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best cdl classes mw3

Within the most recent update of Moder Warfare 3 season 2 rank play, there are now grindable camos you can earn by getting into a certain division, so you want one of these exclusive camos. Watch this entire article the whole way through, get as much as you can out of it, and maybe you'll end up with an iridescent or top 250 drop-alike.

It's here byo Quaji, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 rank play season 2 in today's article. I'm going to give you guys the top five pro-approved meta-ranked play classes to use after the most recent update of Modern Warfare 3 ranked play season 2. In case you guys are unaware, there's been a new list of restrictions and buffs and nerfs on weapons, which includes restrictions on the SVA 545 and the Ram 7, which means the MCW is the only AR you can use now, so of course I got you guys the number one class and a whole bunch of other things to make this game feel a bit more streamlined.

In addition, there's a new ranked play camos you can now grind for as you're rising through the ranks here of Moder Warfare 3 rank play, which will allow you to really show off your ranks in more than just a rank in rank play. In today's article, I aim to give you guys the best setups to help you raise your Sr and do well here within Mod War 3 rank play.

best guns for ranked mw3

I've gotten multiple people to iridescent with my previous rank play load-out articles, as you guys can see right here, and I've even consulted some pros when it comes to doing well in this game, so if you guys are excited to see the number one ranked play classes for Moder Warfare 3 rank play of season 2 and you guys want to grind for those camels yourselves, make sure to drop a like on the article, subscribe, and turn on those post notifications.

And before we move on further. You guys are always showing that love and support, and if this article gets up to like 1, 000 likes. I'll continue to do even more ranked play articles, including gameplay, so really show that love, guys, without further ado. Let's start things off with the ultimate SMG that all the pros use, and that's going to be the Rival 9 SMG.

best ranked guns mw3

So our muzzle is going to be the purify muzzle break because it's going to give us the best horizontal recoil and firing aim stability to make this gun an absolute beamer. The barrel here is going to be the Rival SE clear shot. Barrel, so we have aiming out of sway, making this gun feel more steady, as well as recoil control for more accuracy, and then this gun will melt faster with that bull velocity and damage range, boosting this gun's abilities by 13 to 15%.

best ranked loadouts mw3

The ultimate barrel you should use on this rival 99 is the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop which helps improve your spin of fire speed and ads speed to bring up the gun fast and have a faster time to kill and then you'll be even more accurate with that vertical recoil and gun kick control the usual stock that we use here is the MTZ Marauder stock so we can have even more gun kick control aiming out of way and firing aim stability, and lastly we got the rear grip of the Rival Vice assault grip to help even more strengthen the accuracy of this gun giving it the fastest time to kill possible and with this fullon build right here when we take it into the firing range it is such an ACC accurate and beautiful weapon as you guys can see, legit super easy to use if you want to use the trace arounds you know you can blind your opponents that way but you're going to have very little difficulty destroying opponents and legit is the cleanest SMG.

best ranked play classes mw3

In this game and before we move to our other primary guns I do want to show you guys my pistol class in case you guys are wondering I'm using the retti here with the z35 compensated flash muzzle, the MK2 renet long barrel the Slate reflector the 24 round mag and the exf. Eclipse or grip and obviously you can use the knife to move around the map a lot more quickly but I just prefer using my pistol personally just because the melee is a two- hit kill nowadays, tactical me the stun grenade leth is going to be frag grenade or STX is depending on how you want to play out the game obviously smoke grenades I don't find them to be too useful in this game personally, field upgrade is going to be trophy system because nobody's going to be running dead silence It's kind of useless at this point, and if you want to avoid those frags, assault gloves for their glove-covered sneakers, move around the map silently, sneak up on your foes, and then attack masks or EOD padding, depending on your situation.

If nobody's throwing trophies, you might as well run EOD, but most likely people have trophies all the time, so having a tech mask on is the more beneficial perk, in my opinion. But now that you guys have the class here, let's go ahead and move on to the second gun here, which is going to be the ultimate AR that the pros are using; it's the only AR available right now within Modare 3 rank play, the MCW.

So starting it off with the muzzle, we got the t51r, abity break with that vertical recoil firing aim stability and gun kick control, and since this gun only has vertical recoil focusing on that will make this gun extremely accurate, the barrel here is going to be the 16.5, in MCW Cyclone barrel for that bull velocity and range to make this gun melt faster by around 15 to 18%.

best ranked play loadouts mw3

And then you also get more stability with that aiming auto-sway and firing aim stability to make this gun even more accurate on the bars. The x10 Phantom 5 hand stop helps bring the gun up faster, has a faster time of kill, and has more accuracy. You want to be as accurate as possible with an AR, so we have the optic of the Slate reflector because the iron sights aren't necessarily ugly, but you want to be more accurate, and our stock here is going to be the RB Regal heavy stock for even more recoil control overall on this weapon.

Now here's the full class, and I will say that the MCW did get Nerf within its sprint of fire speed and ad speed, so if you wanted to, you could take off the stock and add the rear grip of the RB claw PSL grip so that you don't lose that sprint of fire speed and ad speed, but it's up to you how you kind of want to rock this gun, but for me regardless, this gun feels great.


You're not really going to be rushing around with an MCW like you would with an SMG, etc. The thing just hits like it's easy to control, and it's the tried-and-true gun-only AR in the game. Next up, we got a that got buffed in some pretty good scenarios. When it comes to model War 3 rank play season 2, we're going to be trying out the WSP 9 here, so for our muzzle here, we're going to be using the Zam 35 compensated flash hider because it shortens our radar ping so we're not on the mini map as long, so we can kind of surprise our opponents a little bit more, and we get vertical and horizontal recoil as well as fighting aim stability, making this gun extremely accurate for even farther ranges as an SMG.

NEW TOP 5 UPDATED Pro Meta Best Ranked Play Classes MW3 SEASON 2 CDL Best Class Setups Loadouts.
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