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In today's article, I'm going to be showing you a really, really good unlimited XP glitch for weapon XP and normal XP in Modern Warfare 2 after the new update. Make sure to drop a like on this article. I've never asked for 500 likes before. Maybe we can do it; maybe we can; maybe we can't. You'll also get bad luck if you don't do that as well.

Just to let you know, I'm just kidding anyway. You can talk to me personally on there as well. You Beautiful People, the reason why you're here is a brand new method on getting XP in Modern Warfare 2. You can do this in the DMZ, or war zone, if you want to do it there. Make sure to put an ammo box on your field upgrade and a lethal, which will be a frag grenade.

You need a friend to help you with this load into the game. On any corner, you can go inside a building and throw the grenade at the floor. Count to three seconds, then use your field upgrade, which is your ammo box. Will down you will know if you've done this correctly if. The grenade goes on the floor, and when you die, it tells you that you have not used your ammo box, but the ammo box is on the floor, and you still have the option to use it.

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Yes, this can be done solo, but it's much easier with a friend. Just make sure you have a self-revive kit if you want to do this solo. Box If you're on Playstation, press square to store the ammunition box, and it will go in your inventory. I'm not sure what that is on other consoles or platforms, but all you have to do is press the button to store it, and it will go into your inventory and you will be able to keep duplicating.

These ammo boxes are yours, and you can drop them all on the floor. Now you're probably wondering, "How do I make XP from this?" Now this gives you weapon XP, and it will give you normal XP if we're in a war zone; I will explain more about that in a second. It's easier to do this on the DMZ, but to get the XP If you're doing it on the DMZ, you want to throw down the ammo boxes and get your friend to go ahead and use them once; if he uses them, it will give you XP whenever he uses them as you're resupplying.

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My teammate is now in this gameplay. I only did it where he was going ahead and giving me XP by opening up the boxes, and it was giving me XP per box, and it was giving me tons of XP in less than a second because the quicker you are at doing this, the more XP you're going to get, but let's say I throw down the box, and he uses the box and I also use it, it's going to give me double the XP, so it's better if I open up the box and resupply myself and my teammate.

He resupplies himself, and that's going to get me a ton more XP, especially if you put double weapons and XP on as well. If you shove double XP on it, it's going to be insanely powerful. You can you level up your weapons by doing this? Do it as long as you want, and then go ahead and x-fill. Now this is way better on Warzone.

I was going to explain that, as I said earlier, it's way better, and I'll tell you why. So when you're in Warzone, what you want to go ahead and do is make sure you have no armor, or this is not going to work, so make sure to go ahead and get rid of your armor before doing it. Find yourself a frag grenade and throw it on the ground.

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Right before it blows up, you want to pull out your ammo box once you've thrown the grenade. I recommend waiting three seconds before throwing the ammo box on the ground once. You've done this successfully, so you'll go ahead and duplicate the ammo boxes over and over again now. The reason why this is more popular in Warzone is, yep, you guessed it, the stem glitch, so what we can do here is use these boxes to get unlimited stims, so if we just duplicate tons and tons and tons of ammo boxes on the floor and, the zone, the gas is going to come in, and what you can do is get unlimited stims, so you'll get unlimited Warzone wins and you'll also get tons of XP whenever.

You use a stem because when you're in the gas and the zones go down into different stages and the circle gets smaller every time you use a stem, you're going to get lots of XP. I'm sure near the last type of circle you got 1000 XP every time you stim. I'm going to try and get a article out for this and show you properly.

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I just had to get this article out for you really quickly, so get this article to 500 likes, and I'll try and get that article out as soon as possible for you.

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