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I'm looking forward to 2024 with you guys and pushing the channel to new heights. Without further ado, let me stop wasting your time, and let's go ahead and get into these. Setups all right now that we're here in the loadout section let's go ahead and get into the gunsmith and go over some of these classes that I've been running lately on my streams now completely disregard all of the ones down at the bottom because I'm currently going through the Modern Warfare 2 weapons and getting gamepl for those and also trying to get the max camo on those weapons as well, which I'm kind of doing secretly behind the scenes it ain't told nobody yet now I'm going to be disappearing here and there because I'm going to be in the way of like some of the attachments and I don't want to be over here duck in like this and stuff so without further Ado let's go ahead and get into our very first class setup which is going to be the MCW.

All right, now that we're here in the first class, let's go ahead and take a look at our vest. We're running the CCT, coms vest. I'm not going to break it down for you guys because I'm not going to waste your time. We're going to move right along. We're running the Munitions box obviously to get more ammo.

We're running the marks spin because it reduces Flinch the stalker boots, which gives us increased strength and ad movement speed. You guys already know that EOD padding, if you don't know, protects you from grenades, and we're running ghosts to stay off the radar. Now let's go ahead and get into the actual class.

best clas setups modern warfare 3

Here, you can change any of these attachments. It's completely up to you. I'm going to tell you that over the course of this article, it's all about your play style, so this is probably not the best class, but these are the ones that I use personally and how my play style is, so this is what I see success with in game whenever I'm going for game plays and on stream for you guys, so we're running the shadow strike suppressor.

The 16.5. Cyclone long barrel MP, 98 hand stop, 40 round mag, and the RB Regal heavy stock. Now you can change any of these however you see fit. I know a lot of people change to the optic and do a lot of different stuff, but this is what I personally run, and I like running in the game currently for the Co45.

We are going to be running the XRK iPV2 conversion kit. We're going to be running the 40-round drum, the SL skeletal vertical grip, the Colossal suppressor, and the XRK, dynamic, precision stock, moving right along. We're going to go ahead and get into the MTZ. The rk3 collector, which is the only weapon that I use this on, and the MTZ Marauder stock is now on the Renetti just like the Co45.

best class mw3

We're going to be using the conversion kit as well. We're going to be using the Jax Ferocity Carbine Kit with the 50-round drum. The Ravage 8, The Merc Forgrip, which you can play around with, is what I've seen a lot of success with, as is The Colossal, Suppressor. Next is going to be a shotgun that a lot of people are probably not going to give a chance to, but I've seen a lot of success with this, and I've almost dropped to 200+ with this, and I'm going to make a article on this really soon.

I'm in the process of getting more game playay for it right now, but we're running the Lockwood 680. With the modified X10 choke, the Bryson long barrel, the demo X40 tactical pump, the express light bolt, and the saw-off mod, you can now change these however you want. This is what I've seen success with, and this thing is absolutely one shot on shipment, and people rage very hard whenever they play against me.

best class setup mw3

With this now moving into the secondary for this, I'm going to be using a one-shot pistol. We're going to be using the Tier revolver. We're running the heavy, long barrel with the Scarlet-mounted laser sight. I can't even pronounce this one I'm going to be real with you guys you can just you can just pick that one I'm not even going to try we're going to use the fury Trigger action, trigger, and then we're using the high grain ammunition, this one's is a little bit difficult to say on some of these but you guys get the gist of it you can take a screenshot that's why I'm pretty much taking myself off screen so that you guys don't even see me on screen and we can get through these pretty quickly for you guys and I don't waste a whole lot of your time I guess before we leave we running the demolition vest you guys know what that is stem simex Munitions box scavenger gloves stalker boots and EOD padding very repetitive, there's lots of stuns and a lot of grenades going off so I usually rotate.

EOD padding with Tac MK depends on how the lobby is responding to the shotgun, so depending on if they're throwing stuns or throwing lots of grenades, you might need to readjust for EOD padding or stack Mas all right. Moving right along, we're moving into my favorite setup to run right now. This is probably the gun that I've got the most kills with so far: 232.

best class setups mw3

Which you guys have not seen just yet, but that'll be coming later on the channel unless I break that game play. Now we're running the infantry vest; you guys know how that works. We're running the stem second tee again, the Munitions box, scavenger gloves, stalker boots, and Tac masks again, which you can change out Tac masks for.

EOD padding: if the lobby is getting really crazy and a lot of people are throwing grenades, let's go ahead and get into the WSP swarm. As you guys can see, I run a very different style of WSP swarm; mine is built for extreme quickness to kill people as fast as possible so that I can move around with as much ammunition as possible.

cod mw3 best class

I don't know if it's the best, but this is what I like about running, and I love this gun, and I probably almost have 10, 000 kills with this gun. Same thing; we're running the same exact suppressor, the WSP, long barrel, and MSP. 98 hand stop, the 100 round drum, and the no stock option, but this is what I've been able to drop 200+ kills with in core, let alone hardcore.

I'm not a big fan of hardcore, but it's seen a lot of success so far. Moving on to the secondary, we're running the WSP. Stinger, this is a very different combo here. I don't know why the gunsmith is all glitched right now while I'm trying to make a article, but as long as you guys can see the attachments, I'm just going to roll with it.

So we're running the monolithic suppressor for increased recoil control, we're running the short light barrel, which is really funny, and then the 9 mm High Ground rounds 32 round mags, and we're running this in a Kimbo because on shipment, these things are absolute terrors. Right after you get done spraying everybody with the WSP 100 round drum SMG, move on to the next class, where we have the DG 56, and you guys are probably going to laugh and say.

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