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best minibak class

This SMG has always been good in the game, although it's been nerfed. It's been buffed and nerfed again, and the weapon is still really good. I think the main thing about this SMG that makes it better than the others is the large magazine. You don't have to reload much, and you can stay aggressive, but like I said.

But anyway, guys, let's hop right into it now. In our first attachment for the mini-back class, we're going to use the Bruin pendulum. Now, I do think this is the best muzzle here in Modern Warfare 2 for the SMGs. But there's also another one that you can run if you really want to, which is going to be the spiral V 3.5 flash hider.

Spiral v3.5 flash hider

Spiral v3.5 flash hider

This is what a lot of other, you know, SMG and Pro players are using on their vasnavs. I have tried this weapon, and it is nice, but honestly.

Bruen pendulum

You want to run the FSS OV laser.

Now I think this is a really good attachment. You see it on a lot of my builds for my class setups. This is going to help with aim-down speed, aiming stability, and sprint-to-fire speed. Have that aggressive play style, get more kills, and just enjoy yourself using this build now.

Broadside fct

This is the new stock that came with the shotgun that dropped here in season two.

It helps with aiming. Auto stability Crouch, movement speed, aim-down size speed, and sprint speed The main things I'm looking at here are aim-downside speed and sprint speed. We're aiming down sights a little bit faster to help us have that aggressive play style of running faster around the map and being in people's faces flanking, behind people, and just being really quick and smooth around the map, which makes it really helpful for getting those higher kill games, getting from point A to point B faster, just getting in people's faces, and being really aggressive, so I think this stock is very helpful when using the mini bag now.

True-tac grip

True-tac grip

For the rear grip, I think this is 100 percent needed. You want to run the true tack grip; this can help us. Sprint the fire speed and aim down side speed. This gives us a little bit more aggression here with aim and down side speed, and we're just aiming down sights in those gun fights shooting faster off a Sprint.

You're going to see in today's gameplay that I'm always winning my gun fights by shooting first.

9mm overpressured +p

It's really nice to have on, so go ahead and throw this on, and then for , our final attachment, we're going to be using the nine millimeter overpressured rounds. This can help with no enemy skull, so when you kill someone, their skulls are not going to show up when playing Cod on the other team, and also that Target Flinch.

best minibak class mw2

which is actually really nice when getting to those gun fights because your weapon is going to deal a little bit more target flinch when shooting your targets, and also at the beginning of the season to reload and update, they also increase the target flinch on SMGS. Battle rifles and assault rifles, so it just makes you more annoying to play against, It's going to make them flinch more, so it's going to help a little bit more when getting into those gun fights.

Now for the tunes you want to run, we're going to go to the Bruin pendulum, and we're going to put our gun control at points 29 and 0.59. This can help our weapon just be one more smooth; it's not going to kick as much when aiming down sights, and also that aim down side speed is a little bit faster now.

For the laser, we're going to max out or sprint the fire speed and aim down side speed. This can help us be more aggressive. Here, we have that more aggressive play style. We're shooting so much faster off a sprint, and we're aiming down faster, so it's going to help us more now. For the stock, we're going to go ahead and max out our aim down size speed in AIM walking movement speed.

best minibak class setup modern warfare 2

Once again, here we're aiming down so much faster—I mean lightning quick—and then that aim walking movement speed is going to help us move faster and stray faster when using the mini back aim down sights. Now for the True Tech grip, we're going to max out the aim down side speed and sprint the fire speed here.

You're going to get more damage, a little bit more accuracy, a little bit more mobility, and a lot of handling, so you're going to be more aggressive. There we go. Yeah, definitely as long as I can, just keep my dead silence, and kind of have that love for, like, the placebo where I move fast. I mean, I'll be fine here.

I mean, I honestly don't know if you run faster in dead silence. I don't know if you just casually ran right past me. Do I call this another veto land? I think I'm going to go ahead and do it. I'm just going to call it the other side of the map. That's what we're going to do. I mean, I think it still goes through the middle, but I don't think it I don't think it'll kill me.

best minibak class setup mw2

All right, we've got the advance. I'm going to get like five kills before I call this in. All right, we've got a double nuke. Let's go all right, let's try our best to get 100 kills now. I mean, we have only like six kills, so I mean, I honestly have a lot of time here to even get like a triple nuke.

Well, I mean, we're going for the triple nuke

Best Minibak Class Setup Modern Warfare 2 Best Minibak Class Modern Warfare 2. My Streams.
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