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Well, given that Modern Warfare 3 and all are now a part of the Cod HQ and a unified engine.

Why modern warfare 3 makes a difference in warzone

Why modern warfare 3 makes a difference in warzone

It comes down to the unified engine, which was something that was confirmed well before the launch of Modern Warfare 2 this past year, and what that means is that all studios are now working with the same tool sets and the same tech, essentially making the entire tabletop. One giant desk where all developers are standing around working on their own separate thing but then contributing to the larger project in the middle, this being the Cod HQ.


Because of that we'll see a ton of upcoming games in the future have a similar feeling some looking similar, but all still while retaining the individual flare each developer can bring it just makes the entire process more unified easier to help out with if one developer has to jump in and Salvage something or contribute to something given that everyone's using the same sort of plug-and-play tech amongst each other so that means that the changes we see in Modern Warfare 3, well they're being reflected in war Zone's experience, as well so yes this means we'll see all of the basics the slide cancelling movement speed no ads penalties for one times Optics, all the kind of stuff that we were happy to see reverting with Modern Warfare 3 that's now all going to be there at the base so you feel Modern Warfare 3 to war zone will be the same thing it won't be jarring at all the best example I can give of like a jarring changeover. I always think of Black Ops cold Wars multiplayer, to the war zone Black Ops Cold War year they were two entirely different games now that said if you hang around on Modern Warfare 2 and jump to war zone you'll probably notice some slight changes going back and forth at that point though likely can to like vanguards multi player year with war zone very similar but not the same but okay the general gist out of the way we know that we're going to see a lot of it like Modern Warfare 3 fundamentally, though how much is changing what kind of changes can we expect to see in the war zone gameplay Loop surprisingly, a lot during a briefing prec Cod next and our Tech day before the reveal Ted Timmons from Raven chatted with us about what to expect come changes with movement UI quality of life perks loadouts gameplay and more so let's talk firstly about movement since we kind of already bridged that Gap with the Baseline of Modern Warfare 3 movement first yes all that Modern Warfare 3 movement is coming but additionally Ted said maybe a couple of extra things for war zone we'll also see new traversal and manling war zone optimizations, for the new map of zakhan.

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Warzone's movement changes in modern warfare 3's year of support

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But the first big air quote bombshell for war zone changes with Modern Warfare 3 is that these stems and their previous stim boosting effect are actually coming back to war zone in that integration, meaning that movement demons, you're about to be on top here at this kind of stuff might not be as smooth or as clean as war zone 1 and moare 2019 mechanics, but it's going to be pretty close or as close as we can get on this current engine and base set of mechanics.

Warzone's ui changes in modern warfare 3's year of support

UI updates will also see a handful of adjustments, with modern warfare 3's take on war zone things like red dots returning on the mini map in war zone as well as updated tack map colors, weapons, and loot. Rarity scales are back, and for me, this is absolutely nerdy, but I hated the current war zone setup with zero pops of color.

I know that it's not for everybody, but it's genuinely color theory; it's quick association. Attention-grabbing stuff for me again, as nerdy as it is. I love that, and I'm happy to see it return. Ammo will now have dedicated backpack slots as well, just like in War Zone 1, where you can have potential.

Max of every single ammo type, but it doesn't count against your inventory or anything like that. The only time it will happen is if you end up taking extra ammo in your inventory—extra stacks of that—so you can still take more, but you're always going to end up picking up at least that baseline of what you run over.

This fundamentally makes picking loot up easier because you'll autofill those ammo supplies but not have it take extra, like you do currently with War Zone pistol ammo, which is still a bug if I'm not mistaken, but you don't have to select it manually unless you want to.

Warzone quality of life changes in modern warfare 3's year of support

Warzone quality of life changes in modern warfare 3's year of support

Armor plates on the HUD are going to be back as opposed to the white that we have now which is a very small difference but again it's that quick recognition and Association as opposed to the white health bar doesn't blend in as much at a glance anymore, additionally we have some quality of life changes that are absolutely worth noting, things like base Health being 150 HP without armor again this year guaranteed, which kind of like an on andof change we've seen since the launch of War Zone then a little bit within vanguard's year then back again to 100 at the launch of war zone 2 and well we're just going back and forth you see we have improved faster pacing for Circle close times and the rebalancing of sizing the gas mask can now be equipped manually something that has been talked about since I want to say like season 2 or three of Vanguard and War Zone Caldera.

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To your gas those grenades can now be countered, with the gas mask which is a huge outplay or guess counterplay not really outplay but anyways players will also have a pistol on them at all times, when in water though it's not always accessible to pull out as a third weapon instead of having to manually equip a pistol for your load out if you see water play you can still have those two primaries and dive into the water you'll just pull out a third at that point a base pistol that's defaulted for players to give you a Fighting Chance in Water Combat sure someone can still go up against you with an auto pistol equipped, custom built but at least you're not stuck there with a weapon that's unable to fire like you currently have in war zone 2.

This is a decent compromise. I think, though I'd still just love to be able to see primaries and be able to fire underwater, but that isn't the case just yet, so with this integration and the progression, we will see a nice little change here to how that works. Now contracts are also going to be easier to find with new rewards; additionally, some contracts are returning, like scavengers coming back, and as detailed, there's a wealth of smaller changes coming with the season 1 patch notes that haven't been detailed explicitly. Just yet, perks and loadouts will be seeing an interesting point of conversation here because we'll have things return some new and then also some adjustments to existing perks.

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