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In today's article, I'll be showing you all working glitches and secret bunk cars, including how to enter Stronghold, which you cannot enter with the key. So for the first, we're going to cover the secret bunker where there's a lot of loot in Resurgent. If you come to this exact location, which I'm going to point out on the map, you will come to this exact location here.

So if you want some enemies to go to that same place, the fastest way to get there is to go directly inside the house and go straight underneath. Just like I did here, but be careful because there can be enemies around waiting to do the same thing because it's only a few people who know this, so you see this pool and you have to keep pulling the ones that are down up.

If you pull the one that is down and it doesn't open, you go back and look; there must be one that is down. That's the sequence you have to pull for that particular one that went down in this part of my life; it's this other one over here. I pulled it up and then the last one came down, and you pull it up and then pull it up, then it opens; it's very easy; you just have to go.

dmz glitch

One, after the order for the pole is down, you pull it up, and you have to do it until it is open. It's very easy when you do it the first time because you understand the logic and how to do this, so this is for the bunker. You can see there's a lot of loot under the bunker, so this is for the bunker.

Let's go into the bunker, one. So for this one, you'll learn how to go underneath the Resurgent Map; it's very easy, and you can literally go anywhere in this map. So what you have to do is to you have to get a car; for this to work, you have to get fined. This specific Jeep car is almost always here, so once you get it here, you have to come to this particle location that I pinned in the map, the same location I pinned in the map, and you have to go to that particular location.

Don't worry about loot because when you reach there, you can always still loot because there's also a cave, and there is lots of loot inside the cave too. So while you are here, you have to try to enter this tunnel. It's kind of a little bit kicky, but you can keep on doing it till you get straight in here like this, force it in, and then you have to pack it right to that corner over there.

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And you go down the tunnel to get some guns real quick because anything could happen, so you just have to go down to get some guns. You can see there are lots of loaded guns inside; you all know that. So you just have to loot and get back up. So when you are downloading, you come right to the same Jeep and try to hop on top of it.

See what I did? I'm going to do it again. You climb to the Jeep at the right corner here and the left corner here, and you hop here and just hold on until you see yourself pushing in a little bit in front, then you crouch a little and then go towards the left little bit, and then you're up on top of it.

So I will be showing you a well-rounded way that you can go pretty far from here because there are some places you can go, and that's the least you can go, but literally from anywhere leads to anywhere, so the best start for you is to start from, the top while moving the best part for you is to start from the top while you are moving.

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I'm not going to skip it here so you could see exactly where I moved to go a very, very far distance. If you can stay on top of where you are when you are under, like, really inside the map, when you are inside the map, if you can stay on top of it, you won't have to fall down. You can only glitch through the blocks that are there; you won't fall.

But you can keep on moving on top of this until you come to a different place, like this. You can be on top of the water here. If you go to the left or right side, you're going to fall down, so if you just want to fall down, you can, and you will still survive because there too, it is still glitched.

But staying here is better because you have a lot of room and a lot of visual information for spotting enemies. I'm going to show you right over something here and where I got some kills. Above the water, which you won't fall into, you can shoot anybody through here. I apologize for killing people with this, but it is what it is; the article is just to show that it actually works.

modern warfare 2 glitches

You can use it to troll people too by knocking them down, and their teammates will run up to them and want to heal them up, and there you go, boom, you die again, and they'll be like, "Where are you?" but they don't know you are under the ground. That's the only way you can survive, because if you go too deep inside the white open field there, you're going to die, so you just have to keep aiming to be at the right spot.

So, you can use this to keep on rotating in the zone while pushing inside the zone like I did here, but if you want to know how to rotate the zone without dying, you can always skip to 833 of the article. This part of the last minute you can also watch is just to know perfectly how to rotate the zone without dying, so if it cannot finish it, you can just always skip to 853 to continue to the next part of the article.

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foreign, Debunker Sorry for the black site in Al Mazra at the airport. So it's quite easy; most of you already know how to do this. If you want to still know how to do this exactly, you just have to watch this, but if you want, you can skip to the next part. For those of you who don't know how to do this, you have to go to this exact point of the airport, and then you glide down to this part here, Foreign.

So, while you are here, you have to aim for this part I tagged, hit it, and keep gliding towards it, and then you're in; slightly climb through the wall there, and then you are in; my teammate missed that. And you head down inside; there are lots and lots of loot inside here; you can get some cash and buy your loadout immediately, so it's a good way and the best way to start the game.

In order to loot this place perfectly, you have to loot it round and round. You have to start from the top; you can see the loadout job is here, and there's some stuff coming down; some of it is just scattered, but in the best case scenario, if you load it up from the top and then go to the bottom and load it down, you can come out with the sum of 35 or 40 000 if you load it properly.

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You get in, so it's very easy. What you have to do is get on this chair right here, This particular chair you climb, spring, and jump on if it's print and jump. You see yourself climbing over there and getting out. It's very easy. On my first try, I did it. As you can see by the amount of cash I have over there, I'm sitting on almost $33,000, and you can just come and always buy a loadout if there's a buy station here.

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