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best minibak class

In today's YouTube article, guys, we're going to be taking a look at the mini back here after the season five reloaded update. Now jumping into our first attachment, here guys, we are going to the ammunition type and adding on the overpression rounds. Now I've been using this attachment a lot, and I won't stop using it until they Nerf it.

It's so annoying to go against you and hit your shots. You're going to be really accurate with this build, by the way, so the more shots you hit, they're going to be flinching more, and they're not going to be able to kill you. I mean, this attachment right here is super annoying to go against, and especially when we get into our Tunes, it makes this weapon so much better at those longer ranges, so we're going to be adding this on for our first attachment.

I need to get into it. I don't want to have any trouble, so this attachment here is going to help with those up-close gun fights or be more aggressive up-close where aiming down sights lightning quick shooting faster off a Sprint, which is going to help out a lot here now. For the stock here, we are going to be adding on the old trees at stock for a lot more.

best minibak class mw2

Mobility: we're aiming down sights; we're moving and strafing a lot faster while aimed on sight; and then we have Sprint speed, so we're moving faster around the map; we're flanking people faster; we're getting into more engagements and getting more kills, which is always good here. Now for the barrel, which I think is the most important attachment here, we're going to be adding on the 279-millimeter barrel.

I don't know if this one's a glitch; I talked about it in today's gameplay. It would be kind of nice to use this if I was just trying to be aggressive, maybe for shipment, but this right here is going to change how the weapon works at those longer ranges. It's no longer a peashooter; it has better damage and range, and we can't always aim down sight, so we do have more hip-fire accuracy, which is always good here and then.

For our final attachment, we are going to the muzzles, and we're going all the way over here to the flash hider; it's going to put recostatiness and muzzle flash concealment, just keeping this weapon very steady and really easy to control. Now, getting into our Tunes, we're going to start with the ammunition type.

best minibak class setup

Now I have my bull velocity of 7.26, and we have a damage range at Point 50. Our bullets are way stronger at those longer ranges, so we are getting a faster time to kill; our bullets are no longer weak; and we also have bull velocity; our bulls are traveling faster. A little bit further with that bull velocity, which is good now, for the muzzle we are going to put our gun control at Point 34 in our aim down size speed of 0.29 working on some handling working on some Regal control this weapon does not move at all and you will see that in today's gameplay now, probably for the most important thing here for the tunes on the barrel we have our damage range at Point 27 and we have recluse dance at 0.45 now, if you don't really need more recall control for this weapon you feel like you have no troubles you can't work on some aim walking speed if you really want to but with my build I just want to make it kind of like an assault rifle I say in today's gameplay it's like a weak AR.

best minibak class setup mw2

The weapon is really good at those longer ranges, but it takes a few extra bullets. It is a submachine gun, so it's not the best at those longer ranges, but I've tried to make it a good weapon at those longer distances, so make sure to copy these down here. Now for the stock, I have my aim walking speed of 1.55.

And my aim down size speed of 2.19, or aiming down slides a little bit faster, moving faster while aim down sights are really good while aim down sights are here, and then for our final attachment for the True Tech grip, we have our Sprint to Fire Speed Max out at 0.45 here and my aim down size speed at 0.65.

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If you are curious and wondering about the rest of my build I was using in today's gameplay, I do have the new pistol, the nine-millimeter Damon. Here is the build for it. Nothing too crazy. I wish I was using a Kimbo, though this weapon is pretty solid. I do like this pistol a lot. We have the stone grenade, the simtax perk package scavenger, double-time fast hands, and a bird's eye.

best mw2 minibak class

You'll see that in today's gameplay, we go crazy, dropping over 120 kills, just smoking, and everyone got an easy tactical nuke as well. I'll take that quad; that's a five-piece, actually. Why'd I even try using the pistol? I shouldn't have even tried a thousand; that was a fail. All right, let's try using the mini-back to see if we can get a little nice gameplay here.

He's on the head glitch; I'm not going to be able to get him. The weapon's not hard to control, but it does have a little bounce to it, so I don't really I'm not a big tube of a big fan of it all right. Let's see if they're going to be right here. Hey, I've literally decided that Dodge Coin is going to be the only person to kill me.

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Is that even a thing anymore? Or, all right, we got our veto. We need to let it start cooking. We go awesome there we go. I mean, maybe right here might be the best option. I mean, I'm not really sure, but we'll go for it. We'll see we'll see what happens. They are probably going to be out here on my right.

cod mw2

I'm not sure though, kind of just thinking about where they're going to be spawning closest, but I'm hoping the sentry gun does some work because it'd be it would be nice if it did, and our veto's gone, so that's unfortunate. And I won't even lie, this mini bag build kind of feels like an assault rifle—like a weak assault rifle.

I mean, I have the recoil control on point. I mean, I do have the damage range there, but I mean, it's the mini-back; it's a submachine gun. Of course, it's not going to be super nice at those longer ranges, maybe in hardcore. But up close, I mean, this thing is a monster. Okay, we got their advance.

That's good we're going to go ahead and pop this. We're going to pop this veto. They're going to yell. Eventually, we'll get them to look at that. I don't i didn't know when they added that attachment. It's been, it's been, and it's been recent because I don't remember. I don't remember the last time I made the article on this weapon; it was there, but I'm stuck on a bike or something.


I don't; there we go. I'm going to pop this advanced UAV now. There we go—nice, easy, easy. Let me feel like John Wick for a little bit before I get smoked by someone. I just need this Advantage UAV to not go away just for a little bit longer; we're on a 25 Just stay alive for a little bit longer, man.

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