News - The 10 New Secret Haunting Challenges & Rewards. Warzone 2 Season 6 Easter Egg Quests


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about all these secret challenges that got added with the brand new haunting update.

The soul harvester blueprint was updated

The soul harvester blueprint was updated

With that being said, today Call of Duty did go ahead and promote the Soul Harvester blueprint yet again as a pre-order bonus for the MW3. Vault Edition, as I talked about in a previous article going over the Soul Capture event, the blueprint itself does appear bugged; it feels like when I use the blueprint.

I get fewer souls for getting kills, but as of today with the promotion. I'm seeing reports that apparently the blueprint is working as intended or is working a lot better than it was. Now enemies do randomly drop anywhere from two to four souls when you kill them, especially in matches of war zone.

I feel like that was intended just for the blueprint. Not for when you use regular weapons against those enemies; maybe that's gotten fixed as of today.

What got added to the haunting today.

In which you can go ahead and play Resurgence. Quads on Von Dead, and you can even play the new Zombie Royale mode, which if you guys have played The Haunting Events in the past, you're probably familiar with.

The mode is a 15-minute rotation between almazars. Knight and Von dead hopefully that's clear you cannot play Von dead on DMZ though which is a bit unfortunate I could have sworn the blog post at the beginning of the season did say that all the haunting updates Were Meant to drop in DMZ as well I think everything has been included in DMZ, apart from the ability to play the Von dead Knight variant now you can still play Massive Resurgence squads on Alazar Knight as well as regular BR quads on alzer Knight but I am still seeing reports the Champions Quest is still disabled but now when it comes to these secret challenges that got added so three of these were already duable, before the release of today's update the first one is a secret challenge involving the Pharaoh boss which of course corresponds in the same location on alaza in every game this is over by the Oasis.

Free zombies vehicle skin challenge

So if you drive a vehicle too close to Lis Alter, there'll be a Dos that temporarily disables your vehicle until you finish that boss fight, but if you guys drive a vehicle somewhat close to the altar without getting too close, then you can actually spawn in the zombies by starting the ritual, and then walk those zombies back towards your car, get in the vehicle, run one over, and you'll get that secret challenge unlocked.

Now the vehicle skin reward is definitely worth it, especially for you hardcore zombie fans out there, and again, it's a cool challenge that people out there probably wouldn't have encountered all that often considering that a DS attack does disable your vehicle anyway, so you would have had to be lucky to.

Have a vehicle somewhere outside of the AL or just a couple of feet away, and then have a zombie L in the vehicle to go ahead and get this done. So, a pretty cool discovery here for those out there that do enjoy the butcher boss fight.

Getting jump scared by haunted boxes

Getting jump scared by haunted boxes

Another challenge does involve you encountering x amount of jump scares using the haunted box. Now the number of jump scares you have to encounter is five. But I'm seeing a mixed reception to this challenge.

People out there are saying they were able to do this as of yesterday by finding a bunch of haunted boxes in regular V lockdown or matches of Alazar Knight. I actually opened up a good 20 boxes before the new update came out today, and I just didn't get a single jump scare from any of the haunted boxes.

I'm seeing reports that you have to throw the box out and you might get the jump scare. I'm seeing other people say that if you actually collect the items from the haunted box, you can trigger a jump scare, but it was really inconsistent for me. But then, right when the update dropped earlier for Von Dead, right when I started throwing out haunted boxes.

haunting chess board

I was noticing a ton of jump scares in my game when both throwing out the box and when collecting the items from the box as well, so it looks like they might have fixed whatever was broken. About this challenge, and you'll go ahead and get a SC calling card for going ahead and completing this challenge.

What you get when you win zombies royale

Now another match involves you winning a match of Zombie Royale—just one—and it'll give you a sticker. Now I actually won a match of Zombie Royale earlier, and I didn't get anything, so I'm seeing reports that this one is a little buggy and a bit inconsistent. But for those out there who want to win a game of Zombies Royale Bravo, it's not for the faint of heart and could be very difficult.

It's almost like the best strategy is to become a zombie and then, right towards the end of the game, become human again and stay in the air so that everybody else below you gets killed while you're still parachuting—or kind of parachuting. Into the Storm away from everybody while the last few people are still in a small circle getting killed, and that way you can steal a win unless you're in a good enough lobby to where your whole squad is alive and you manage to take out all the zombies with the right weapons.

Free loading screen for playing alot of zm royale

Free loading screen for playing alot of zm royale

Winning zombies royale as a zombie though

So the problem with this is that it's not a team unlock. In the game that I won earlier for Zombie Royale, I was the human parachuting when the game was completed. While my buddy Lego was a zombie, as I won the game for our team, he got the unlock, which is an emblem. I didn't get it, unfortunately.

But for those out there wondering how this works, at least one of your teammates has to be a human for you to win the game, but as long as the rest of you guys are zombies, then you'll get this unlock, and as long as you get a victory, you'll get this emblem.

Hard: win a match without dying explained

Hard: win a match without dying explained

The witch book easter egg blueprint reward

The witch book easter egg blueprint reward

Keep in mind that anybody, and I mean anybody, could rob you of your blueprint reward. So once you've summoned that book in the graveyard, you want to get to the windmill as fast as you can, and you want to collect the S-So14 blueprint known as The Witches Stick, which is going to be sitting right here underneath the windmill.

But what's funny is that we were streaming earlier and accidentally ran into the windmill later in a match, and the blueprint was just sitting there, so somebody must have activated it. The book over at the graveyard early in that game didn't know what they did and lost out on their blueprint. Now if one person on your team grabs the blueprint, it will unlock it for everybody, so you could do a strat where one person drops the graveyard, hits summon, and another person on your team waits at the windmill to grab the blueprint.

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