News - V2 Made Easy. Mw2 Calling Card Glitch How To Equip Locked Calling Cards Mw2 And Warzone 2 Dmz

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Well, we're going to show you exactly how to go about doing this, and it's quite simple and easy. All you need to do is make sure you have a mouse for this and a keyboard, so what you need to do is make sure you can do this both on a console and on a computer. You just need a mouse and keyboard. Now hover over one and highlight it with green.

Then, what you want to do is press hover. Over the next one, over a locked one right, you've got the green and then you've got it how it highlights white, so hover over a green one and then hover over a white one, then press W on your keyboard to make sure that it goes up to that one, then with your mouse, after hovering over the white right one, which is a locked one, come over to this to turn off the calling guides right, then with your mouse, scroll down until you see it.

Select another calling card. You will see how here it's selected another card that's not the one that's selected here, so it's got a calling card selected, but we'll keep scrolling until it's got a calling card selected right there, right, but the issue here is that if we go up, it doesn't go, so we need to go up to and then select.


Just go up to the next one and then select okay with the space bar of the keyboard, and as you've seen there, it lets us equip the locked calling card, and then from this point on we can use WSAD. On our keyboard to go around and if we go up, we can equip a different locked one or a different locked one or a different locked one, and as you see, we can go along and equip different locked ones, so we've now got this mastery from the next section so you can even go through other sections and then it stopped so it will stop a thing so you can only do a certain amount but you're just where you started, so if we do it again, come again, we hovered over here we are.

Come across to this one and then we come down right then, we scroll with our mouse that part's all with our mouse until it's selected another point see how it's got another calling card selected now with our keyboard we press down on that on our keyboard. For you guys now, let's get in and show you guys how you can also set up your full showcase.


So, as you see here, we've got all the Mastery calling cards in our showcase. Come into your showcase and then click on them right now. Do the same thing as the other one; you're going to want to hover over the one that you own and then have one that you don't own right and then hover it over and then go over to the site or with the mouse now to make sure that it's going to the one now.

Make sure when you're hovering over this one that if you press W on your keyboard to go up to the one that you own, it will actually select it in green. Okay, that's not how you know you've done it right; once you've got that, then come over with your mouse scroll.

WORKS FOR BOTH SHOWCASE AND MAIN CALLING CARDS! how to equip locked calling cards in warzone 2 and mw2 dmz. this is a mw2 calling card glitch to equip locked calling cards this works for instant mastery calling cards aswell. enjoy.
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