News - Warzone 2 Best Class Setups After Update. Season 1 Reloaded

Best mw2 class setups intro

Best mw2 class setups intro

Foreign Language, UPS in Modern Warfare, 2. Bell and the top straight into the class setup all right, so our first class setup guys, I'm going to show you guys the miniback. The minibag is one of the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 across the board, with the massive magazine, great mobility, and great damage just across the board.

This is probably like a top-two or top-three SMG, and just in general, the top-five gun in the game anyways.

Mw2 minibak best class setup

I'm not going to read out all the numbers. You can go ahead and just pause the article or come back to it if I'm going a little bit too fast. I know you guys want to get these classes and get back into the game as fast as possible, but anyways, that's the mini back.

Mw2 fennec best class setup

Mw2 fennec best class setup

I'm just gonna go ahead and show you that basilisk class, and for our second class guys, you guys have probably seen it a million times with the fennec, the fennica, but still, it's probably the best SMG in the game. If we had a bigger magazine, it would be hands down the best SMG in the game, but only guys with the fennec covert for Sparrow got the schlegger, Ulo, and laser.

We've got the Fennica Bullfighter stock, and then, of course, the 45 around for the magazine; you absolutely need it for this gun. 30 rounds is definitely not enough without a fire rate on this thing.

Mw2 rpk best class setup

The RPK is one of those sleeper weapons that's really, really good. It's really good for just, you know, holding down areas and getting a ton of kills at that 75-round magazine, but I don't know, guys, we got the Polar Fire S muzzle, we got the KAZ-7406.

Mw2 m4 best class setup

Mw2 m4 best class setup

For the fourth-class guys, we got the classic M4. The M-force is probably my favorite gun in all the games. I've already made a ton of articles on this for the channel, so if you've watched any of those articles, this is the exact same class that I've been rocking for all of my new gameplays. Or factory stock for the underbellies, we got the F-TAC River 56 and then the 45-round magazine.

You could also toss on the 60-round magazine if you're playing something like ground war or if you just want those extra 15-note shots. I don't like the slower aim down side speeds; that's why I got 45-round mags about to tune. You can go ahead and copy that. Maybe I sound like I'm rushing through this, but like I said.

Mw2 lachmann sub best class setup

best m4 class mw2

Submit this class as well. I've used this on the channel before, and I actually used it yesterday for a gameplay. Get the F-Tech M-Sub, which has a 12-inch barrel; the VLK Laser seven-milliwatt output; and then, of course, the laser; and then. I don't know how to pronounce it, the mirror recoil 56, which is factory-stocked.

scrolls way too fast, and then we get the phase three grip for the under barrel and 50-round drum. For the magazine, you at least need a 40-round mag on this gun, but I definitely recommend tossing on that 50-round magazine. I do have these tuned in a way to maximize the benefits, and they're not just tuned all the way to the end, which, if you didn't know, actually can and does in certain cases hurt the weapons.

So here's the stock, but if I win and I move this stock up you know more on the aim walking speed you can see that the accuracy goes up just a little bit but that the handling just gets absolutely annihilated. So anyway, guys, that's the five class setups. I greatly appreciate that, and hopefully I'll catch you guys back here in the next

MW2 Best Class Setups AFTER UPDATE! Season 1 Reloaded. The BEST MW2 Season 1 Reloaded Class Setups! AFTER UPDATE.
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