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best cdl classes mw3

It's here by no quaji, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer ranked play season 3. In today's article. This includes the MTZ 556. the Ram 9 SMG. the bp50 AR. the hogre 556. R, and the HRM 9 SMG, so pretty nice selection of weapons here, and through statistical data and allowing you guys to know what guns are going to be better than the MCW and rival 9.

I've got the ultimate classes here for you guys to use for this week. Make sure you drop a like on the article, subscribe, and turn on those post notifications. has a faster time to kill; its drop-off point is at 20 m, where the green line is the MTZ 556. It goes on forever, so this gun is going to dominate, and thus let me go ahead and give you guys my number one class for the MTZ 556.

right now, so for the first attachment, we got the Mozo Z35, a compensated flash hider, and I love this because it keeps stopping the mini map a little bit faster so we appear on the mini map but we appear a lot shorter, and we get vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control to make this gun more accurate as well as finding aim stability.

best guns for ranked mw3

This gun has a bunch more vertical recoil, and this kind of focuses in on that, allowing us to have laser beam accuracy. The barrel here is going to be the MTZ clinch Pro barrel for bull velocity and damage range, so this gun can have its fastest time to kill potential even farther, better than every other AR except for the BP50.

They all work pretty well, and lastly, for our stock, we got the Exf Close Quarters assault stock, which more so focuses on gun kick control and recoil control at just the cost of some ad speed, and of course you can try out the MTZ Marauder stock, but that kind of gives you more deficits than I would like, but it might make you more accurate.

Another attachment that I could advise as an alternative is the Bruin tr24 assault grip, which also gives you some gun kick control and recoil control, but I believe this is the best way to run the MTZ 556 within rank play, and look at this, this is going to be better than the MCW because it has a faster fire rate.

best ranked guns mw3

but is just as accurate. with my class which is kind of scary when you see that it does really well at long ranges as well, so if you can Master this gun and just go crazy with it this MTZ 556 will eliminate, anybody, and before we get to the second gun I do want to show you guys my pistol class in case you guys are curious here's my retti class you know kind of all the usual stuff you know in case it kind of crosses your mind infantry de vest stun grenade frag grenades trophy systems in case you want to get rid of any grenades no reason to use Dead Silence here and then my je perks are the assault gloves covert sneakers, and Tack mask just thought you guys should know but moving on over the ram 9 SMG I think will be the meta SMG for this week because if you look over at true game data and you compare the SMGs.

The one in green is the RAM 9, and even though the WSP form is going to have a faster time to kill just because it's WSP's form, it's drop-off; it's at like six meters or something, but the RAM 9 drops off at freaking 21 M for an SMG; that's pretty crazy, and after the WSP form drops off, the RAM 9 is the fastest-killing SMG.

best ranked loadouts mw3

So the only problem with the ram n is its recoil control, but of course my class is going to go ahead and take care of that, so let's go ahead and give you guys my number one class for the ram n right now. So for the muzzle here, we're going to go ahead and put on the t-shirt. break or however you say it because it maximizes your gun kick control and recoil control at just the small cost of some damage range and some ads speed which this gun has a good amount of damage range for, that Regal gun kick and horizontal recoil and vertical recoil is going to benefit greatly, and we're going to kind of get rid of the problem of some high recoil from this SMG, moving on over the under Barr we're using here today is the ftac sp10, angled grip because it focuses more on that horizontal recoil which is a little bit more problematic for this gun than anything else plus we also get aiming out of wayway and aim walking steadiness if you feel you can control the horizontal recoil pretty well you can try out the X and Phantom 5 hand stop or something like the skeletal.

best ranked play classes mw3

of vertical grip if you wanted to but I think, the sp10 angled grip is the way to go stock we're going to go ahead and put on the hvs 3.4, pad for gun kick control aiming Auto sway firing stability and recoil control to once again put this gun under control, and we can actually aim at a little bit farther range opponents, the comb here is going to be the Recon comb so we can maximize that SP to fire speed and ads speed and make up the gun faster and thus have a faster tin to Hill plus we also get firing aim stability to keep this gun a little bit more steady and finally for our rear grip we got the retort 9 grip tape for firing aim stability, gun kick control and recoil control and with this combination of attachments you'll have a good amount of speed while using the ram 9 SMG.

best ranked play loadouts mw3

and you'll be able to control this gun very effectively. You know against opponents that you should be, you know Bing, so as you can see, the control is very easy to use on this weapon, and there's no reason we should be challenging something at far range, but if we wanted to, you kind of could, especially if you have the accuracy for it.

I think the gun is great in terms of movement; it's pretty snappy. very easy to control. Moving on, we've got the BP50, which you can call an AR because it is an AR but it acts more like an SMG AR. As you can see from the stats points, on true game data, its drop-off is very early compared to some of the other ARS in this game, so you can kind of compare it more to an SMG.

but you can make it have no recoil, you can make it have great speed, and it's honestly really great for a flex rooll of being an SMG and an AR in a bunch of situations, and I think people are going to be spamming this gun as well. Let me show you guys the number one class so muzzle-wise we're using the cases break just because it gives us a ton of horizontal recoil control and firing aim stability to really get rid of the shakiness.

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