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best minibak class

Well, I got you the number one ship in class; setup the mini bag paired up with the Rio Shield. The mini-back is the number one weapon to be using on shipment because it has a very good ttk, there's not much recoil, you've got a lot of mobility, plus the magazine is so big that you literally never need to reload, ladies.

The entire lobby is going to hate you, but if you're trying to get an MGB, you know you've got to do what you've got to do for the tactical and lethal I found myself always doing the best with these strep attacks. Some people like to run the frag grenade, but I found these Summit taxes way better for the lethal and detachable.

What I like to personally run is the semantex, or the stem. The drill charge is actually very good for this map. Say the enemies are camping inside one of the crates and you need to kill them. You can literally just throw your drill charge onto the crate, and it shoots three and blows them up for the tactical stimulation.

best minibak class mw2

I like this one just because there are a lot of engagements where you're about to die and you can pop that statement then you're ready for that gunfight, so it does come in clutch 8 a lot of the time for the perks just to make sure I don't miss out. Running the scavenger, but if you don't really care about that, then I would honestly run the bomb squad or the battle harden, but for the second perk, we're just running Overkill just because we want to run that shield on her back if we want to be a normal, non-toxic character, annoying player, but for this perk.

I'll probably swap it out for the double time, the battle harden, or the bomb squad, and then for the second perk. You don't really need to reload that often, but when you do, your guys are going to be able to reload it very quickly, and then use your equipment and your lethals a little bit quicker for the last perk.

Your health reaches its full value right after getting a kill, making the feeds very easy to accomplish for the field upgrades. I'm usually always going to be running the battle rage, which pretty much turns your character into like a super soldier; it is actually really hard to die with a battle rage typically, so I will pop it when I'm very close to the nuke just to make sure no nades are anything like stupid and he can kill me for the second upgrade. I'll run the munition box if I need the ammo, or sometimes I will run the trophy system if the enemies are being annoying and they're spamming.

Trophy system

Trophy system

Flash, our gas grenades, constantly the trophy, system, is probably the one that you want to run. With all that said, here is the mini back and the first attachment.

Bruen pendulum

The muzzle I recommend you guys add is going to be the Bruin pendulum. The other socks, by which I mean the other muzzles, are pretty good. I just found that this one was the best. For the tuning on here, we're just going to increase the recoil stabilization that's going to reduce the horizontal recall on the weapon, and then, where the bottom bar maxes out that gun kick control, this is going to give you the most amount of vertical recoil control.

So now when we go test this thing, it's not too noticeable, but this thing is a little bit more of a beam that's going to allow you to beam them across the map for the next attachment. This is going to severely increase some mobility, and then we're going to get a lot of aiming stability reduction. With all the sway on the weapon for the next attachment, we are going to be going over to the rear grip, and you want to add the true tag group.

True-tac grip

True-tac grip

This is going to also increase the overall mobility. The weapon makes it a little bit better for rushing, but we are going to be losing a little bit more recoil.

Control but, honestly, I didn't really notice that. Then we're going to tune this, and then it's going to make the weapon feel a lot better. We're going to be losing some of our recoil and control, but I really didn't notice any loss, and so I'm perfectly fine running the true tag grip. If you think the mobility is perfectly fine and you don't really need more mobility, then I would run the Ivanhoe; this is going to allow you to stay on target a little bit easier when the enemies are shooting at you.

best minibak class setup mw2

For the tuning, we're just going to increase the speed. This is going to make the weapon a little bit snappier. I was going to reduce the horizontal recoil by increasing the recoil steadiness, but since we added that muzzle. I found that we don't really need it, and then we're also going to be using this magazine grip thing that is also going to increase the recoil stabilization for the bottom bar.

You just want to increase the surrender fire speed by -0.31. The amen Idol stability is already super good because we got the laser on there before the last attachment.

Minibak grip mag

I'll show you guys that in a second, but when we take a look at the recoil, it is very easy to be in the enemy, and then there is strafing, so make sure you guys are always strafing in your gunfights.

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It gives you that rotational advantage, plus you're going to be a way harder target to hit, so make sure you are always strafing in your gunfights. Here's a screenshot of the class, and then in case you don't want to run the mini back grip, there's always that. You can also just run it like an optic; the optic I recommend is the Chrono Mini Pro for the tuning, just to reduce the visual recoil.

best minibak loadout mw2

I use it when I make it farther away and then increase the Flinch resistance, so here's another great setup. What you guys can also do is take off that optic, then go over to the ammo and add the armor-piercing so that it adds like FMJ to your gun, and then you can tune it for damage range and bolt velocity, making the weapon feel a lot better.

So here's another great setup, and then if you are playing on a little bit bigger map, you might want to add the back barrel that's going to increase that damage range by a ton for the tuning. I got 69 kills and a rose, and I am absolutely insane, Gameplay. Twisted Tea review: that shite was the first alcohol drink I ever drank, and I was like 12 years old.

Poor locos are the best; they're like three dollars. That shitset me up on the Fourth of July like way too much. I had three happy dads, and then I had that, and I was like, "I am completely gone." Yo, is that a member? Yo, Akuma, a level-two member; my God, two back-to-back level-two members for you guys.

best mw2 minibak class

You could do that; that has never happened; that is a weird bug, because I literally had it on the wrong screen in my mind because I thought it was okay. You just switched, so it seems like it's okay. I don't know, okay, I was just going to say, "Let's get a nuke," and then right when I was like stuttering and trying to say, "Boom, we get the Juggernaut, let's go," but I need a better map.

I Discovered the NEW BEST CLASS for SHIPMENT! Best MINIBAK Class Setup Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
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