News - Level Up Your Game With The Updated Tombstone Duplication Solo Guide For Warzone 2 Zombies (season 2)

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We now have an updated solo guide on how to do the tombstone method and dup your items in any Modern Warfare Zombies game. This is now the most simplified version for those that are going solo, and the reason why this method works the best is because you actually will not lose your large backpack or any of your high-value gear such as your kill streak, your three-play armor vest, or even your gold gas mask and self-revive.

So if you already have a tombstone, what you're going to do is go ahead and go into the game and break the tombstone, then you're going to go ahead and drink a new tombstone perk. If you don't have a tombstone already, what you're going to do is go ahead and bring in the items into the game that you want to duplicate, as you can see on my screen here.

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Next, I recommend you go ahead and do a cargo mission contract; that way, you can get a quick $22, 000. To be able to buy the tombstone perk somewhere on the map once you have then bought the tombstone perk you can now go to the bad signal act portal mission in order to exfill to be able to start duping your items so when you're at the portal you're going to go ahead and activate the portal and you're going to have 30 seconds to select, yes on the mission in your map however before you go ahead and select yes you're going to want to go ahead and dive in the water and start drowning your character when your character's oxygen level reaches in the red you're going to go ahead and open up your map and select yes or vote Yes to enter the portal this will then begin a countdown for your character while your character is dying off drowning in the water now if done correctly your character will be eliminated, and soon after the portal animation will begin for the bad signal Mission So for those of you playing on console, as soon as the portal animation begins, you're going to go ahead and close out your game.

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For those on PC, the second animation. Ends with the portal xville is when you're going to go ahead and ALT for and close out of your PC game once you boot the game up again and go into your gear tab you should have nothing in your Loadout information, including your Tactical your lethal or even your field upgrade and you will also lose your insured weapon slot using this method but you are not going to need to use a weapon from here on out once you initially set up that first Tombstone duplication, so all the items that I initially had brought in and set for the tombstone are here in my gear tab you can go ahead and start stowing those away since you have started the duplication process now that we're in a new game our Tombstone should actually be set in the graveyard since we technically did get eliminated, in the game.

So what you can go ahead and do is go to your tombstone and make sure you have it crumble. Remove all items out of your Tombstone into your large backpack, and then you're going to go ahead and buy another Tombstone perk, and this is something you'll have to do each and every game in order to have this duplication process work.

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This is a quick fix, though you can go ahead and just do a quick cargo mission contract. Get the 2, 000 to go by Tombstone somewhere on the map, and then what you're going to do is rinse and repeat, go to the bad signal portal, and activate the portal. As soon as you activate it, you're going to want to jump into the water, and the second your character is about to run out of air and be in the red, you're going to vote.

Yes, on your map, to leave through the portal, your character will drown again, but soon after they get eliminated, the portal activation will begin, and then you'll begin to close out the game as well. That's basically it. That's the new update to this Tombstone duplication method, allowing you to be able to dup your items again and have these items as long as you are buying another Tombstone perk and filling through that bad signal portal, while concurrently drowning your character in the water as well.

I will not be here; this is the solo guide method. I do not know if you're in a group or if this is something that you can do, but I do know that it does not matter if you have a self-reference or not. When you're using this method, you will be able to duplicate your items regardless. So that's going to do it for me in this article.

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We not only cover duplications and glitches, but we also go over some strategy, cam grinds, and pack-a-punch weapons here on this channel, so feel free to hit the sub channel so you can get more articles just like this

Here is the only guide you will need for duplicating your items with your tombstone solo in MW3 Zombies. This quick guide is how you can duplicate your items in a single match by utilizing the bad signal portal exfil in game in order to maximize your loot item stash in Modern Warfare Zombies MWZ. Enjoy.
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