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I went through all of my settings. I like Nvidia reflex latency plus boost as well; customizing this will just give me a little bit more power. Turn this to normal, very low on particles, and off for most things. I like the bullet impact, so that way you could just see the tracer. If you ever want to shoot a wall, see what the recoil of a gun looks like.

Show anything off, all of the shadows, and everything off outside. I do keep this normal. Everything else, I just turned it all low or off. I also have been playing one 20-fov. I switch this in War Zone 2 to just help with all my close range. This always needs to be affected to give you that wider spread.

The same thing with these gives you better vision while you're aiming down motion blur off film. In the first person, I switched these to 50% as well. I honestly didn't even notice a difference when I was playing at 100. I just realized that now, as for my mouse settings, I tweaked this a bit as well.

I'm now playing 4.20 on the mouse sense, and I have relative set to 0.1; previously, this was set to 75 and Legacy. The idea behind that is that every time I aim down sight, all of my guns are 75%. Of the main aim-turning speed, especially with the lower magnification guns, the sniping was still relatively.

best settings

It's actually that the sniping sensitivity is almost the exact same here, but this doesn't scale it as linearly. If you were to do 75 here, it doesn't seem to do it as linearly across all the different guns. They still have their own little tweaking relative to it, so I just decided to switch it to one to have faster turning with some of the lower powered Optics aim down sites and slightly slower on some of the higher ones, and just let it figure it out to where it feels natural, for whatever the developers came up with feels pretty good so far.

I've made a number of changes to this. I like left-hand control for walks. I also set this to a moderate speed. I may switch it back to slow. I use my auto-move forward with the TA D key up top. I like that at Z. I got used to that in other games, so I'll use that to dive, and then C is what I'll use to slide and crouch, as you can see here.

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I use e to interact as well; I've just become more used to that, and I use f for melee, which I know is very weird for a lot of games, but I can deal with it. I also like to have one and two for the next and previous weapons. The previous weapon is in the advanced movement category. Mount I've always gotten used to it with caps lock, which is my weapon in Spec, so I can always hit that while we're on the move.

Fire mode is pretty stupid. I have both of these sets for it; I actually should probably set one of these to. There should also be another inspection, honestly, so I don't shock myself in a game. Melee, though F I like my lethal on my back mouse, so that way I can aim while I'm holding it and still be moving if I need to.

I could also use my front mouse button, but I use that for my push to talk and toggle muting for Discord. I've gotten very used to that, so it would be better for me to use a foot pedal, and then, you know, free up one of the most important buttons that you could use right on your thumb there while you can use it while aiming and doing anything, but that's important to me, so I could talk to my teammates if I need to, which obviously doesn't even matter in solos.

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Q I also set this back to four for armor plating; I don't know if you guys ended up sticking with that as well. Here's that previous button on one, changing zoom with h. I don't really ever do that. I don't deal with it too much. I haven't i don't use variable optics in general. The rest of this is pretty normal.

I leave Ping on the middle mouse; that would actually be a good front button. I think that's what Isaac uses as well. I know about push talk, multiple bounds, different things, and the actual gameplay mechanics. This was a big one that I changed up this year, so I don't have automatic Sprint on.

I know a lot of people do run this, especially controllers. I like the option of being able to walk. That being said. I did change the Tactical Sprint Behavior to single-tap run, which means when I clickIshift. I will immediately tax Sprint, and you could hold down shift in order to Sprint and continue that tax Sprint without having to let go rehold it if you slide.

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You do need to unlet go of shift and then rep push it down and hold that, which will then just allow you to hold shift into Infinite. Here are some of my other settings: Nothing too crazy that I've changed I also actually changed the ground mantle and automatic mantle. All of these are off, which is a little weird.

Jumping through Windows is the hardest part now, but I'm not going to accidentally do it at the wrong time with it. I turned auto-deplete a weapon swap off, and that is pretty much everything else. So this helps you out. You know about settings and everything you can get into, but that's at least my overview.

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