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black ops

I'm the one who called you; remember, I'm not the one that needs convention. Keep walking; welcome to Operation Deadbolt, which the boss would like a word with. You in the company hired me to continue my research on energy production from n-dimensional interactions. As for Zakay, I had no idea I was working for a terrorist.

You're lying; I thought he was the CEO. I'm a physicist, not a mind reader, and I wouldn't have had to work for him or anyone if you [__] hadn't shut me down. Zakay is still out there with even more weapons and great ethereum, but I happen to know he keeps it on his person at all times. Why would I tell you that if I didn't want him to stop?

Look, I know this element down to its protons. I'm fairly certain I can find a way to neutralize it. Can you do it or not? Perhaps we should hear her out, please. I have to fix this. I may be the only person who can. Right, restrictions are going great; they are going to make a killing selling this ethereum.

black ops 2

When I've reached enough to make more of these, you can do as you please with the rest, and what about our runner? She's played her part; find her and kill her. As you can see, the test was a success. The Ean neutralizer destabilizes any ethereum within its blast radius. What remains of the element rapidly decays into harmless isotopes, but that was raw, unprocessed ethereum.

The material in Zakay's vial is highly enriched. My projections show this weapons-grade ethereum can withstand our prototype; in other words, you failed. This was a waste of time and resources. Not true the principle has been proven. We just need to amplify the neutralizer and recalibrate its output, and you can do that.

You are not quite right, but Zakay obtained research written by the expert on ethereum enrichment. Stra, old mayor, your friends are a luxury. I can sell them and afford them. Zachi has stored Strauss's research in a vault; it'll be heavily guarded, but that research holds the key to upgrading the neutralizer.

We don't have time for this; our focus should be on Zakay EV himself, and if we find him, then what he unleashes is his remaining vile, and we have nothing to counter. The dead bolt might be able to hammer this thing hard enough to contain him, but if the objective is to end it now, it neutralizes our best.

black ops 2 angola mission

Take him to Brigadier Green to get the interrogation started. They sign a zakay. He may be bloodied, but he's still breathing. Next time he sticks his head up, I'll take it off. What about the neutralizer? Give me some good news: negative, good initial clarity on detonation, but dark ether contacts are repopulating, and bits are also picking up an energy spike in the red zone.

I've never seen anything like it. It looks like this [__] show just keeps getting better and better. Everyone on TB, it looks like this off isn't going to be over anytime soon, bang gra enough, ready for Ev back solid copy stand by ETA 2.

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