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It's time to update your classes on Modern Warfare 3 ranked play. I have an MCW that has zero recoil, and I have an MCW build that's focused on speed. The striker might be the best submachine gun in the game, but the trusty rival has some classes as well, and with the updated map pool, it's time to switch around some perks.

No recoil best mcw loadout for ranked play

Starting with my personal favorite, the best gun in the game, the MCW, that is focused solely on recoil control with the new Jack glassless optic, along with these attachments you see on the screen. You barely have to compensate for any recoil. You can see it on the screen. It looks like I'm cheating.

best gun after update mw3

I'll admit the accusations, because once you actually try this class, you'll see why it looks like that. We don't know yet if this new optic is going to be allowed in the pro league, but we do know it's allowed in ranked play currently, so make sure you use it because it eliminates a lot of that extra visual recoil that's the same focus that the bed break on the muzzle has, but I also switched out the stock for the war force.

Precision stock—that's actually a change I made myself without anyone else mentioning it. I'm not sure how many other people actually use that stock. That's something that makes this class very unique, and I feel like it's the best MCW that you're able to put together by hitting only one head shot.

This gun has a ridiculous ttk of 252 milliseconds, and even without hitting a head shot, you're going to be killing people with only five bullets using the most accurate weapon in the game. I can guarantee you two things: If you use this class, it will break you out of any slump. If you're having a bad game and everybody's going to be asking you for the loadout, you can hit that share button and send him this article.

If you want to help him out, it would help me out a lot. As a fan of 100 thieves, two of my favorite players of all time are Optic Kenny and FaZe Draza. From their thieves days, both of them ran the Flex Rooll for two of the best teams in the league, so what's a good Flex assault rifle?

Best flex mcw loadout for mw3 ranked play

Best flex mcw loadout for mw3 ranked play

What's a quicker build for This MC W I have the perfect amount of speed, and with still having that easy-to-control recoil, the first thing you're going to swap out is the muzzle, and instead of putting the t51, our ability to break, you're going to swap out for the Z 35, compensator, replace the ftac under barrel with this X10.

And instead of the stock, you're going to want to put on the RB Rapid Strike rear grip. As you can see on the screen, this gun is incredibly fast while still being very accurate, and I was able to do a lot of different plays around the map, switching things up to not only have more fun myself but to also make it a lot more difficult for my opponents to predict.

Here's a chart breaking down the different speeds between the first MCW, the build, and now this one, and just remember that the lower the number, the faster that you are. So the second MCW has a much faster ad time and move time and a bit of a faster crouch speed. It also has a much faster sprint to fire.

So when you factor all those things in, take a look at this graph. The red line represents the ttk for the first MCW. And then the yellow or orange line represents the second mcw's, ttk, when you factor in the sprint to fire delay, so technically, the faster MCW will kill faster; it has less recoil, and it's not going to be as easy to get these kills from a distance, but if you run into someone who runs the normal regular MCW, build, and you're using this one. Fair gunfight where you both hit your shots, you will most likely win that because you have an almost entire millisecond, faster ttk, it's kind of overpowered when you break down the numbers, and it's been my favorite build to use this season so far in ranked because it just gives you so many different play styles to utilize, and now for the striker class, this gun has received a buff since the beginning of ranked play, and that's why you've seen a lot more people using it.

Best striker 9 class setup mw3 ranked play

Best striker 9 class setup mw3 ranked play

It's actually technically better than the Rival statistically. But there's a different feel for the Rival, and you feel like when you use the Rival, you have a bit more consistency. But if you do like the Striker's feel, or maybe the way it looks, its iron sights, or anything like that more than the Rival, then give it a try.

Now this is the build I came up with if you're not going to be using a sight on it. I personally can't use these iron sights; I just lose my target. I can't see where they go because there's just a giant ring around the iron sights. I can't imagine why anyone would like that, but if that's something you're comfortable with, try this build out here, but if not, you're going to want to swap out the Recon long barrel for the Jack glassless.

Optic—that glassless optic—and I actually think it plays really well now. You could swap out one of the attachments if you want to keep the barrel on, but this is just what I've been using: the Zen flash hider for the X10. Phantom 5, the Saen ZX grip the crotalus assault stock, and then, of course, that glassless optic and this gun look, it plays really fast; it has a fast ttk.

You're able to kill people from a distance if you're able to hit your shots. The recoil pattern is pretty forgiving, but not as forgiving as that of the rival, but it is something different to use because we're kind of limited and ranked. There's no sniper; there's only one assault rifle. There's no LMG marksman rifles, battle rifles, or anything like that, so the submachine guns are the only way you could really switch it up, and this is the only one that actually kind of can compete with the Rival and maybe even outclass.

Striker 9 vs rival 9 ranked play mw3

Striker 9 vs rival 9 ranked play mw3

Looking at this graph, the red line is actually the Rival, and it's going to outgun the striker nine all the way up to 10 m, but once you get from 10 to about 20 to 25 m, the Rival is going to get outgunned.

By now, the striker is 9, so it's kind of a different OP option for maybe a flex type of weapon, but you're going to lose to any MCW. If someone knows how to shoot their gun straight and if they're using the class that I gave you in this article, you're going to struggle a lot against them. The striker 9 has much higher bullet velocity but slower ad time, and the fire rate on the rival 9 is higher as well, which makes it a bit more forgiving.

I'd say a striker 9 is very good in the hands of a very skilled player, but if you're someone who's kind of in the middle of the pack or maybe not that great at the game.

Best rival 9 class setup mw3 ranked play

I would leave this gun in the vault, but one class that you should never leave in the vault is this rival 9 right here, and just use these attachments on the screen.

I Found the PERFECT Classes in Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Best MW3 Ranked Play Loadouts Updated Your MCW is wrong.
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