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season 2 reloaded is finally here, and with it we did get a few shotgun changes, one of which was mentioned in the patch notes and one of which wasn't, so today I'm going to share with you guys everything that's changed, give you guys the new best class setup for the Lockwood 680, and talk about a few other things, so if that sounds good to you, let's just go ahead and hop right into it, and as always, time stamps are in the description below if you want to hop to a certain part of the article so with the patch notes for both multiplayer in war zone we I have one change that was mentioned, and that is with the Lockwood 680.

Lockwood 680 change

This one's going to hurt, guys, but basically, the barrels now all have the same pellet count, which is capped at six regardless of the ammo. Now, if you remember, the best barrel that we had was basically that Defender heavy barrel, because even though it was a little bit slower, it gave you 10 pellets, and while that didn't change the damage, you essentially had your pellets doing the same amount of damage, but you had 10 of them rather than six or four on the smaller barrels.

You had 10 chances of hitting the enemy, so it was super consistent, it felt really good up at close range, and it was a fantastic barrel, even though again, it was a little bit on the slower side when it comes to mobility. Now that's kind of gone out the window, which is sort of a Nerf to that barrel but also a buff to the smaller barrels because now everything is just at six. I don't know why it's not eight pellets; maybe that's to keep it different from the other Bryson 800 and Bryson 890 pump actions, but yeah, it's at six rather than eight, and rather than 10 and four, it's just six.

Is the heavy barrel worth it now?

Is the heavy barrel worth it now?

So the big question here is: is that last barrel really worth it for the lock with 680 anymore, and I got to say for the war zone in particular?

I don't think six shells is more than enough for most engagements. You could maybe argue for trios and quads if you want to have 10 shells; go for it, but given how it's so much slower than the other Hammer forg long barrel and you have less range, there's not many reasons to use this thing over that other barrel except for the fact that you get 10 shells, your sprint of fire is a lot slower, your aim down sight speed is a lot slower, it's just clunkier overall, and since you don't have 10 pellets,. It's just not worth it anymore, so for war zone I would say stick with that first Barrel it's going to give you more range and you're going to have a better Sprint of fire and aim down sight speed and just better mobility in general, with a better movement speed as well it's just kind of a no-brainer to me at this point and I'm sad to say that because I really did love the 10 pellet Barrel it's so good but it's just a thing of the past now guys I'm sorry now for multiplayer, you could make the argument a little bit better for the last Barrel because a lot of people die in one shot if you want to go for feeds where you kill seven or eight people in a row which is kind of crazy on shipment or something then you could make an argument for that last Barrel having 10 shells but in most cases again you're probably better off with that first Barrel so now I wanted to show you guys my updated war zone best class for the Lockwood 680, this pained me I had to go on the community app and change my load out for that 10 pallet build that was so painful but basically.

New lockwood 680 best class

New lockwood 680 best class

It's the same thing except I swapped out the barrel for the Bryson Hammer-forged long one, and I'm also rocking the Matu X for skeletonized guard. If anything, that guard attachment is one that you can replace. If you want a little bit of better mobility, this is a good attachment for that. If you want to have a better tax spread, for example, you could use something like the Breu Bastion angle grip or a laser if you want a little bit better sprints of fire speed as well, or you could rock.

The Bryson choke because you are going to get a tighter aim down sight spread than if you're just rocking this build here with only the crown breaker choke, but that's if you want to go full aim down sights and not tax Dan, but since I'm a tax dance guy, this is what I went with, and the crownbreaker choke for me is one of the best attachments.

Haymaker amp change

haymaker shotgun modern warfare

For that next up, I want to move on to talk about the Haymaker, aftermarket, Park the Magift, and attachment because this did in fact catch a little bit of an adjustment. Now, if you remember before season 2 reloaded, this thing was bugged because its minimum damage range was doing more damage than its first drop off, which made it deal really crazy damage and have a great time to kill it really far, which was definitely unended.

Now that's been changed, so the minimum damage has been adjusted, and now it's sitting at 52 rather than 72, which means it is a six-shot kill, whose practical time to kill is about 600 milliseconds, which is much more in line with where it should be. I still think that's pretty damn good. Like All Things Considered, that time to kill for that kind of distance is pretty nutty.

This is definitely comparable to some meta SMGs, but of course you have to take into account that you only have five pellets and the spread is pretty tight, so you can make it really, really tight, especially if you're going for a tack stance. It can be incredibly tight, which means it's harder to hit your pellets.

lockwood 680

On Target, but of course you have to be more accurate, so it's kind of an even trade-off. Now we'll just have to see how this plays out. I was getting demolished by this thing the other day, so maybe this adjustment will actually take care of that, but I do think this is still a very strong aftermarket part and probably one of the better ways to run the haymaker, in my opinion.

Now it's debatable if it's better than the actual Dragon Spre version of the Haymaker, but this thing still packs a serious punch, and if you have the skill for it, you can make this thing work wonders for you. As for any other stealth changes, I haven't really found anything, yet I'm still going to be doing a lot of digging.

Of course, there's lots to look through, so I will try my best to find anything that I can and make articles as they come up, but if you find anything that's weird, different, or slightly off. Those are two of the biggest changes that I could find.

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The newest patch for Warzone and MWIII MP had a few shotgun changes, including changes to the Lockwood 680 and a hidden change for the Haymaker AMP. No more 10 pellet barrel for the Lockwood 680.
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