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Today's article will be about the best ways to level weapons, progression, and the battle pass. Also, I will talk about the multiplayer mode for those who have the full game. There is a way through which I got 11, 000 XP in 30 seconds, and there are amazing ways for that in War Zone. As you can see, I got 150, 000 XP in just one game.

I will also explain the zombie mode so that you can get the zombie common. There is another important thing: if you are with your friends, you will get a faster level and more XP. I will talk about each way you need to play solo or with friends before I go on. In Call of Duty, the first mode will be multiplayer.

Here, it can be done as a solo, but it is difficult; it's better to complete that with your friend. Before anything else, you go to the weapons list and choose the weapon you want to upgrade, then you go to choose the engineer vest. After that, you go to Tactical and choose the decoy grenade. The most important step here is to go to kill streaks, then, on the bottom left, toggle score streaks on so that the calculation is based on the point system and not the number of kills.

The first thing you choose is the UAV, then you choose these three boxes of emergency airdrops, and the last thing we choose is the EMP. After that, we go to the perks and choose them. Headphones are here; the most important things are ready; then we go to invasion. When you start the game, you and your friend go to the middle of the map.

If there is a big building, go to the roof, and if you look at the sky, you will notice a number of bots parachuting. What is required of you here is to do damage and not kill the bots. The goal is for your friends to kill the bots, so you get assistance and 75 XP. The purpose of this is to collect points in order to obtain the emergency airdrop, and if you activate the UAV, it will speed up the points.

When you get the emergency airdrops, use them to get kill streaks, which will get you even more. Points finally, we get the MP. Do not use it immediately. Go kill yourself first, by any means. When you respond, go to the middle of the map and use it there because it disables all vehicles, and the more vehicles there are, the more points you get.

Make sure that the weapon you want to upgrade is in your hand. When you activate EMP, you will notice that you get between 5, 000 and 11, 000 XP. At the same time, you notice that the kill streaks are full again because you killed yourself, and the points are also calculated. After that, you kill yourself again, go back to the middle of the map, and activate the kill streaks, and you will still get XP for the weapon and your hand and points for the kill streaks.

Keep doing this for more XP. This is a great way to get easy XP. If you do not have anyone with you, it will be difficult to do so. You can do this in the ground war as well. Here we go to multiplayer. The first thing we choose is the weapon we want to level, and like before, we choose the engineer vest and the decoy grenade.

We also chose to do a field upgrade. Make sure you also have this mission control communication link with you. Then you choose any game, preferably a small nap. Currently, meat is not available, but it is also a good option. You are required to play normally, and every time you respond, throw the decoy grenade, and you will notice that you get an XP for every person who is near the decoy from the opposing team.

Always use the UAV every time, and you will get XP as well. The weapon you want to upgrade must be in your hands so that it can be upgraded. Quickly, there is another way we go to war zones or plunder. The best way, I think, is to plunder, which allows you to quickly upgrade. You can do this alone or with friends, but with a squad, it can be a lot faster.

What is required of you here is to go first to Most Wanted; it's shaped like a crown. As usual, we try to stay alive, do not try to enter into confrontations with anyone, and open as many boxes as you can because you will get more XP. When the time runs out, you will get a lot of XP, and it will level up the weapon in your hand.

But this way does not end here; you can do it again because it gives you a lot of XP. When you finish, you will notice that you have a lot of money. Here, you will go to the nearest station, and the weapon you want to upgrade will remain in your hand. Here, you will buy armor with all the money you have.

When you close the list, you will notice that you have a lot of XP. This method will raise the weapon from 7 to 11 levels in each game, and it is very easy. Then we go to this method in the plunder mode, and this method made me get 150, 000 XP, but note that it only counts 5, 000 XP for the weapon, and the rest of the XP goes to the battle pass in your rank.

In each game, I get the tokens, and this is a wonderful thing because normally you need three games to get one token. The way will be as follows: Make sure you have the Koy grenade here. I tried with my friend to play the same game, and we agreed to go to the train. As soon as you land on the train, you go to the bullet box and fill the bag with the decoy grenade, and every 5 seconds you will get more decoys.

Then throw decoys everywhere, and every time you throw a decoy, you will get 100 XP. This is for 100 XP because it's for one person, but what if we have 10 people? You will get 1000 XPs for each decoy. When the decoys are finished, they fill again, and so on. Here we come to the last way to upgrade, which is through zombie mode.

This way is excellent if you want to open the Command of Weapons. This is more of a glitch than the usual method. Enter a zombie game, man. The first thing you see is a satellite contract. If the contract is in a yellow zone, it is preferable to upgrade your weapon in order to kill zombies. Easily, after you take the contract, you go to it and you will see this device, and you need to go to the gate and do as I do, which is that you enter and exit this mana several times.

Try to repeat this 10 times, then leave the place. You will notice that the screen color is still purple, and here you know that the glitch has started working. Usually, you have to stay inside in order to get a zombie, but with this glitch, you will get a zombie while you are outside the building infinitely.

Here, you can upgrade any weapon you want. We have reached the end of the article, and I hope that the article is useful to you. Once again, support us with a like.

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