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best cdl classes mw3

It's here by no quagi, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and multiplayer season three ranked play. In today's article, I plan to show you guys my top five most overpowered class sets of St. Rock here within MW 3. As of the most recent update to season 3 of ranked play there's a whole bunch of Nerfs that happened to some of the SMGs there are some Nerfs to the MCW but I'll still show you guys my updated new class for the gun because it's the only AR in the game and I kind of want to give you guys some SMG Alternatives, especially cuz the Rival n was hit super hard within the most re recent updates so if you guys are interested in rising up the ranks within season 3 of rank play get to that irides and then claim yourself some new Rewards, or you just want to perform to the best of ability here and rank play and impress your friends make sure you guys drop a like on the article subscribe, and turn on those post notifications.

On this channel. I do upload high-ranking nuk game plays on pub matches, but I am kind of considering playing more ranked play if you guys can show support for it because I do kind of want that decal. More Hero, where you might find some of some more of that. Bued break this attachment is going to help us extensively on that vertical recoil control firing a stability and gun kick control cuz all these gun kicks are vertically, so taking care of this is going to help us a ton for the barrel here.

best guns for ranked mw3

I personally like the 16.5, in MCW Cyclone long barrel cuz not only does it help with bull velocity and range, allowing this gun to melt a little bit faster farther ranges, but we also get that aiming out of way and firing aim stability, so this gun can retain stability a little bit better and we can aim more accurately and thus get a faster tin of kill for the underbarrel, the absolute God under The barrel attachment for almost any gun here in rank play is the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop because it not only helps with vertical recoil, which the MCW is kind of prone to having a ton of, but we also get that spinter fire speed and a speed boost.

Of 7%, allowing us to really be Snappy with this gun bringing up faster and giving us a faster time of kill for an optic, there's so many choices. Here we have the MK3 reflector, which came with this blueprint, and there's also the new optic that you guys should be aware of, called the Moors dot side.

All you have to do is level up the Mo sniper rifle and pubs to like level three, and you'll get it; it's a pretty clean optic. In fact, let me go ahead and put it on just so you guys can have a good look at it and maybe try it out for yourselves. And lastly, we got the stock of the RB Regal heavy stock with that gun kick control and recoil control, making this gun even more accurate and more deadly, which I really like, but there you guys go.

best ranked guns mw3

That is. I'm rocking the MCW within my most recent class setup of MW3, rank play, and like I said, this new Moors. Dot site is kind of clean; it kind of gives me a cleaner look than the MK3 reflector, so if you wanted to go ahead and try out this new site, go ahead and do so. This new blueprint—look how freaking crazy it is.

Absolutely magical, man. Use this MCW; it's basically begging you to do it before we move forward to the rest of the guns here in ranked play. I want to show you guys my secondary I usually run the rifle just because it's super useful as a pistol, and we have these attachments that will allow you to three-round burst people very easily; it usually takes like two bursts to kill them and is very effective in terms of movement.

Moving on forward, we got stun grenades and frag grenades, as usual, and in the vest section, they actually accidentally gave us a compression carrier and a Gunslinger vest. If they are working, put on that compression carrier and cheese the hell out of it because you can get quick fix healing very easily.

best ranked loadouts mw3

Keep this quiet, and on the low side, not many people know about it, but they're probably going to fix it soon, so abuse it when you can. I'm going to be scking to the infantry to keep things fair for the future, for whenever they do take out that bug, it could be broken field upgrades, a trophy system to get rid of any lethals or tacticals, gloves.

I really like the assault gloves, but also something else that's useful is the Quick Grip gloves because you're able to Swip Swap to your pistol even faster, so that might be useful in terms of something a little bit different to mess around with covert sneakers, but they're still the most go-to sneakers.

best ranked play classes mw3

And it melts faster by around 13 to 15%. And we'll have a faster China kill with it, kind of defying the nerves, just a little bit on the barrels, and of course, once again, the x10 Phantom 5 hand stops. The best hand stop for rank play the stock here is going to be the MTZ Marauder stock to focus on that gun kick control but it also gives us even more aiming out of s and firing aim stability, to keep this keep this gun more steady and make it a laser beam and for our rear grip here we have the Rival viault, grip focusing even more on gun kick control fighting instability, and recoil control and at this point you guys know the 509 it's a very amazing SMG, it might have gotten a little bit weaker with the recent NF that kind of hit it so it might be a second choice at this point or maybe you still love it a ton but it still melts people up to the first two damage ranges here and I'm still a big fan of it just maybe the wsp Swarm is a little bit better now and speaking of which that is our next gun, this is the next best SMG now and I think it might take your top priority.

Especially with my class, so let me show you guys the class right now for the muzzle. Here, we're actually rocking with these Z-5 compensated flash hiders, and I love this because it shortens radar pings, so it's kind of like an in-between suppressor. Whereas it doesn't keep you completely off the mini map, it'll get you off the mini map faster.

best ranked play loadouts mw3

That way, you can kind of surprise your opponents, if they're very you know looking at the mini map a lot, plus you get vertical recoil control, horizontal recoil control, and fting game stability, and it's going to have a ton of recoil to deal with, so having all these benefits is going to help you a ton next up.

I really like the barrel of the WSP roofless L Barrel because it gives us that aiming Godless way, but most importantly, it gives us even more velocity and range. In case you guys don't know, this gun has the fastest kill time possible out of all the SMGs. In close range combat, boosting that range a little bit more will allow this gun to retain its kingly position and outgun any rival 9 user that you run into, so that's why I think WSP's form is probably the top dog now to use next up.

NEW TOP 5 UPDATED Pro Meta Best Ranked Play Classes MW3 SEASON 3 CDL Best Class Setups Loadouts.
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