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In today's article. I dropped 39 kills using this meta MCW SMG build on reever filing, so in this article. I'm going to break down every single attachment to make it one of the most broken SMGs in War Zone 3, so jumping straight into the first attachment for The Meta MCW.

Class setup

SMG build, we do want to start off with the most important attachment on this entire build, and it is a conversion kit that is going to increase our damage, fire rate, and mobility.

It is also one of the most overpowered attachments in this game. Next up, we want to throw on his magazine, which is going to be a 40-round mag to make it easier to fight a team of four at once even though it only has 40 rounds. If you do hit your shots, you can easily take out three guys with one magazine attachment.

best loadout for 3

The attachment the third attachment we do want to throw on is the different ammunition types of rounds to make it hit hard like a truck, and the rounds we are going with are the blackout. High green rounds, which are going to give us more bullet velocity and damage range, as you can see, give us a 15% increase in effective and minimum damage range as well as bullet velocity, making this build extremely broken.

You know what's going on next since it is a SMG build, and we are definitely going to throw the best on the barrel in the game, and that is the Dr6 hand stop. With this hand stop, we are going to increase our movement speed by 4%, our ad movement speed by 7%, decrease our ad speed by 7%, and decrease our sprint to fire speed by 11%.

With this underbarrel, it is going to make this SMG build move insanely fast. Now the fifth and final attachment to throw on this build you can use on this build is the Zenem 35 compensator flash hider. It is going to give us a 5% decrease to the horizontal recoil and 15% to the vertical recoil while only increasing our aim downside speed by 5%.

Making this MCW build is extremely easy to do. Here's the full meta MCW SMG build for Reber Fing, one of the best secondary weapons at the moment, and using this build.

Experience the thrill of annihilating enemies with the best MCW class setup for Warzone 3 on Rebirth Island.
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