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best minibak class

In today's model for two articles, I got a banger 100-plus kill gameplay here with the MGB Tech Nuke using the mini bag mini back. This has to be one of my favorite SMGs, and to rush around with this thing is incredible. Of course, shout out to the Noti gang here on screen if you want to be featured in a future event.

That is, the class at the end of the article would be the right time to throw my favorite guns here for a shipment; that is, I hate getting flashed. One of the reasons is the clip size; I love the mini bag. This is undoubtedly one of the best guns to run on this map, but this guy is going to be a bit of an issue.

This game is going right now in the runs around Knife Only he's a menace; you might get something like a negative aim assist right there. Okay, that is an enemy right there. I don't know how he didn't get me. Why are they spawning like in me? No, I did not want to call this in. Hey, yo, what are those 118 points in that's chalked?

It was selected by my UAV, and all of a sudden it's like, "Man." ruin, a perfectly good potential double new gameplay. The game is doing it to me. Now, I ain't going to complain too much, but with 112 kills already, that could have been like a 200-plus kill game. I was going off all right, Phyllis; now let's hop in here and give you guys the setup.

best minibak class mw2

I hope you enjoy the gameplay. If you guys didn't go back and watch that it was absolutely incredible, you know, 100 plus kills MGB tank nuke up, we got the mini back here, of course we have our p890s, our secondary, the stem shot, is our tactical, the semtext, and for our lethal, the perk factor.

Double-down scavengers with fast hands and a quick fix, of course—this is my go-to. I run this in all my classes. It is really, really solid. And of course, the Munitions Box is our field upgrade. Now let's get in here to our mini-back; the mini-back is, like I said, one of my favorite SMS, so rush around with it; it's got a massive clip here on OfferUp; you don't need to have any type of extended magazine on there.

best minibak class setup mw2

60 plus rounds, whatever is in the magazine, is incredible. Hopping into the weapons tuning here for the Broome handle; this is one of those really great attachments, so you don't have to concentrate. Too much on or really, you know, to mess with the graph a lot—this is one of those things where you can kind of just slide it one way or the other way and you'll more or less be okay.

What we're actually doing for this one is going for a little bit more speed and gun kit control here to kind of balance this gun out because it's going to be very mobile and very agile, and with mobility, you tend to get a lot more gun kick in this game. So, what we're going to do is pretty much just slide this thing all the way down here for the ad speed, and this is one of those few times where you can actually slide it all the way.

best mw2 minibak class

Laser, that's going to give us that increase the ads speed, the aiming stability, and of course, the Sprint to Fire Speed is a really great attachment in my opinion. Of course there's not going to be any tuning for it, but this is just giving you ads speed, which is always awesome, and trying to make sure that you can land your shots fast and aim against the building; it's going to make it so your gun's not really going to bounce around as much or just be more stable and spring the fire speed I mean.

That's going to help you bring up your gun faster from a sprint, which is definitely incredibly useful, especially when you're playing those close quarters maps and you're just trying to rush around balls to the wall. This brand of fire speed is incredibly crucial, so that's why we're in this attachment now—an attachment that I really wasn't super big on originally was going to be a magazine for this, and that's actually going to be the mini back grip mag.


This is going to help with the aiming, idle stability, and recoil stabilization. That's why we've got the Bruin pendulum on here, and that's why we're running the mini back grip magazine. We're trying to stabilize this gun as much as possible while also making sure that it's going to be very fast to be able to use, and so the grip mag here is a great attachment, and there's no tune for this now to speed this gun up since we've kind of stabilized it out a little bit with that grip mag and since we're going to throw on a rear grip, and that's going to be the true tactic, grip stroke of fire speed, inbound site speed.

This is one of my favorites to run here whenever there's a True Tech grip available, and if I'm going for a rear grip. I'll more or less go for this here. Me. I think on the M4. I'll go for, like, the Phantom grip just because that gives you a little bit more mobility as opposed to the other one that's kind of similar to the True Tech, but anyways, the spread of fire speed is a great addition here, and the ad speed is an amazing addition.

how to unlock minibak mw2

Now, we're going to go and tune this. The tuning on this thing is going to go as follows: We're going to go for a little bit more speed and sprint to the fire speed, which is ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and ad speed and add speed and ad speed and Around here, it goes up and then it starts to go back down as soon as you get closer to the end, which doesn't really make a lot of sense, so negative 0.78 is pretty much where you're going to reach out about that maximum.

Benefit here in terms of your ads. The way to the very end, which is something we have to very much still pay attention to (I'm not sure why my mouse is kind of going off screen there a little bit; maybe someone's glitching out), is the tune here for the True Tech grip, and for our last attachment here today we're actually going to go throw on a stock like I said; we're going to be throwing on one of those things that's going to kind of message your aiming stability a little bit because we're going straight down here to the very end for the VLK stockless.

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Stock i mean, kind of a bit of a pun, or whatever you want to call it right there, but anyways, it's got added speed as the benefit of Sprint to Fire and, of course, movement speed and hip recoil and control, so, so. This is my full build. This is my favorite stock to be able to run. So. I mean, it's a really solid gun to use, so look at that.


It's just pretty much like pulling down on the stick ever so slightly and you're good to go, it's just not really moving that is just incredible and with a no stock attachment on there that's kind of unheard of in this game anyways.

NEW BEST MINIBAK CLASS after UPDATE in MODERN WARFARE 2! Best Minibak Class Setup | Chuck.
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