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Take this to hell with you, Captain. Never be better than your enemy's alive. Makarov is a weak villain. He is definitely the weakest villain in the current Modern Warfare trilogy. When he was revealed in the Modern Warfare 2 ending scene at the bar, I was pretty excited, and I liked the way that the team reacted when they saw a picture of him.

It kind of had this moment where the squad realized that they were in for something big and something bad with Moov. It made me think that Modern Warfare 3 was going to be the best. Yet now we have talked here a bit about how bad or what went wrong with Modern Warfare 3, so we won't do that, but it feels like Modern Warfare 3 being bad or being terrible had a lot to do with this moov, being bad or terrible as well.

Now I'm going to tell you what I thought about the ultranationalist during my time playing the game and how I guess I feel about him now. During my playthrough of Modern Warfare 3's campaign, I found myself realizing that I didn't understand Makarov's purpose: why was he attacking far in Ukraine? I don't get why Makarov wanted to, you know, do bad things like when Price first caught him in 2019.


After the bombing at the Ukraine airport, which yes, is terrible, but he kind of seems like a random guy that just gets captured very easily, there wasn't a clear reason to me as to why he was doing the things that he was Barov invaded Urzikstan to take over for Russia, and the power went to his head he personally captured far and wanted to kill her and the resistance that she led that were resisting his power over the urzikstan land so I get why barov did what he did I also get why hazan xani wanted to kill or destroy the West he felt like his people were being killed by the Americans and he saw the Western government as terrorists, themselves and of course he wanted to give revenge for the death of general gorbani that was assassinated by Shepherd and Lwell.

There's a purpose to why the villains were villains, and for Mrav, I just don't get it. Why now i'll be looking into the story of Makarov soon, and maybe it'll answer my questions, but as of now, everything he did seemed random; there was no weight, no substance, and no purpose to his actions, and I hated that about Marro because I couldn't take anything that he did seriously.

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The plane explosion was a heavy scene or sequence to get through. I will admit it was an awful thing to do, and it was almost wasted because of the game itself and the movement. I just didn't feel properly done. The mission kind of goes down as a really bad thing that made me feel really strong emotions, but I don't really even connect it with Macaov; it was wasted in the sense that it didn't build anything properly for Makov, and his ultimate goal of framing Far and her Liberation forces failed, which again.

I didn't even get why he wanted to do that in the first place. It's implied that the history that Marov has with Captain Priz and even task force for one is big, but I never felt it. His introduction in the flashback sequence that destroyed the Verdansk airport was decent, but there wasn't enough of it, not enough buildup, or enough of Mro; it was just one little mission that introduced him, and the scene itself lasted.

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In just a minute, I never got the feeling that there's a lot of history here or Makarov and Price being these enemies to each other; it just wasn't. Of that, the ending for Makarov was rushed, and it was left open-ended. And he was absent for a lot of the game, especially the final act. We see him one time very quickly when he kills Soap and overpowers Prize quite easily.

He makes a run for it, and that's why PR doesn't try to get the door open or call for reinforcements. To stop him, there's no car chase, nothing; he just escapes into the wind, and we don't see him again until, I guess recently, where he was spotted on Rebirth Island. My point here is that he shows up, he does random [__], and then he just finishes.

Or the game just finishes. There was just a sense that if given proper time, a good script, and real risk during the events of the game, he could have probably thrived because there were instances where Marov showed he could be the best villain that Modern Warfare has had, but he was misused and ultimately written.

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Bad, and I try to be positive, so I have hope that with the mess that Modern Warfare 3's campaign was and how poorly it was received worldwide. Modern Warfare 4 will take its time and do something big and proper again if they do so. I think that Marov can benefit greatly from it, as he might be used better than he was in Modern Warfare 3.

The time has come for us to show them the meaning of true power; this is a battle of perception. A life flies while the truth only crows. If you control what people believe, you control the world. This is our weapon.

On today's video we are talking about Vladamir Makarov and why he is one of the worst villians in COD History. atleast this version.
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