News - Warzone 2 "top" 2 Glitches. For Getting Tons Of Xp/level Xp (warzone 2 Fast Xp)

best way to level up guns in mw2

No YouTube It's iconic here. Welcome back to a new YouTube article. In today's article, I have for you guys another sick DMZ glitch like. I've said in my previous articles that there is a potential risk of you getting banned if you do use this in Warzone Battle Royale as you are fully godmoded and you can take advantage of getting free wins and free kills with this glitch, but before I jump into the glitch.

Hopefully, we can get to 500 subscribers very soon. All we're going to need to do is head over to the Fortress location on the map once. We just came to this location, where I am next to these cannons. You will see this wall. Obviously, there are no bots here right now, but it's still random for everyone.

I have done this quite a few times to max out a lot of my guns, and there have been bots here literally eight out of ten times, so it's quite likely they are going to spawn. You can actually go quite far around this whole area. An easy way to get out is to ascend the zip line, and that will let you get straight out.

You can go all the way around here. And when you go around here, you can even go even more around here like I said; you can loot stuff like that, so it's really op. There is a way of getting out like this, where there is a way of getting out like over here. All you would need to do is get a glider and basically glide to the water, but don't do it anymore, guys.

dmz xp glitch

I have tried it, and it does not work. Basically, it spazzes out your game, and you're holding your shoe, but you're actually stuck in the ground, and it just basically kills you, so don't go that way. Anyway, I'll just show you exactly how to get out, just so you guys know I'm not lying. Just ascend this zip line, and there we are; you're out.

I know so many of you would have seen this already and heard about it, but trust me, it's still such a good method to get loads of rank XP and level XP. I do think it's better for you to play on shipment because there's a lot more going on, so it does work a lot better. All you need to do is obviously run into the game with the gun you'd like to rank up with and make sure you've got decoy grenades on your body.

fastest way to level up guns in mw2

This is part of the method. You can run perks like overclocking to make sure you to make it so you get more decoy grenades so you can throw You can also run the perk "extra tactical" so you will spawn them with an extra decoy grenade instead of two; it will be three. So, you can do that, but we are on shipment, and there is a lot going on, so with a lot going on, you should do a diary entry soon.

All you need to do anyway is throw decoy grenades. Toss them in the air basically anywhere because there's always a gunfight happening on the ship. Just toss them everywhere in the sky, and you'll just get loads and loads of XP coming through if you do have a double XP token. Throw that on because I have realized it does make a huge difference.

not even just a little, but a huge difference Running, in higher point and kill confirmed, these sorts of game modes do give you more XP than just a TDM or a domination because when you throw it on the hard point, you're getting about 500 XP; when you do it in confirm, you're picking up the tags, so you're getting like 250, as well as a decoy grenade, so all the XP is flowing in and coming in very, very fast.

mw2 xp glitch

It is definitely an efficient method, and it seems like everyone is still using it. It isn't coming till February 15th, so you've got plenty of time. You've got about two weeks to do this; you obviously don't have to do it in this time.

Hey youtube in todays video we show an awesome xp dmz glitch which you can take advantage of getting free wins and much more.
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