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best cdl classes mw3

It's here by n qual, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, ranked play season 2 reloaded. In today's article I'm going to go ahead and show you guys my top five meta class setups to rock and roll here within Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer ranked play of season 2 reloaded, they've definitely changed a lot of things since the beginning of season 2 and now with the reloaded update even more changes have come into play and I've got more updated information for you guys so you guys can rise up those ranks have the best classes ready and be able to dominate your opponents as you get to that iridescent to get all these amazing camos or the camo of your choice in case you're new I've helped many people in the past get to iridescent, you know within mod Warfare 2 and now in Moder Warfare 3 and all I want to do is give you guys the best information possible to take your opponents down with ease and get the most Sr possible so you guys are excited to see these five top meta ranked play class sets for yourselves here with f season 2 reloaded in rock and roll here make sure you drop a like on the article subscribe, and turn on the those post notifications.

That way, when you revisit this article in the future, you guys can kind of see your progression and see if you got to that dream rank or not and work towards more of that within season 3 rank play whenever I make that article. And let's try to get 1,000 likes. It would really help the channel grow and help us do more rank play articles, and in case you're curious about me.

I upload high-kill multiplayer nuke game plays with funny moments and best classes in between, but sometimes I'll mix in the occasional rank play article here and there depending on how much support the rank play articles are getting, so definitely show that support on all the articles, and you'll definitely see more rank play.

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Without further ado, let's go ahead and show you guys the newest and ultimate assault rifle class for the MCW, which is the only AR within this game, and then the rest of the classes will be SMGs. Let's freaking rock and roll. So far, muzzle. Here we have the T51R. Bued Break, which is going to help with vertical recoil control, fighting stability, and gun kick control just to make this gun a laser beam because this gun really only has vertical recoil, which is easier to take care of for the barrel.

best ranked guns mw3

Here we're going to go ahead and use the 16.5, in the MCW Cyclone long barrel to give us that extra bull velocity and range to make this gun melt faster. And aiming out this way and fighting in stability so this gun can be held steadily, and we can have a faster China kill with that better accuracy the under Barrel here is going to be the infamous X10 Phantom 5 handstop which is legit one of the best under barrels in the game allowing us to bring up the gun fast and have a fast tiny kill with that to fire speed and ads speed and as well as control the gun better with that vertical recoil, and gun kick control which we get all the benefits of right here one of the new attachments that kind of come into this game and kind of has changed the meta within Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer ranked is the jack glassless, optic that's kind of what I've been rocking with because it gives you a really clean sight picture but it also takes care of some firing aim stability.

best ranked loadouts mw3

And all you lose is a meager 2%. In ad speed, which I think is technically negligible, so if you wanted an even cleaner optic than the Slate reflector, the MK3 reflector, or even the Nidar model 2023, then you can try out this Jack glassless optic, and it's really freaking effective, which I'll show you guys here in a little bit, and for our stock here, we got the RB Regal heavy stock, which is going to help once again maximize that recoil control for the Max and make the MCW a true laser beam like it was in the original Modern Warfare 3, and there you guys go, the ultimate class for the MCW, and I'm telling you right now that the Jack glassless optic really makes a huge difference for the MCW.

best ranked play classes mw3

Look at that; it has no visual recoil at all; it is so easy to control. And I don't know if they're going to ban this attachment at some point, but if they do, hey, it's going to be a freaking sad day because you are not missing shots with this thing; it's actually kind of broken. And our vest is the Infantry vest of course lethal is going to be the stun grenade to you know stun our opponents, smoke grenades can be useful but I just don't really recommend them frag grenades obviously to take off you know opponents or you can use sxes whatever you're a little bit more comfortable with f upgrades everybody's going to be running trophy systems cuz I mean why would you need Dead Silence when we got covert sneakers right here, and then assault gloves to obviously you know jump shot and be a lot more mobile of our movement and then gear is going to be tack mask or EOD padding but usually people have people have their trophies up so attack mask is a little bit more effective in allowing us to kind of shrug off those annoying flash grenades or stun grenades whatever people may be using and that's pretty much my general class set of breakdown, but now moving over to the SMGs, let's talk about the number one meta rank play SMG and of course other Alternatives.

That we're talking about here in a little bit but first the most popular One the good old rival 9, for the muzzle here we got the purifi muzzle break s really taking care of that horizontal recoil which this gun has a little bit of and we kind of take care of that with this attachment the barrel is going to be the Rival C clear shot Barrel to allow us to have a faster melt potential with damage range and bull velocity, but we also control the gun more effectively with Reco, control and especially aiming Auto s so this gun is held a little bit more steady under the barrel is going to be once again the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop for all the attributes that we already talked about in the previous.

best ranked play loadouts mw3

Gun, the stock here is going to be the MTZ Marauder stock to have that extra gun kick control, aiming auto-way, and firing stability, so this gun is going to be even more accurate, and lastly, our rear grip is going to be the Rival Vice assault grip to really maximize the recoil control benefits of the Rival 9, and this is pretty much why the Rival 9 is known as the ultimate laser beam machine within the SMGs because it has so many attachments to help with recoil control, has a good mag size of 30, and it legit just doesn't move.

You can get these two, you know, people within 10 to 20 meters very easily, and then at far ranges, if you have really great recoil control, you can easily beam them with one mag, so it's legit a freaking gots your SMG, but you might see my other SMG classes within this article be even more effective.

NEW TOP 5 UPDATED Pro Meta Best Ranked Play Classes MW3 S2R CDL Best Class Setups Loadouts Guns.
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