourself by any means necessary, bleed out fully, and end the match; normally, load back into another match of zombies.

You'll notice your tombstone is nearby. Go to that exact location and collect all the items. Go ahead and equip the backpack first. That way, you can store all the items in your inventory. You want to make sure that you crumble your tombstone by collecting every item that's stored inside. From here Go straight up to the baby portal and interact with it.

From there, open up your Tac map and hold the triangle to vote. Yes, at that point, it's going to start a 10-second countdown timer. I recommend running toward the water; that way you can get inside of it and none of the zombies are going to be able to down you. While we're waiting on this 10-second countdown timer, we're going to go ahead and prepare to close the application or alt f4.

For those of you that are on PC, once the timer gets down to zero, it'll start the teleportation and animation, and on this animation, you're going to wait one full second and then close the application or dashboard. From there, go back into the game, go into zombie mode, go over to gear, and you'll see that you have all of your items stored inside of your backpack pack right here.

Now what we're going to do now that we brought all the items out is store these items inside of your acquisition stash, even if they exceed the limit. I'll explain exactly how to do this. Highlight the item that we want to store. You're going to tap X to swap, or whatever the swap option is. Select your acquisition stash; you're then going to cycle over to rewards, and then select one of the rewards.

It's going to place that reward back in your inventory, and while you're highlighted over that reward, you're going to choose the option to unequip it. That's going to force that previous item into the acquisition stash even beyond your limit, and it's going to place that reward back in the reward slot.

So as long as you have at least one reward, we can keep using that same reward to store or store any items into the acquisition stash to exceed the limit. Again, highlight the item, choose the option to swap, go into the acquisition stash, and go to rewards. Select any reward, and while you're highlighted over the reward that's in your inventory, choose the option to unequipped.

After you've done it for all the items, you can load them back into another match of acquisition stash so that your Tombstone is still there yet again on the map. Go back to your tombstone and collect all the items all over again, and repeat the process over and over until you're satisfied with the amount of acquisition stash that you have now.

For me personally, it's allowed me to max out at 215. Yours might go a little higher or maybe a little lower, but it's going to be around 220. As long as you're using a large backpack and you're pulling 8 to 9 items with each run within about an hour, you can go ahead and exceed the 200 items stored inside of your acquisition.

Dash I strongly recommend that you do this before it gets patched because once it gets patched, you're no longer going to be able to exceed the limit, but as long as you've done it prior to it getting patched, once it is patched, you'll still have all 200+ items. Now, in my opinion, the most important items that you could possibly be duplicating are flawless ethereum crystals and legendary ether tools, golden armor plates, dog bones, and the Ether Blade.

Now that's going to be about it for today's article. I just wanted to go ahead and show you guys the most efficient way to take a manage into this glitch. I appreciate you all tuning in. I appreciate all the continued support. It's your boy, J. Stone, and I'm gone.

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